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Jax Build Guide by jackking96

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author jackking96

Temple Jax: ready to face the champ

jackking96 Last updated on March 8, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello fellow Jax players my name is jack or jackking95 IGN. This is my first guide so please excuse the mistakes or not enough information. i am choosing to write this guide now because after just playing a ranked game in which i carried my team and destroyed a darius top lane. i felt that my guide some what tapped into jax and unlocked his potential.

If you down vote my guide please leave me reason's why and how i can improve on my future guides.

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Pros / Cons

[*] good stun.
[*] awesome gap closer.
[*] attack speed passive.
[*] W provide attack boost.
[*] Ultimate provides insane armor boost and MR.
[*] Good dueling capabilities level 6+.

[*] squishy if ganked pre level 6.
[*] no real escape if leap strike or flash on cool down.
[*] doesnt have a real weapon ;)

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In this section im going to be discussing the build i personally use for jax.

Imagine if i had a real weapon.

i start of with a Cloth Armor and 5x Health Potions for sustain and additional armor.
On my first back i like to rush Ninja Tabi and either a Long Sword or a sight ward.
For my next item i like to rush Blade of the Ruined King as it works very well with his attack speed passive and the active of the item is awesome for chasing fleeing enemies or helping to get out of a stick situation.
Then i proceed to get Hextech Gunblade or Trinity Force depending on how the game is going.
To complete the build i like to go for armor and health which is why i pick up Warmog's Armor and Iceborn Gauntlet which also has a nice slow and CC effect.

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Farming pre level 6

you want to focus on last hitting the minions and not pushing too aggressively, if you feel the enemy wanting to exchange be sure to have you E activated so you can get some hits in and be safe to fall back, or if you want to exchange with them activate your W to up the damage you will inflict on them.

Level 6+

Last hitting/ farming will be easier now you have your ultimate as every 3 consecutive hits with have extra damage due to its passive meaning that you can either hit two minions to have it procked then hit the opponent or hit another minion (cannon creep). If you feel you are going to miss a minion (cannon creep preferably) you can activate your W as it reset's your attack animation.

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Team Work

When the time arise's and it is time to team fight it will be your job to notify your team mates your going in. Activate your R first then activate your E but make sure you leave enough time to leap strike onto there ADC to stun them and anyone around them allowing your allies to follow you in and get a couple of seconds free hits before the stuns wear off. After that you want to stick to the enemy ADC like glue zoning him out (cant get any shots off onto your team) after the ADC is dead or has flashed out turn your attention to there APC (mid laner). NEVER FOCUS THERE SUPPORT/ TANK ALWAYS FOCUS THE HEAVE DAMAGE DEALERS. If you have done your job right you will have left there team demoralized (at how strong you are) and destroyed whilst your team will have mopped up the kills and will push to get some objectives (dragon, baron, towers or inhibitors ).

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So lets recap

is in my opinion one of the most versatile top champions with the ability to be able to build either flat damage and still maintain your defensiveness, or being able to build flat armor and health and still dishing out tones of damage..

I will add if you build pure armor there are some top champions who deal true damage so it will not work against for example
who's E deals true damage, you also have
both of the champs ulti's deal insane amount of true damage. you also have
whos Q deals damage based on your maximum HP and
every third strike against you deals damage based on your maximum HP.

hope this helped please do not down vote this without giving me valid reasons on how to improve my guide and future ones also id love to hear if this guide helped any of you out.

Are you ready to face the champ.