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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Lissandra Build Guide by TheFabledWTL

Other Team Player Lissandra

Other Team Player Lissandra

Updated on February 1, 2016
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League of Legends Build Guide Author TheFabledWTL Build Guide By TheFabledWTL 32,172 Views 2 Comments
32,172 Views 2 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author TheFabledWTL Lissandra Build Guide By TheFabledWTL Updated on February 1, 2016
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LoL Summoner Spell: Teleport


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


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Welcome to my Lissandra guide! This guide and builds are focused on you being a teamplayer and setting up the game for the rest of your team members to finish. This build is really good when you have a carry top such as Darius, Fiora, etc, anyone who will doing lots of damage, along with an ADC, and/or a high damage jungler who might not be the tankiest in the world. Without further ado, let's get started!
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Pros / Cons

Lots of CC
Good engage
Good escape
Lots of invulnerability

Squishy (Like all midlaners)
Weak Pre-6
Mana Hungry
High Cooldowns
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Pretty standard rune build. Magic Pen is a must on any AP midlaner, as well as the AP Quints. The armor seals protect you against ADCs and those pesky high damage toplaners, or the occasional Zed, and the MR Glyphs are good against other AP midlaners.
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Most midlaners in Season 6 are doing the 12-18-0 with Tunderlord's so you'll need it to trade back. Its also good to have to burst someone down once you hit six. The extra damage to rooted targets is good on Lissandra who has two roots and slows, and Feast and Secret Stash both give you needed sustain in lane. The extra CD is for constant setups and peel, as well as the movement speed for engage.
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Since it will be hard to grab Lissandra kills pre-6, I prefer Teleport over Ignite since it allows for initiations, flanks, split pushing, and just moving around the map faster. I take flash in almost every matchup, as it gives you an extra gap closer or escape.
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Since your top laner and/or jungler won't be as tanky, stacking health will be a must. Rod of Ages is great for that, as well as giving you extra AP and a better late game, which is where Lissandra excels. Next, I usually go for Morellos, helping with CDR, mana regen, and giving the Grevious Wounds passive, which is really good on Lissandra since it lets you do damage while invulnerable during Zhonyas or your ult. Then, I take the Ionian Boots for the CDR on abilities and Summoners, letting you make more plays more often, as well as stay relevant in team fights after you run through all your spells. I get Zhonya's after, since it lets you stay invulnerable for longer and lets your cooldowns reset. The armor is also good against ADCs and AD Toplaners. Liandrys for more health and the burn passive similar to Morellos. And to finish it off, Rabadons which just maxs your damage.
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Be very cautious pre-6, try to keep mana up while farming, which your passive helps with. Use Q to farm and harass at the same time, but don't look for kills, play reactionary, kills will come with the late game. Try to keep the minions frozen near your turret or the middle, but pushing up is still ok since your E is a great escape.
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All-In Combo/Teamfighting

Once you hit 6, your potential to go all-in and get a kill goes way up. You have different combos depending on how close you are to the opposing champion. I usually use two different combos depending on distance.

Right Next to the Target:
(Procs Thunderlords with the Q into R and E, and after the R stun duration wears out W for the root and Q should be back up)

From Downtown:
(Closes the gap and keeps the opponent locked down for you or your teammates to do enough damage)

Teamfight Engage:
In teamfights you are the initiator, and in some cases, the sacrificial lamb. You jump into the enemy team with your E, and try to hit as many as possible with your W, either look to shut down their backline or as many targets as possible. Next ult yourself if your health is low, if not Q into the enemy team than ult. This allows your team to put out crazy damage onto all the locked down targets. Remember you have Zhonyas if you feel vulnerable after your ult, or want to keep waiting for your CDs to reset.
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Besides picking her when you need a supportive midlaner, Lissandra counters mobile champions really well. I pick her against Ahri, Zed, Fizz, Katarina, or any champion that is slippery or moves around a lot. It allows you to lock them down before they can jump around and dismantle your team. Lissandra is also a great pick into Zed or Fizz because her ult negates both of theirs.
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Remember, you are Control Mage that specializes in setting up teamfight victoires for your team. Especially with this build, your primary objective is locking down the other team, NOT GETTING ALL THE KILLS. Swallow your pride and help your team win the game. Thanks for reading!
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League of Legends Build Guide Author TheFabledWTL
TheFabledWTL Lissandra Guide
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Team Player Lissandra

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