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Yorick Build Guide by Interwebz

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Interwebz

Tanky DPS Yorick

Interwebz Last updated on December 14, 2013
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Hello MOBAfire users. This is my guide to the Tanky DPS version of Yorick.

Now, Yorick has been given a lot of **** due to him being not very useful.

After this recent patch, he is now useful in the sense that his Omen of Pestilence radius and range has been increased, his movespeed has increased and some other great great things have been improved on him, making it a 5v5 instead of previously a 4v5.

Below I will give detailed information on his Runes, Masteries, Items and Skill Orders and Summoner Spells. I will also explain some basic gameplay elements of his abilities.

Edit: Still editing and fixing up my guide, if you see anything I may have missed, please private message me or leave a comment, thanks! :D

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The runes I decided to get on Yorick are:

9 Greater Marks of Desolation. This gives Yorick better damage early game, when last hitting and/or harrasing with his Omens.

9 Greater Glyphs of Warding. This gives Yorick the early game survivability against foes who attack with magic damage, and can also help in mid game once you have Mercury Treads.

9 Greater Seals of Resilience. Same as before, these runes will give Yorick the early/mid game survivability in lane against physical damage, which most champions use.

3 Greater Quintessences of Fortitude. Although very costly at 2050 IP each, these runes give Yorick a nice boost of 78 Health at the start of the game, which will give you more staying power in the laning phase.

Other Options

If you feel you need more armor or magic resist, you can get Marks of Resilience or Marks of Warding instead of the Desolation runes.

Maybe if you feel you don't need the armor from the Seals of Resilience, you can get Greater Seals of Vitality, which scale your health a good amount into mid-late game.

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For masteries, I go 9/21/0 making sure to take Cripple, Archaic Knowledge, Nimbleness, and Veteran's Scars.

Cripple will improve your Exhaust spell to lower their Armor and Magic Resist by 10, and increase the duration by 0.5 seconds. This comes in great synergy with your Desolation runes, as you now are hitting harder and the 0.5 seconds really does make a difference.

Archaic Knowledge will aid you with your Omens of Pestilence and Famine because they do Magic Damage, which will increase their effectiveness against foes stacking Magic Resist.

Nimbleness will allow you to chase or retreat faster as it increases your Movement Speed by 10% for 5 seconds every time you dodge. This is especially effective against opponents with high attack speed (Teemo, Twisted Fate) and when you are being targeted by a minion wave.

Veteran's Scars is much like your Quintessences of Fortitude. It gives you that extra health early game resulting in more staying power and survivability.

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Early game, survivability is key as this will mean you can last longer in lane, which may (or may not, depending on your laning foes) give you a level advantage over your enemies.

Doran's Shield helps with your survivability giving you a good 120 health and 8 Health/5, a great item all around but due to a patch a while back, you can't get this item (or any Doran item) with a Health potion.

Your Madred's Razors will help you in the last hitting department and when you go into the jungle to grab red buff (which you should be doing often, unless you have a jungler). It will also help with attack damage, and early game armor which is a very nice thing.

Getting Boots of Speed is key now, as it will allow you to chase down foes you have used your Omen of Pestilence on.

After Tier 1 boots, finish up your Wriggle's Lantern which should save your lane gold on wards. You should be warding either the gank spot in river, dragon, or one of the enemy team's buffs if they have a jungler.

Now here the main choice should be Mercury Treads, but if their team doesn't have a lot of Crowd Control, or not very much Magic Damage in general, go for Ninja Tabi or Berserker's Greaves, your choice.

Now you should begin to work on your Trinity Force, a key part of your build. This will take some time to build, and you should always start with Sheen. Sheen is the item that gives you mana for more spamming of your ghouls. It is also the item that works very well with you Omen of War. Activate it, then hit someone. It does a lot more damage. After that, begin Phage with the Ruby Crystal. Finish up your Trinity Force.

After Trinity Force, you should now begin working on your Frozen Mallet, which will help you in chasing and with survivability. Start with Giant's Belt, and finish it with Phage. Or maybe you don't need the health right away? Switch it up.

Now here, you get Wit's End. I know many people will disagree with this item, and for some it may be a deal breaker, but Wit's End is the perfect item. It gives you attack speed, something much needed on Yorick. It gives him a magic damage addition to his attack, something good against armor stackers. It gives Magic Resist, very good against magic damaging enemies. It increases Magic Resist per attack, very good in team fights. Overall, it's an awesome item and you should pick it up every single game on him.

After this, you're free to build whatever you want. I mean it. Whatever you feel like getting, go ahead and get it. You last item isn't really something that should be set in stone. Maybe you need more damage? Infinity Edge. Need lifesteal with that? Bloodthirster. Need Attack speed with that? Black Cleaver. Maybe you need more survivability? Banshee's Veil. Thinking more armor-based survivability? Randuin's Omen. Anything you want to build. :D

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Skill Sequence

Yorick's passive is Unholy Covenant. This passive allows Yorick to take 5% reduced damage for every summon that is active. This can go to a max of 20%, if you use your ult also. Also, this gives your ghouls 35% of your attack damage and health, so even your ghouls can be Tanky DPS!

Your first skill will always and forever be Omen of War. Why you might ask? Well, it is great for last hitting, great for using in early engagements with the enemy, good for escaping a bad engagement, assuming you used it on a champion (which will give you increased move speed while it is alive). It's the bread and butter of your laning phase and should always be maxed second.

Next, is Omen of Pestilence. This skill speaks for itself. You can pest and pest and pest your enemies all game long with this skill. Put it in the area your enemy is in, and watch them run as it explodes and follows them, slowing as it hits them. This is the bread and butter of your harass, and should be maxed first no questions asked.

After that, is Omen of Famine. This will give you more staying power, as it steals life for you. Free lifesteal at level 3 for 55 mana? I think I'd enjoy that. as long as it stays alive for it's full duration, it should be very effective. In team fights, it is less useful but can still save your skin if you're low.

Last and yes, unfortunately least is his ultimate, Omen of Death. In my opinion, this ultimate is very useless. Although in a few scenarios, I've gotten payback on some who killed me with it, I just don't think it's that great. What the skill does is you target an allied champion (or yourself) with it, and it spawns a revenant next to them. If the person targeted is killed, the revenant brings them back to life. But, this lasts only for so long as the reanimated corpse of your dear friend (or yourself) will last for a short duration before dying. The revenant and reanimated corpse have 50/75/100% of the targeted ally's health and damage. Some may find fortune in this ult, but I'm just not seeing it..

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Basic Ability Usage

Now, here's the interesting part. Your basic gameplay with Yorick should consist of:

Omen of War: Last hitting, and dealing damage to enemy champions. (Great synergy with Sheen)

Omen of Pestilence: Harassing and slowing enemies to close in on.

Omen of Famine: Restoring your health when low, and for minor harass.

Omen of Death: Use on yourself, or allied carry for maximum effectiveness.

These are the basic uses of your abilites, and should be used this way throughout the laning phase.

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And so, my very first build in the history of anything comes to an end.

Main ideas you should take from this guide:

YORICK IS NOT A PURE DPS! If you play him this way, you are playing him wrong. He is far too squishy to be considered a DPS champion, therefore he needs to be bulky. Off-Tank is the way to go, but I understand that people are still experimenting with him. I have come to the conclusion that Off-Tank works best.

DON'T BE TOO AGGRESSIVE OR YOU'LL FIND YOURSELF DEAD! Don't use Omen of War to harass. If it is too dangerous to even use omen of pestilence to harass(lane eg. Blitz+Xin), don't. Be better safe than sorry and make sure you and your lane partner work together well.

DON'T MISUSE YOUR ULT! Misusing examples: To do more damage, when you're at full health. Treating it like Shaco's ult. Reviving useless people.

And remember people who took the time to read my enormous wall of text, stay classy. ;)