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Teemo Build Guide by Irma

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Irma

Teemo that is actually useful.

Irma Last updated on March 4, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Too many AP Teemos on the dance floor.

As we all know AP Teemo can ditch out incredible damage, and is fun to play. But who gives a rats *** since then you'll be missing viable cc'y off-tank. Well this build is just what we'll make out of Teemo. We'll make him damagy enough to not be targeted, yet durable enough to be able to take a punch.

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To go on a further introduction to the point of this build.

What we aim for with this build is -> To take the heat off from more valuable team members (ap carry & ad carry). Because in the end you'll be packing enough durability to take a hit or two from anyone as long as you don't get fully targeted. And yet you'll be able to setup those annoying slowing mushrooms and blind the hell out of that adc. Not to mention slow the hell out of people with just your basic attacks. It comes down to something like a cc bruiser.

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Masteries are 21/9 with the magpen for mostly the early game purpose. If you go 9/21 you won't be nearly as capable to harass your enemy out of farm then what with 21/9. It might be better to take 9/21 considering the late game purpose. But that is totally up to you to decide. I just prefer the 21/9.

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Well, armor & mres & movement speed are obvious. You could swap the flat to scaling on mag ress if you so wish. It would be wiser if you are not against someone who does some mag damage on top lane. However I find many of the champs that Teemo counters, to also do mag damage. (Garens ulti, Singed (ovbiously) etc etc.) The attack speed is there just to keep a better cc with mallet and since your damage is a bit based on blade of the ruined king / e skill. The extra AS can't hurt. You could go for mag pen for early harass, or arm pen for late game damage ditching. I prefer AS.

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Well not much to mention about it. Thats the main build. Ofc if enemy team has 5 phys damagers, you don't pick maw. If enemy team has 5 ap damagers, you don't pick atmas. Whats there to say. Use your brains. There are a bunch of items that are viable depending on the sitsuation. But with the custom setup the proper games offer, that build is pretty solid. If you encounter an abnormal sitsuation, you adapt. Nuff' said.

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Skill Sequence

The choice of taking some on w (speed skill) is due to the kiting on your top solo lane. Its more usefull then q at this point. The swapping to maxing q after is due to the fact that you'll be starting to have more team fights at this point. And then the blind rocks. You blind the **** out of that adc or enemy off-tank thats teasing your adc. (and slow with mallet obviously). But again, adapt to the situation. If enemy adc is very underfed, and deals 0 damage. Or if you are winning like 500-0 you could just take the speed and have funner timing kiting everyone. Up to you and the situation.

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Pretty basic for any solo top. You could go for exhaust if you like to have even more cc aside from mallet slow/blind/shroom slow. Or you could go for teleport if you want to try ninja gank some lanes etc. Or whatever you like. Flash & ignite are quite standard and help you in both team fights and solo lane.

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Team Work

Here is what the build and guide is actually about. Many of the Teemo guides tell you how to single handedly kill everyone on the enemy team. But actually you just wind up getting bursted in 0,2 seconds on the late game. This build makes Teemo truly usefull on late game for a variety of reasons compared to the usual Teemo builds. Usually Teemo is considered good for being able to push lane very well and being able to take adc 1 vs 1 solo etc etc. I don't give a rats ***. You got adc and apc to do the real damage and hard burst targets. This guide is about forcing the enemy team to focus you and give time to your adc & apc to do their job.

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Pros / Cons

- Fills the normal role of top lane with cc & durability compared to usual Teemo builds.
- Good durability / damage ratio.
- Has valuable team skills: Blind/Map vision/Lots of slows (shrooms + mallet)
- Can take on basically anyone in 1 v 1.

- Doesn't generate as big damage burst as regular AP or on-hit Teemos.
- If targeted completely can still be bursted down very quickly.
- Takes a bit of time to learn your role *** a cc'y off tank if you are used to regular Teemo builds.

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All in all I feel like usual top lane Teemo players with the usual damage guides end up taking a valuable off tank/cc/adc harasser from the team setup. This build fixes that while still allows Teemo players to push top lane safely, have the map vision and 1 v 1 abilities that everyone loves in Teemo. I heavily suggest trying out the build but with an open mind. You won't 3 hit anyone down. You won't be probably getting some 20/0/20 scores. But you end up winning a lot of games when you learn your spot properly. After all it is about winning, not having k/d/a. I suppose that with that said, this build is basically designed to fulfill the expectations of top laner in normal ranked setups. And I can say, you running in there. Slowing that off-tank that chases the adc, blinding that enemy adc. Taking off properly over 3k damage and allowing your apc / adc to generate the damage meanwhile, while maintaining map vision to support your support (sounds weird) and kiting everyone in 1 v 1. You most certainly will be useful.