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Mordekaiser Build Guide by guardianphu

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author guardianphu

Thanks for YOUR carry! Morde OP. S4

guardianphu Last updated on April 24, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Obligatory About player section

I SHALL BRING GREAT SUFFERING. Sup. So you want to play Morde? Good pick. Tired of getting those games where your teammates feed their lanes to hell and then you are left with the rest of the game just taking it? Well, Morde has all the answers to your problems. That bad Sivir fed Cait? Wait a sec did you just make her into your little puppet with your ult? Double. Triple. Quadra. PENTAKILL. ACE. Morde is my comeback champ. If you can get your ult off on their fed carries its GG. Sup my name is Guardianphu and I have been in and out of Gold 5 this season. (Oh great he keeps getting demoted...<- I have been trolling hard this season (and the last) exacting my justice on the poor toxic players of the community that happen to chance across my path) Currently, as it stands I am on my way out of silver 1 for the 4th time this season.( I'll update whenever I feel like it seeing as this may be my first and last guide)*Now in G5 once again for the fifth time.

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The rune page I am using is pretty standard as far as mages go. Although my defensive pages are all about revving up as the game develops. You have that spell vamp quint because it helps lessen the trade off you receive early game for using your skills. I have tried a full spell vamp quint but in the end it doesn't help too much as the game progresses and you become tankier (heal more by dealing more, more hp, etc.) i.e it falls off. On the other hand having a complete AP quint you are drained of hp quickly from your skills (not including enemy damage) and your later game is only slightly stronger. This rune page is set to have balance so that Morde is a pain throughout the entire game.

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Once again this is a pretty standard AP Mage masteries set nothing really special besides the 9 on the defensive tree because you have no mana.

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Now to the real stuff.
Build the amplifying tome first as it gives you a start towards the hextech revolver. With the spell vamp you have from your runes the hp you lose from your skills pre revolver is significantly lowered.I don't use any other starts because typically I don't expect to lose lane/ get pressured to the point i can't even farm under turret.Going right into the build rather than other starts gives you leeway to prepare for going in hard to your build.

Then, your next item will obviously go into the hextech revolver itself so your moves can help to heal you.

From here on out get boots and go into sorc shoes or if you feel pretty comfortable farming from where you are rush haunting guise to make you beefier and deal more damage in lane.If losing lane to poke, build Megatron Cloak then rush for Abyssal* or Seeker's Armguard**.
Now we move onto this build's core items Rylais and Liandrys. ALWAYS GO RYLAIS FIRST. I cannot stress this enough. Other Mordes that I've gone up against never even think about Rylais and go for something else.
Rylais is an important item to have as it helps give you and your teammates a great advantage when chasing (you being the chasee or viceversa) to cover Morde's terrible mobility.
Liandrys is also an important item to have as it is a tank shredder that helps deal massive amounts of damage on his shield and ult.
From here on out you have more than enough damage and should be focused on becoming tanky.Choose any two items from this list obviously depending on the situation.(AP Heavy team build Spirit Visage or Abyssal etc.) The harder you are to kill the longer your teammates and ghost can met out the damage to bring them to an ace.
Spirit Visage is a nice item to have for its healing properties making your skills heal you more and it gives you some nice cooldowns. If you are looking for more health overall you should rush Warmogs with its % hp regen passive and its massive amount of hp enemy champions will be less likely to use everything on you than someone much squishier.Or if you feel like you could do a little more damage/they are starting to build MR go Abyssal.
Now is also the time to finish up Zhonyas if you bought Seeker's.(both items go towards Morde become a tanky harvester of kills.
For the final item left unfinished throughout your build finish it into a Will of the Ancients. With the recent changes made to the item the 80 AP 20% Spell Vamp and 10% CDS are really nice to have.
*Obviously for against AP Enemy
**Obviously for AD Enemy***

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Skills Explanation

When leveling up your skills always always level up your E first. E will be a significant amount of damage your enemy takes.

Next you level up your W. Your W gives your bonus armor and Magic resist while it also allows for you to charge up your shield passive even faster. The W is undervalued and can help players farm without stepping out of position/overextending by placing it on a minion or in teamfights place it on a teammate that goes in hard and is always going to be up close and personal to your enemies. The W is also an amazing slow when you get Rylais as it can help teammates chase enemies down or to help you run away.
Your Q should be your finisher or as a punisher for enemy melee champs that dare to get too close to you.
Now for the skill that makes Morde: His ult/R. His ult is already strong with its hp percent damage and the chance to make an enemy champ your pawn.With Rylais the enemy champ will be consistently slowed throughout 10 secs making them more susceptible to being killed and joining your side.

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Skill Sequence

Your skill sequence during battle should be E first then W on yourself/ally, Q if they get close enough so you can maintain your shield then use your ult R*. Unless you know exactly that you want a ghost from that champ and you can burst that person down (with/without an ally) before they can escape always use ult as a finisher/heal when your are in a pinch and about to die as the spell vamp will heal your for however much that champ lost due to the ult. As soon as you have your ghosty buddy sit back (if low) and send him/her out to do your bidding. Have Fun! :)

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Early game when going against counters or people who cannot poke take advantage by going aggressive using your E to poke at them (make sure to hit the minions too as your shield is underestimated).If they are playing it safe send your W out onto a minion so it can help you charge up your shield/ help cs. MORDE IS A PUSHER. With that said always have a bush warded as Morde is an easily gankable lane. Your full combo EWQ should be more than enough to clear minions and if the enemy laner roams punish them hard by taking their turret. In the rare event that you are losing in lane farm under turret and keep your shield up. Your W shreds hp and minions as it charges your passive.During laning you should be going in hard trying to poke them down with your W and E.If they decide to roam push aggressively to punish them for leaving lane.
Mid game you should have taken a turret or vice versa and should be rushing to group up. If a carry is fed especially an ADC try to ult and have your teammates help getting you your ghosty buddy.
Late Game you should be metting out large amounts of damage while being very tanky so that the enemy thinks twice to focus you. You should never be directly in the fray at low hp and have your ghost helping you to focus down the carries and squishies.