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Team Guide by babaghanoush

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League of Legends Build Guide Author babaghanoush

Team Ghanoush

babaghanoush Last updated on June 10, 2011
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The main focus of this team set up is damage, with the ability to take alot of damage yourself. I focused on a hard hitting tank such as Amumu, with very powerful offtanks for extra damage ie. Irelia and Swain (although Swain isn't an "offtank", he's certainly one of the most durable AP casters). I also wanted some good reliable dps in the form of a ranged carry and chose Corki for his true damage and his long range capability. Taric as a support is also an offtank, with the ability to keep both himself and Corki alive.

I believe this team comp to be one of the strongest possible, with 4 out of the 5 champions very tanky, while putting out some awesome amounts of damage.

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Laning Phase

Amumu - Jungling, putting out as many ganks as possible to give top/mid the advantage early. Like a baws. After level 6, the buffs should primarily be going to Swain and Irelia. Swain can easily pick up blue, with Irelia coming for the red. Swain already has a root and slow and Taric has a stun, so the slow from the red buff is better on Irelia for ganking her lane, until she has her phage when the red should always go to Corki following the laning phase. Swain should always have the blue buff throughout the game, stealing the enemy blue whenever possible.

Irelia - Solo top lane, ignore most of whats going on, concentrating on farming like a baws, dodging ganks and picking up the red buff. Should gank if laning phase isnt over after the Tri-force, but farming is crucial.

Swain - Mid, trying to zone/deny the enemy mid laner with nevermove and his harrassing capabilities. Concentrating on getting to level 6 as early as possible and picking up the blue buff when offered. Also, farming like a baws and being an amazing ganker for both top and bottom lanes.

Corki + Taric - Bottom duo lane with Taric keeping people off Corki with his stun and keeping him healed up. Corki should recieve all the farm possible (like a baws) and should primarily focus on farming, picking up kills where possible. Taric should be enough to sustain Corki and to grab some kills, freeing up the mummy to concentrate on grabbing lane dominance for Irelia/Swain. Taric has the option of roaming where possible to again give the other lanes their dominance and should concentrate on warding at all times, especially both jungles.

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Team Fights

Amumu initiates with the BT and ult, while Irelia dashes to their carry. Corki helps killing the carry if within range, if not, he stays back and puts out as much damage as he can using his rockets, picking up fleeing enemies. Taric primarily keeping Corki alive but healing Irelia as she'll take alot of heat, stunning anyone trying to stop Irelia/Corki from killing their carry. In the mean time, Swain roots and runs in with his ult on, dealing out as much damage as possible. It would be easier for Swain to blow up their support (if they have one) with Torment + Ignite to stop them from healing their carry who's taking the full force. At this point, their support and damage should be out of the game depending on how well the team fight went. Clean up.

This team comp can CC hard and take alot of damage from the opposing team, being very hard to counter. The stun and roots should be enough to shutdown the enemy team for a few seconds, allowing for single targets to be picked off early with the burst that this team can put out. Despair, Tantrum, Curse of the Mummy, Transcendent Blades, Nevermove, Ravenous Flock, Phosphourous Bomb, Gatling Gun, Big Rockets + Shatter is a deadly AoE combitnation, also with the ability for single targets to be focused.


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