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Yasuo Build Guide by EdgySwordsman

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author EdgySwordsman

Tanksuo Top [6.7]

EdgySwordsman Last updated on April 23, 2016
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Threats to Yasuo with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Cho'Gath IMO, an easy lane. He doesn't really have enough burst to kill you. Bully him with Q and E trades early, and you should be fine.
Gangplank Should be ezpz. Rush Shiv into Triforce and bully him out of lane hard. Deny him all the CS possible, and keep the river warded.
Jayce Simple matchup. Wall his E-Q in ranged form. Q-E in melee form doesn't deal much damage early on. You should be pretty fine.
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About me

Hello! I'm Edgy Swordsman (aka Kappacino), Yasuo Main since Release!

I've been playing so much Yasuo in the last seasons (not neccessarily ranked) and I've jsut enjoyed this Champion so much I decided to make a Guide about him.
I reached Diamond 5 97 LP Peak in Offseason 6.
I've been playing Yasuo Top/Mid mostly, but sometimes I have played him Jungle and Support[kek]
I am here to teach you, or atleast attempt to teach you the Ways of the Wanderer 8)

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Full AS Runes is amazing because it lowers your Q Cooldown early on making you able to use Q to farm safely/Poke very often.
Also making you able to hit the Q CD cap faster.

Flat Armor seals in an ADvAD lane, MR Blues and HP Yellows in an ADvAP lane.

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    Good extra starting AS for trades and CDR on Q.
Great sustain from CSing which you will need in most poke lanes. Will help you stay healthier with this mastery.
More sustain!! Lifesteal is a great stat early on, on Yasuo especially because he is known to be vulnerable because of his squishyness/lack of sustain.
Now with Tanksuo AND early LS you won't have any problems in lane sustain-wise with these masteries combined.
Bounty Hunter
Helpful with Multikills since it gives you 1% extra damage for each unique enemy champion killed.
Health regen! If you're getting bullied out of lane or simply zoned out of the creep wave, instead of risking your life by attacking a creep and healing, you can simply stay in XP range until the wave pushes into you and safely heal up over time!
Tough Skin
Pretty basic mastery in the laning phase to reduce incoming AA damage.
Runic Armor
Shields, healing, regenaration and Lifesteal are 8% stronger on you!

By now you're so healthy that this doesn't need an explanation anymore.
Increased HP regen when under 25%
+15 Tenacity and slow resist.
Great for catching up to enemies and countering their CC a bit.
Grasp of the Undying
Makes you able to win lost trades because of it's heal.
Makes you look spooky when it's ready to be procced..

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Pros / Cons

PROS:+Extremely Mobile IF a Minion Wave is nearby
Option to Wall-Dash through Walls using Camps.
Extremely high Damage Output while being Tanky (Tanksuo)
Decent Siege Potential with Wind Wall
Good Engaging Potential with Last Breath
Incredibly F2P
A lot of room for outplays
Tanksuo does decently in every matchup with his sustain.

Immobile if there are no Minions nearby[not considering high MS]
If set behind, not easy to come back.
Easily gankable for Junglers with no use of Projectiles [Rek'sai etc.]
A lot of counterplay
Out of meta
Not neccessarily better than any Meta-tank atm unless played amazingly.

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Quick Explanation on Abilities Part 1;

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
Q: Steel Tempest
Yasuo thrusts his sword forward dealing 20/40/60/80/100 [depending on level, +1.0 attack dmg]physical damage to every unit in Steel Tempest's range.
After Yasuo hits 2 Q's, on the 3rd Cast Steel Tempest turns into Gathering Storm.
After Gathering Storm gets used, Yasuo launches out a Tornado in a straight line knocking up every enemy hit in it's way dealing 20/40/60/80/100 +1.0 per attack dmg.

W: Wind Wall
Yasuo slices the air creating a Wind Wall blocking every Projectile in it's path except for tower shots. The Wind Wall slowly moves forward and stays for 3.75 seconds.

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Quick Explanation on Abilities Part 2;

E; Sweeping Blade
Yasuo swiftly dashes through Minions/Champions/Monsters dealing 70/90/110/130/150 magic damage marking them, making it unable for Yasuo to dash through them again instantly.
Sweeping Blade can stack up to 2 times, each time increasing it's damage output.

R; Last Breath
Yasuo instantly gets his Flow Shield ability enabled, teleporting to an [AIRBORNE!] enemy Champion holding them in the air for a brief amount of time and smashing them down into the ground again dealing 200/300/400 damage and gaining 50% Armor Penetration for 15 seconds.

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Quick Explanation on Abilities PT.3

Passive: Way of the Wanderer
His Passive~ Way of the Wanderer-Intentdoubles his crit chance, lowering the damage dealt with crits by 10%.

Way of the Wanderer-ResolveMakes him gain Flow as he moves, as soon as he reaches 100-510 Flow [based on Level] he gets a Shield that does not get procced by minions, but by champions and monsters.

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It's time for the Combos

Yasuo loves his combos.
Without his Combos he wouldn't be the same.
Any Yasuo player should master the following combos:

Basic Combos

E-Q: This combo consists of E'ing through any Unit and while you're dashing you use Q, making Yasuo spin dealing AoE damage.
E-3Q: Same combo as above, but with your 3rd Q, which knocks up enemies in an AoE radius.
E-3Q-R: ^^this combo^^ and using Ultimate right after it, maybe landing an AA in aswell.
E-3Q-R-Q: ^^this^^ but instantly Q'ing after you land on the ground.
E-3Q-F: Same as the E-3Q combo, but as soon as the animation starts, you use flash and flash ontop of an enemy champion, knocking them up.
This can be used as a surprise attack.
E-3Q-F-R: ^^this^^ with the use of your ultimate afterwards.
E-3Q-F-R-Q: ^^this^^ with the use of an instant Q once you land, same as the E-3Q-R-Q combo.
There is one more combo I would like to show you, although it is a bit complicated to explain.
Here is ArKaDaTa (#1 Yasuo EUW) showing us the trick, ''Airblade''
Launch your 3rd Q towards an enemy, E-Q another unit, when the animation begins, ult the target, the E-Q will hit the target as it ''follows Yasuo''

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Item Builds PT.1 [AD HEAVY] [Long Chapter]

Trinity Force is generally a good item on Tanksuo since it gives you lots of stats that Yasuo benefits from, for example MS, AS, AD, AP[for his E, not too much of a deal though]HP and of course the Sheen passive which is a really good spike of damage on Yasuo's Q.

Phantom Dancer~ PD is a great dueling item for Yasuo because of it's stats, [AS,MS,PD PASSIVE,Crit] and it's passive that makes you able to duel even the stronger tanks such as Darius, Nautilus etc. as soon as you get that 2 item Spike.
Swiftness Boots! I love these boots at the moment because you just run so fast combined with your Phage passive from Triforce and Phantom Dancer, it makes you able to catch up to anyone! And ofcourse, the Tenacity on them is the icing on the cake.
Titanic Hydra, makes you tanky, gives you great wave clear and AoE damage, and overall makes you a dueling monster. It gives you AD,HP and Health Regen, all stats which Tanksuo benefits of. This will also give you an early shot at being tanky and being able to stay deeper in fights!
Dead Man's Plate~ Armor, HP and Passive MS! Yet again nobody will be ever able to outrun you if you have the Dead Man's Plate passive on you, and you will be even harder to kill since it also gives you Armor/HP.
The Bloodthirster~ Amazing LS and damage output on top of your tankiness, with that Passive shield you will be rather hard to kill, even if they do manage to take you down they will have to waste lots of time and resources on you because you're already so tanky.They won't expect a 3.5k HP Yasuo slicing down their carries without dropping below 40%.[/color]

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Item Builds PT.2 [AP HEAVY]

In this specific Build, I'd recommend Spirit Visage since it gives you HP,MR, some CDR which is always good and HP regen. If the enemy team still manages to melt through your HP, drop BT and buy a Banshee's Veil for Overkilling their AP Carries with MR.

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Item Builds PT.3 [VS SQUISHIES]

Statikk Shiv~ Absolutely in love with this Item if you have to lane vs a GP or anything of the sort because you just melt through their HP bar so quickly while being relatively tanky at the same time. AS,MS,CRIT, and it's passive makes it one of the best possible items to buy on Yasuo.

Guardian Angel~ Since you're gonna be way squishier than with the other Tanksuo builds, I wouldn't neccessarily call this a 'Tanksuo' Item Build. However, the MR/Armor and the Revive Passive Guardian Angel gives you can be quite the thing against a lot of burst heavy champions, in which GA completely denies that and gives you a second chance to fix your mistake if you manage to die.
Infinity Edge~although you do not need this Item to hit the 100% crit cap, it's passive and AD make you hit so hard the enemy will regret ever clicking ''match me with teammates''.

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Team Synergy

I'm going to list some Champions that synergize well with Yasuo, and afterwards, I will explain to you why these champions synergize well with him.

-great knockup combo (w/q)
-can go deep with ult
-easy towerdiving
-fairly simple to make TP plays with
-great chokepoint fighting potential

-great shield combo-ability (Windwall->Braum Shield)
-AA stun passive is epic nice
-tanky support that doesn't mind going deep
-last but not least, has plenty of cc (Q slow, stuns with Passive) and his ult Knockup which is also a slow
-easiest gank followups post 6
-great ult synergy
-free knockup every ~5 seconds with E
-amazing peel
-Q is a knockup
-w is a reliable slow
-E is a good shield that gives you plenty of AD
-ult is a lifesaver/knockup
KARMA(decent synergy)
-her Mantra-E gives you plenty of MS
-her W is a slow/snare which allows you to poop on people
-Q has low cd allowing you to chase people with Karma on your team
KAYLE (decent synergy)
-Q is a great slow
-W is a Heal/MS buff
-R can make you go even deeper!
LULU(peel synergy)
-W can either save you (Polymorphing enemy) or can make you engage at lightning speed
-E is a great shield that has a low CD
-R is a knockup ON YOURSELF which allows you to get that extra hp and slow passive from it while you combo your own ult by knocking everyone up in the middle of a teamfight
-insta teamfight winning ultimate
-extremely beefy frontline that can keep people off of you
-soaks all the attention in fights
-free pick/gank setup with Q
-great teamfighting ultimate
-black shield makes you completely immune to CC
-Wombocombo ultimate
-Good shield
-Great MS buff
-can be a secondary damage dealer
-good knockup ult
-can buff your MS everytime he wants
-better GA on his Ultimate with a fairly low CD
-can place a bomb on you for your engages

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Excuses :-)

This is the first guide I've ever made, it took some time to make but I had a lot of fun creating this guide for you!
Any negative/positive Feedback is highly appreciated!
Thank you for reading! =]

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Full Credit to ArKaDaTa with the Airblade trick.

23.04 LOL I can't believe this guide has 100k views... Thanks a lot everyone!