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Teemo Build Guide by wiltedchameleon

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League of Legends Build Guide Author wiltedchameleon


wiltedchameleon Last updated on December 30, 2013
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Introduction to Tax Collection

Tax collection is a little known, professionally viable tactic. It involves you playing similar to a jungler, but farming minions on waves for periods of up to 2-3 minutes at once. This means your ganks usually last about 4 minutes, and you will often get a lot of damage onto that lane's tower.

Taking as much CS as you can from each laner means you can help the other laners effectively. This strategy has been tried and works acceptably providing your team can work in sync with you.

As Tax Collector is a little known role, you may get a lot of laners spamming fall back pings at you. Do not listen to these. These uninformed people are oblivious to the importance of Tax Collection.

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Ranked Play

It is recommended you do not play Tax Collector Teemo in ranked. This is primarily due to the fact that the uninformed people will probably queue dodge, because they do not trust in your strategy. If you must, it is best to ensure them that you are a good jungler and you have used Teemo a lot in jungle before.

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The Tax Collection

Some people may be wondering what 'Tax Collection' is.

You are making your laners pay for your ganks, to show your dominance and power over them. This proves to them that they need to play better to match up to your epic Teemo skills, creating a better team atmosphere overall.

To Tax Collect, you take as much CS as you can. If the laner is dying to an enemy laner, it may even be a good option to attempt to take CS while they are dying. This shows them that they are in your debt and not the other way around, since you ganked them. You didn't see them helping you with double golem now, did you?

Also, when ganking, ensure you try to take the kills, even allowing your teammates to die in the process if necessary. Tax Collector Teemois the most important role. If you tend to be killing a lot without deaths, consider a Mejai's Soulstealer to boost your AP a bit. This is a cheap item which allows you to get a lot of AP providing you are not dying a lot.

Some cynical people will reject this strategy and AFK if you Tax Collect their lanes. These people should be reported and punished as severely as possible.

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Operant Conditioning can be applied to Tax Collection. If you Tax Collect less from lanes that heal or shield you, or otherwise save you, it will mean they start helping you more. This is a well known psychological process known as positive reinforcement (This is applied without them consciously knowing to increase effectiveness). By rewarding them their subconscious starts to believe if they help you more, they will get a better treatment. Remember you are the Alpha Teemo/Male, not them.

This tends to work better in longer games, as subconsciously teaching people takes quite a while. Never fear, if you ever play with these people again, in amongst their "OMG IT'S THAT NOOB HWO TOOK MY CS", their brain will remember: If they help you, you help them. Or, at least, don't inconvenience them. Just ensure they know: YOU are the Alpha Teemo. They are the Gamma Soraka.

Please note that the strategies introduced in this chapter are most effective when playing Astronaut Teemo. This is because I, WiltedChameleon, have successfully conditioned a couple of people to help out Astronaut Tax Collector Teemo. This means that you being an Astronaut Tax Collector will remind them of the events that previously happened, and mean they want to help you subconsciously.

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Start in the jungle at blue or red. Blue is usually standard but Teemo can start at red acceptably.

Ask your team to give you a hard pull. You don't need it, but you can save your smite for taking a minion from mid lane as you walk past it, putting you ahead of the enemy jungler by about 30 gold and showing mid lane who is the most important member of the team (That'd be you!).

After this, get the other buff, and look for the lowest HP enemy. Go behind them and go invisible until you can take the kill, then take about 30 CS from that lane. Repeat over and over until game ends.

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You might've noticed that Runaan's Hurricane is one of the first items. This is because is allows you to Tax Collect minions most effectively. You can take a wave of minions much quicker and it is much harder for the laner to stop you getting their CS.

Note that Boots of Speed are not taken immediately. This is because you are not trying to get away, rather, you are trying to take their CS. You do not need lots of movement speed for this. You do not upgrade your boots fast as you have flash. If you are close to dying, use flash to kite them towards your team in a way that you can escape, even at the cost of a few members of your team.

Most of your items target towards AD Teemo

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Someone already Jungler? No problem.

Since Teemo can be played as top, mid, AD bot and support and Tax Collector, these is 0 reason to worry about instalocking. Feel free to instalock Teemo and yell:


This will ensure you can play Teemo at least. If you desperately want to play Tax Collector Teemo, just instalock and yell "TAX COLLECTOR" even if you already have a Tax Collector or Jungler. They will probably change role, and if not, it's their fault for not adapting to the changing team composition.