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League of Legends Build Guide Author BlissDarkeyes

Tenatious Teemo DPS/Lifesteal

BlissDarkeyes Last updated on April 28, 2011
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Hey Guys my names Bliss and this is my first posted build =]. I havnt been playing League of Legends for long but i was an adept Warcraft III: BNet player and have picked up the game fast... 2 weeks fast :P.
Right so basically through not much experiment and luck i have (what i believe) is a basic simple to use hero killing build for new Teemo players.
Here goes:

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Runes i wont focus too much on as really i am not very knowledgable in this area. However i would recommend Crit, Attack Speed and Damage.

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I believe this build is a newer players build so this can be altered to fit your personal style.

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Now my entire build is kinf of take what you want and alter the rest but i solemly stick by this item build and do NOT recommend you change it.
At the games commence purchase these items.


Your next item should be

Now in any particular order purchase TWO Phantom Dancers

And TWO BloodThirsters

Now purchase Infinity Edge

And sell your boots for Last Whisper

Now your final inventory should look like this.





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Skill Sequence

The skill sequence as mentioned earlier can be altered to suit but i would recomend getting Blinding Dart, Toxic Shot then Move Quick and follow any order although redeem Noxious Trap ASAP as it provides an extreme benefit not only for Teemo but his team also.

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This basically summs up my build, just a few more key points to remember, Dont always try for the kill the first time your enemy comes in range. Use Teemos suprise ability wisely it can secure a few early game kills. Lastly remember its not always about killing your enemy fast that secures your lane, a simple way to win a lane is to deprive your enemy of gold, it doesnt matter so much if they are close enough to gain EXP from the battle just make sure they arent hitting any minions and that you are hitting as many as possible.
I believe this is a simple and satisfying guide to rack up a nice kill count for newer players.
Cheers guys,
(P.S. LoL user is BlissDarkeyes if anyone wants to play together =]... But i dibs Teemo :P)