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League of Legends Build Guide Author randomfantastic

Taric - Razzle Dazzle!

randomfantastic Last updated on May 1, 2012
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Welcome to Taric, Razzle Dazzle Dominion Guide

This is my first guide I have ever made for Mobafire so it's going to take me some time to finalize everything using my free time. I've only decided to make this game because everyone insist that I pick another champion at the log in and after we've won I've changed their minds on how well Taric actually is for Dominion. And after the next patch he will be even more helpful for your party when his ultimate is lowered to a flat 60 seconds. But I'll talk about it all in detail later. Thanks for checking the guide out!

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    *Really shines with a strong AD team.
    *Very good CC with an endless supply of Dazzle. If ignored Taric will win all team fights for you. Stun+AoE Damage+Heals+Buff.
    *Provides useful auras for the party.
    *This build turns Taric in a Human Hand Grenade. With Shatter every 6 seconds and Radiance on cooldown, you spit out AoE damage while buffing your crowd.
    *Has a pink outfit with furry bots. Hands down the reason I chose Taric to begin with.

    *Glass Cannon. If focused your only means of survival is Dazzling someone and working your way out of the fight to heal. More than likely you'll already be dead.
    *Everyone on your team will hate that you pick Taric, assuming that you're trying to tank.

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Mark of Warding (x9) - Basically to stretch out that Magic Resistance the best I can
seeing how my build plays like a glass cannon.
Seal of Clarity (x9)- Since I pop a lot of spells very quickly I'd like to get my mana back up
with some MP5. I use these because Taric has a passive armor aura with
Shatter. These runs could be played around with to see if you can find
something else you like.
Glyph of Shielding (x5) - Just to scale some more MR. It pays off to survive shots.
Glyph of Celerity (x4) - Now I plugged these in to hit my 40%
cooldown cap. With Boots + Reverie
you'll be snapping off Shatter + Dazzle every 6 seconds.
Quintessence of Celerity (x3) - Once again, used to hit the 40% CD cap.

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These is your basic support build. I opted for gold mastery over anything else. Nothing else seemed that awesome to begin with.