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Teemo Build Guide by rantamies

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author rantamies

Teemo - Why wont he die!? (Solotop)

rantamies Last updated on August 26, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Why to pick Teemo?

Teemo has always been that champion who hardly makes anyone scared. When someone sees him, the first thing that pops in their head is "Hey! Look at that, a free kill!". But this guide is going to show that cuteness can also be deadly.

Why would i pick Teemo for top? Because 90% champions that you see in top are melee based offtanks. Your range gives you the edge on farming and harassing, your Noxious trap give map vision and they slow enemy champions even leaving a dot and your Blinding dart just flips the finger anything that tries to hit you. And what happens if someone tries to gank you? No worries, you got your "shrooms" placed and even if they manage to get trough that you just activate Move quick and there is no real danger anymore.


+Ranged champion
+Ganking you is going to be hard
+Easy to farm
+Can easily take enemy towers alone (backdoor)
+Grate on 1v1
+Free wards
+Grate all game trough


-Team mates think your trolling
-Really expensive build
-Needs farm (a lot)
-Doesn't have any CC against AP champions

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This starting gives you all what you need in those early levels. Reduces the damage and heals you. It increases the time you can be on your lane, which increases the money and experience gained.

Try get these as quickly as you can. It increases your movement speed, which will help you dodging enemy skill shots and it helps you harassing. The attack speed that you gain there helps you last hitting those, and increases your DPS.

This item might be best item when your playing in solotop. Why? It gives you free ward every 180 seconds, it gives life steal and armor which increases your sustainability . And it has random crits on enemy minions.

(Dont forget to sell this item when your build is maxed!)

I see lot of people skipping this item because Teemo already has his wards, but they keep missing other abilities that it gives. I would even bought this item without the ward, so it is just a bonus coming to that.

Attack speed is always grate to stack with champions that use AD as in their main damage dealer, and since your going to get it so early, its going to help you a lot in farming!

This item is just grate, i cant say anything else to it. It gives you health, attack damage and the passive gives you slow. When your team (or just you alone) is chasing enemy your own movement speed can easily catch anyone, after you get to distance blow your dart at him, his already counted as dead.

Now its time to complete that Recurve bow. Now when this item is complete, you aren't so squishy against to AP champions because of that magic resist. It also gives you attack speed and it just brings your magic resist to sky high! And those champions that have stacked armor a lot, still take pretty much damage from because of that passive.

This item isn't necessary, but its always fun to have because of that Atma's Impaler that your going to get next. Now since you have over 3000 health your going to cause a lot of trouble with your blinds and dots, and even if your opponents catch you warding in their jungle, its going to be pretty hard to get you killed.

Like i said earlier, this item is grate with Warmog's and with this amount of health you have, it would be stupid to leave this item out of your build. That armor and critical strike shouldn't be forgotten, because that just makes you more deadlier and more harder to kill.

Recommended items (when/if your replacing lantern)

Bloodthirster is grate item for an AD champion because the high damage it gives and the lifesteal is just almost a must have.

Madred's Bloodrazor is grate for those tanky champions in enemy team because it just "ignores" their armor and does high magic damage to enemies. Also it gives you attack speed and even more armor.

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Early game

The reason why i start with the Cloth Armor/5 x Potion is because it gives me the sustainability on the top which is needed. You wanna out farm your opponent either with minion last hits or with kills. Always get the last hits! There is no reason why you shouldn't! And one another thing, always remember to harass those annoying melee champions and show them how frustrating your range and poisons can be. Harassing is also one of the key elements with Teemo.

Be ready for ganks and try play it safely, until you get to level 6 where you get your "shrooms". Make sure the river and bushes are full of your shrooms. Now your ready for those annoying ganks, since there hardly ain't anything they can do. Now its just farming, harassing and waiting for ganks.

When you get your lantern the farming will come so much easier and it will be a pain in the *** to get you out of your lane.

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Middle game

After the lane phase is over and the team fights start to be the main thing, its your time to really shine! Just wait for the real action to happen, your job is to take out their AD carrys vision away with the Blinding Dart. Because the AD carry, often is the main damage dealer in team fights. There hardly is anything other than that. Just make sure your team focuses on the main threats!

When there aren't so much of team fighting, remember to hide your shrooms everywhere! You are the teams main map control. And don't forget to ward Baron and Dragon

Teemo is also grate champion for taking down turrets when there ain't anything else to do. Because your traps and lantern give you so much vision, you can see it easily when its time to backup! They have a trouble catching you since your movement speed is out of this world with your Move Quick.

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End Game

Since this build gives you the health and toughness, you don't melt in team fights, like a ice cream on a hot sunny day. You just keep blinding and poisoning your targets. And because you can take so much damage, you aren't the first one they want to get rid of. And if their AD carry even thinks about killing you, its just impossible because of that Blinding Dart.

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To Reader

Thank you for reading this guide. Don't be too harsh on me, this is just my first guide and i would love to post some more if the feedback is going to be positive.

Now stop reading and go kick some ***!