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Teemo Build Guide by jhouns

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League of Legends Build Guide Author jhouns

Teemo - Yordle on crack

jhouns Last updated on January 20, 2012
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This is how I play Teemo. I'm quite successful with him, I'm in no way the best Teemo in the game but I'm far from the worst. The focus of this guide is AD/AS, your poison and high constant damage allows you to whittle down enemies health and kill them as they retreat in panic. Even when they don't your blinding dart and life steal should suffice to keep you alive and take them down.

This is also my first guide so constructive criticism please :D

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Honestly, where I haven't bought more rune pages yet, this is just my standard AD one but it works brilliantly for our purposes
Greater Mark Of Desolation - This baby helps us out when they begin to stack armor to try and counter our attack speed.
Greater Seal of Armor/ Greater Glyph of Magic Resist - These are just to keep you alive when you inevitably get focused by the enemy team. They'll let you use your Move Quick and Ghost to get out of there fast enough to stay alive. Then just head to the jungle and lifesteal back to full health!

As for the quintessences, they're giving our damage an extra boost to help early game until we build it up as well as improve our armor pen.

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Summoner Spells

As Teemo you're going to want to pick 2 of the following:

Ghost - Do it. Just. Do. Combined with Move Quick this baby'll get you across the map in seconds, you can outrun pretty much everybody.

Ignite - A good solid pick, this will be REALLY helpful early game. It'll often help you get first blood or at least get them to recall and you can deny them when they return, not so useful late game due to Toxic Shot but it is TRUE damage so is formidable.

Cleanse - Not one I use I'll admit but if you get slowed/stunned this could seriously save your life if you're running away.

Heal - Most people see heal and think, 'is this guy an idiot?'. Don't underestimate it. So many times you'll be on low health against someone and it'll not only save you but secure the kill because they were winning.

Surge - Another one I pretty much never use. It's ideal for teemo though as it gives extra AP for his blinding dart and AS for his basic attack.

Flash - Viable at jumping walls and avoiding spells but if you use ghost you don't really need it for teemo.
Anything else, to me, isn't worth using but feel free to see what works.

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First I'd like to say that ALL of teemo's skills scale off of AP. So why build AD? In this case they all do a good amount of damage without added AP and if an enemy stacks armor against you but no magic resist because you're building AD they're gonna get slaughtered by your AP skills.

Our skills have an obvious priority at the moment

Noxious Trap R- These mushrooms of death will torture the enemy team. Don't hold on to more than 1. I like to have one on me in case i get chased by the enemy team or need a ward but if you have more, drop it in a nearby bush or jungle path. It helps your team and annoys the hell out of theirs.

Camouflage Passive - This is just. Words cannot describe the fun it is. Get down to the lane first. Stand in the middle. Stealth. You can stay here and soak up XP in safety with them not knowing you're there and your teammate luring them. Its bonus 40% AS boost when you come out of it makes it even better!

Toxic Shot E- This is one of your best moves. It allows you to do almost constant damage EVERY hit. That's right. For every hit you're actually doing about 4. This is where your AS REALLY comes into play, you'll be stacking poison on enemies while your basic attack. Although it scales off of AP, its base damage is enough to rip through them at our speed.

Blinding Dart Q - Your best friend. Makes the enemy miss, this is the one that will take down your melee champs. As a Master Yi runs in, Youmuu's ghostblade and ultimate on. You blinding dart him and can half health him before he can hit you. Your life steal should keep you alive long enough to kill him as well so you'll be fine.

Move Quick W - This is your life rope. Combined with Ghost it'll get you in and out of fights in seconds or less. I use it when running to fights to get me in faster and when I'm getting out so I don't die. I don't have to be fast (but I am) I just have to be faster than a tankier teammate.

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If you plan on going mid, well done, you're going to level quickly and, if you do well, carry your team. Go ahead and buy a Vampiric Scepter and run to lane, on the way put a point in Blinding Dart. This is your main harass, while I was laning against Kassadin in mid he used Riftwalk to jump the minions and silenced me. By the time he silenced me I'd used blinding dart to do more damage than his silence, so I came out on top.

If you get to mid first and nobody is around don't be surprised, most people now stand by their turrets waiting for minions, I prefer a nice pre minion fight. Go use Camouflage in the middle (or somewhere) of your lane, they'll be hesitant and probably go check the bushes before coming straight into the middle as you're not there giving you a slight advantage. Pick your moment wisely and when you're ready, open with blinding dart and basic attack him/her/it to the floor. Don't chase them under their turret and you'll do fine.

Just be aware of jungle ganks and be map aware. Use your mushrooms to ward the bushes and paths either side of mid, even put some in the middle if your minions have pushed. Your lane will look like a landing strip and you'll know of any incoming gank.

That's about it for mid just harass with your Q, use Camouflage where it'll help and farm.

Same as in lane but get Vampiric Scepter first so you can stay in lane longer.
Buy potions as you need them but you don't have to.
Wards can be helpful but you get them at level 6 for free so I wouldn't waste my money.

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Personally I prefer bottom lane as teemo however he can work in top as well.

Laning partners:
You can lane well with most players, I'm yet to find one where he fails completely, but the best ones you can have are either Taric or Sion. Why? get them to stun an enemy and you've got a free kill! Plus as they're tanky they'll protect you, the best part is that because they fired the stun most people will focus them early game even though they should focus you.

Okay so, when starting you have a choice, either put a point in E first to get extra damage in via poison OR go with Q to give a little more defense while still doing damage. If you have a guy with a stun get Q. If one's stunned and the other is blinded you have a double kill on your hands unless they run.

I tend to like to use Camouflage wherever possible in bottom. Why? I never see Teemo use it! They usually assume you've recalled and if they push past you chasing down your teammate you can shoot them in the back. This DOES mean they will target you but you can make a good escape up the river OR focus one of them and make sure you kill them. If one dies before you decide whether you have the health to stay odds are the other one will ignore you trying to escape.

Besides these little tips just try to farm at all times you aren't killing someone. Remember around 12/15 minion kills is the same gold as a champion kill so if you can't get the kills. Farm.

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When farming minions, it's so easy to push. This is bad. This means that you're gonna get under the enemy tower and be giving them minions while you stand there helpless.

Early game don't even think of attacking minions on more than 1/3 health. Watch the ones at less than 1/3 so you can get ready to last hit. By last hitting you get the same gold and experience but you're barely upset the balance between the minions and they're going to fight in the middle of the lane for longer meaning you can deny the enemy much easier.

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The items in this build are just a guideline. Here's how I work it out:

First off get some Attack Speed. Teemo's base AS is poor unless you use Camouflage and our runes should cover damage for now. For this I buy:

Berserker's Greaves - This is usually the second item I aim to build, depending on the enemy composition I sometimes build Doran's Blade first. You can buy the dagger and boots in whatever order you want.

Zeal - This may seem a little overkill for now but your AS still sucks by now and getting this will give it a good boost to something actually viable when crossed with your boots.

Now our AS is OK we need some sustain to keep us in lane longer so go ahead and grab your Vampiric Scepter, AS + Life Steal = <3. You'll gain your health back beautifully.

Now you've got a good speed and some life steal to sustain you stack damage. Lots of it. This is where you go from annoying OK Yordle to horrible serious threat. I tend to build a The Bloodthirster and a The Black Cleaver in there somewhere with an infinity edge. If you need cheaper damage consider a Phage or Brutaliser both are good items and really cheap with helpful passives.

Once you have a damage item or two finish your AS by building that Zeal into a Phantom Dancer. Once you have you're going to be dropping enemies health bars. Fast. I tend to run around the map ganking squishier targets until I get a bit more damage and then take on anyone really. Only focus the tank though if everyone else is dead or he's DEFINITELY alone. They usually take a LOT to kill and if you get taunted into a Rammus and his team's in the bush you're dead. Just use your head.

You may notice I didn't have any defensive items. Why? Well Teemo bless him is VERY squishy. So rather than waste lots of gold trying to survive and do no damage I focus on using his Life Steal with the AS and blinding dart to keep me alive and it does it so much better than you think. Build some if you want, but you're sacrificing your speed or damage if you do.

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Team Fights

Don't be first in. By all means throw in a blinding dart or two but remember you're squishy. You'll die. Wait for it to be initiated then run in and take out all the threats. That's your fed Akali, Master Yi, anyone who can destroy your team. Then move on to any other squishy players like Ahri or Ashe then the off tanks and high health players like Lee Sin then finally their tank. Alternatively leave their ranged until last if you can't get to them.

It doesn't hurt to drop a mushroom before you run in. If a team member has to retreat they've got something between them and the enemy and the slow it gives could save their life. Look out for your teammates and save them where you can. If it's a 4 v 1 and you go to help, sorry you're likely to die. I do it anyway. Drop that mushroom you were holding and get them to follow you over it occasionally firing off that blinding dart into them and using W and Ghost to escape with your teammate. I've even seen those saves turn into teamfights when everyone else came down to help but you're still likely to die trying to save someone.

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Thanks for reading post your constructive criticism below. Don't just downvote because you don't like the guide. Try it, play with the items I don't always build a black cleaver for instance I sometimes replace it with something else. Have fun with it, try some early damage before your zeal it's not all set in stone.