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Kayle Build Guide by A Sad Clow

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League of Legends Build Guide Author A Sad Clow

Tear of the angel [Updated 12/15/2012] S3 changes

A Sad Clow Last updated on December 15, 2012
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Season 3 notes

yay its season 3, and all these new items are great for Kayle, but of course she IS the queen of customization. Please check that little +notes thing next to each part of the build, i explain why each part is important. Feel free to comment upvote/down vote. Jesus loves you have a great day/night

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Hi welcome to my hybrid Kayle guide. First off, dont hate on me just because this is not conventional, if you want lots of sustain in the early game and the ability to spam spells with more damage and AP that getting the regular Hybrid build then this is a good guide. This is a very affordable and versatile build that is quite OP if you play correctly. I will explain why it is so good in depth later in this guide. You already know how to play kayle and are looking for ideas as all Kayle players must do to find thier spot in the universe of LoL, I know thats why you are reading this guide. Rest assured this is a viable build and it has carried me through every matched ive used it in. Oh and by the way sorry for no pictures and stuff i know that its hard when you have ADD or w/e but just try ok :)

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Pros / Cons


    Nearly unlimited manna
    Powerful Hybrid Damage
    Able to support just as well as carry
    Extremely flexible

    unorthodox start
    people will hate on you early game
    takes time to build up
    Kayle requires Judgement and understanding

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Red: Attack speed, this build is lacking on AS early game so it in a much needed alteration. AS is one of her most important stats and we cant be low on this.

Yellow: Flat Armor, this is always good on Kayle cause she is kind of squishy in the begining, if you feel ballsy then use AS instead

blue: Flat Magic Resist for strong start vs AP champs like Morde or Rumble

Quints: More attack speed, its her most important stat

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I choose 21/9/0 for DPS and sustain. 8% penetration in both types of damage synergises with her passive and I have forgone penetration runes so thats important. I build for hybrid dps and get penetration and AD over the AP stuff. in defensive masteries I take health, armor, and MR, not a big suprise there. These masteries will probably be the standard now on hybrid/mdps champs like WW or teemo now.

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Why Built like this?

The reason to build like this is simple: Sustain, sustain, sustain. Given good mp regen Kayle can sustain her lane indefinitely. I have thrown out the Archies because there are better items to use now and now Manamune can turn into Muramana with an on-hit effect. Late game when she has Muramana, it will do significant magic damage combined with her E, BoRK, and LT, the damage will be like doing a magical critical hit every hit! Its also fairly affordable and you can spam your spells all day. this means more farm and a very busy jungler on the enemy team. Just keep up the harass and you will win the lane, even against Yorick. Adapt to your enemy an example would be building phage vs Darius and then LT so you can throw your Q and let it burm him 10% hp and then hit him while slowed with E for 5% HP per hit (with 6-10% damage increase). Manamune will allow you to Max your skills anyway you choose without worry of manna costs and you can feel safe about having enough for your Ulti (100 mana lvl 1)

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Summoner Spells

Teleport: This is a good spell for this build because you want to get your items and return fast so you dont give the enemy and chance.

Ignite: This is more for the 5 extra AD and AP it provides, but its always good on her because her Q increases the true damage similare to Swains torment. Kayle is a good chaser so generally she doesnt need it for securing kills.

Flash: Everyone likes this, even me, trade with Teleport if you think you need it. Kayle has a speed boost and a 2-3 sec invulnerable, if sombody stuns or silences you then you cant flash anyway so i dont use it much anymore.

Ghost: This is very good on Kayle because she is such a good chaser and it really helps with her speed buff, good for tower diving or speeding up to get in range of ulting that ally carry.

Exaust: very good skill, you should get it when you are going Top against a hardy foe. combine with Ghost for OP Chasing the resistance Debuff works well with your passive.

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Skill Sequence

I max out my ult ASAP cause its stupid not to

Next, I max my E at level 9 because it only costs 45 manna and deals the most damage.

Then, I max my W for sustain at level 13 and for mobility. This is important for staying in your lane forever, escaping ganks, chasing, and general mobility. with all the manna you can heal all the time and just spam this thing to get around, its also cheaper overall than Q.

Final, I max Q at 18 because mostly i need it for the slow in the beginning. It is an OP nuke late game and combined with TF it will make huge dents in HP.

I dont really need to explain all this to you because you are smart and you know how it goes.

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Early Game (all you really need to know)

In the begging just focus on farming and ignore the enemy. Keep farming until you can purchase the first tear then go back and buy it, now take a sigh of releif because thats pretty much the hardest thing you will have to do for awhile. Farm, Farm, Farm, just keep at it and when the enemy attacks hit them hard but dont chase, just heal yourself and keep farming. You dont actually want to kill your enemy at this point, instead focus on their tower, kayle has higher attack than most mids and longer range than most tops, and more HP than most carries. The whole idea is to act like you are not really a big threat and keep them from returning.

Once you have both Mannamune, you are all set to go, however just keep playing it cool, Have awareness of the enemy Jungler and if you get ganked then use your ult and speed boost to counter. Just keep them in their lane and destroy their tower slowly, use wards.
After all this it is up to you to decide how you want to play and what items to get. I recomend always getting trinity force but there are all kinds of options.