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Ryze Build Guide by phate83

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author phate83

Tanky mana Ryze Pwnz Hard

phate83 Last updated on September 18, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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This build is based off of "Ryze revamped AP be damned" with some changes, the runes have not changed. The masteries have only changed slightly. The item purchase order has changed a bit along with the last item. I played his guide for quite a while to get good with it and started to realize things that needed to be changed or switched and this is the final result.

Please leave comments and rate, but please don't rate it a -1 if you haven't tried the guide.

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The runes are completely the same as the build this is based off of.

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The masteries are almost the complete same as the guide this is based off of other than the point for gold per second considering Ryze needs gold it's helpful, yes I know it isn't much, but it can help.

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Summoner Spells

As far as summoner spells go you want to use and if you're a purely offensive player.
My recommendation is to use and . You should be mid so the flash is to get away from ganks and the ignite is to ensure people die when they run away.

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Here is where the changes are with my guide compared to his, I buy sorcerers shoes sooner for the faster movement and to be able to reap the benefits of the magic penetration sooner.

Towards the end of the game you will purchase the so that end game you can escape if needed or finish off whoever is standing there. The great thing with the Angel is it gives you a ton of protection along with the time dropping your cooldowns while you wait to be "resurrected".

Updated 09/18/11
This update involves the 6th item purchase, if you are doing well and having no issues follow everything above this and get the , for matches where you are not doing so well go to the 6th item section.

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Levels 1 -10

If you're playing 5v5 you want to play mid whenever possible and top on 3v3. Ryze needs to stay solo to level up fast. Early game he is weak, but he's great for early harassment of the opposite mid, the best way to do it is whenever you can, if he attacks you then continue to attack him with the regular attacks and and toss the at him when he is weak.

If they don't attack you just auto-attack the minions unless the enemy comes close then you overload him, until you hit level 3 once you get level 3 you can lay out a full combo which will either kill or almost kill the other player. Pop potions whenever you're about 250 HP below max or 100-150 less than max if you're planning on laying out a full combo.

With the and harassment of the other player you can stay in the lane for a long time, but you need to go back when you get to about 600 gold to buy the Tear of Goddes and refill whenever you have extra gold until you hit level 8 or 9. Once you get to level 8 or 9 you just need to use them up because they aren't very useful at that point and just take up space in your inventory.

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Levels 10+

At this point if you are mid you should be about 3 levels higher than All of the top and bottom players except for maybe one, and hopefully 1 or 2 levels higher than your mid opposition. This is where starts to wreck hard.

You shouldn't have any Health potions left in your inventory and you should be ready to destroy any of the opponents 1v1 with no issues. This is also when the other team realizes how much damage you can truly do and you will die first in every team fight unless you have a flash to get out with, if you don't and you know you're going to die your job is to stand there and lay out as much damage as you possibly can so that your team can finish them off, this is where a comes extremely handy. Me and a once walked into a group of five enemy champions, he used his , I used everything and the kitchen sink, I died, but with all of the damage that was spread out between those 5 players with the AOE damage, was able to use his and get a Pentakill on their team.

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Team Work

You need to communicate with your team well so they will warn you of incoming ganks, but at the same time being mid it is also your responsibility to watch the map as much as you watch your area of the screen.

Why do I need to watch the map that much?

    You can't always rely on your teammates to notice that one of their opposites is missing to gank you.

    You need to know when the other team is pushing one of your lanes in, if they push a lane in it makes it very easy for you to gank them, you should be a higher level and hopefully a much higher HP than they are.

As the mid player on your team you need to be the "captain" and be the one to ensure your lane holds up as well as you push on their lane when you have the opportunities. You also need to be the one to decide when to push a lane hard with your whole team or with 3 or 4 players.

When ganking a player or two if your allies are still there in the lane bring them with you to that lane's turret, with 3 champions there the turret won't last for very long, and it will still give you time to recall if needed and get back to the middle to ensure your lane doesn't give way.

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Overall is one of the sickest champions on League of Legends when built properly, I have seen a lot of builds for AP and for AD (that one made me shake my head). Anyways, when built properly he is very deadly and if a level or two higher can actually win most 1v2's and the occasional 1v3 when casting the proper spells at the proper time and ensuring the weakest of their group dies first.

Things to remember, you're a HUGE team player and remember that, if you can finish a turret off, but you know you're going to die to do it, then kill the turret, that is much more important than padding your stats with one less death.

The biggest thing to remember with this is that YOU are the big damage dealer on your team, it is your job to deal out as much damage as possible in a TF, the only time you should move away from a TF is to give your spells a second or two to cooldown then run back in and lay out a few more heavy combos.

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6th item options.

The 6th item is not set in stone, that is the one item that may change depending on the other team.

Updated 09/18/11
If you aren't doing well at the start of the match you may need to buy your 6th item as early as after you buy the Catalyst the Protector. If you are getting wrecked by another caster or magic damage character buy a now. If you're getting wrecked by an AD champion get a , then continue with the remainder of the build. The biggest thing to do is pay attention to how your match is going and if you need more defense or magic resistance sooner buy it a little sooner than the guide shows.

DO NOT! substitute the for an AP item, that is the worst mistake you could possibly make, to be strong end game this item needs to be a defensive item of some type, every other item you have is offensive so you will already deal a ton of damage, you just need to make yourself survive a bit longer.