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Shaco Build Guide by hawticecubes

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author hawticecubes

The ARAM guide of fhaco-tankco

hawticecubes Last updated on March 24, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

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This is something like a quick refresh of what you can do.
-Bunker-box (Place your box in the bush in a wall like fashion, it will serve as a safe zone from certain skill-shots etc :blitz and ziggs)

-Skill dodging (your ult gives you 0.5 sec of invul, use it well)

-Blind spots ( at the bottom right of purple's base is a tree, the area there is always dark as creeps do not walk past it, enjoy being a guerilla)(at blue's base its the top left part)

-Hallucination Gamble ( If you're trapped in a losing fight or you get caught with Q on cd, don't hesitate to gamble by running your clone away to buy time for your Q. Even better if you have maw, banshee and warmogs as it makes your clone super tanky and did I mention, their effects still proc on it?)

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Here come formalities, I am a player of LoL since season one in the SEA server, my LoL name is StaticNotMind and obviously I use garena to play Lol and my garena name is iknowinewb. This is my first guide and I hope it helps to encourage more players to play Shaco in ARAM.

Anyway, I am damm sure anyone who is reading this guide would already know shaco's lore and etc,etc so i am skipping to the point.
Shaco has one of the most annoying skill-sets in league, making him an excellent survival expert so why nobody plays him as a tank in ARAM (and going with personal experience in the SEA server, picking shaco in APAM/DMAM is enough to induce Q_Q Dodge) I don't know.

So, the jester as you see, is a fragile creature which must usually be withheld with great care to prevent that 1 big nuke chain up his arse. However, our fragile creature can choose to buff up, turning him into the takiest and most badass burning clown that is so jukishly uncatchable yet able to dish out TWICE the damage of a rampaging mundo.

In ARAM you have around 3 times the money you have in SR and you start at level 3( during the start of course).This is highly advantageous to early game champs such as pantheon and shaco as it gives them the quick boost they need to negate their $$$ issues on items. Therefore making them able to have high damage until the game ends.
-usually toufu/soft (makes his sudden tankiness a surprise)
-low cd flash and invi (Q)
-box of anti skillshot (yes it can block anything from blitz grab to ziggs's bouncing bombs)
-Free 0.5sec zhonya and item duplicate ult
-passive that ensures his dmg doesnt fall off even while tanking (his ult too)
-he is a clown

-Very serious mana problems
-tankiness is all from his items
-Serious queue dodge issues
-No major aoe skills
-dependant on smart teamates (you cant carry like mundo =C)

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The Game

Level 3 good, now buy yourself a giant belt a red elixir and 3 red pots, you're good to go. Head over to the middle bushes and scout them out with boxes.
Now if your allies had decent walking speed or clicking speed they should be there before or with you now.
If they are not, judge whether to fall back or to try hold the bushes until they arrive.
If you get into a fight, play like a tank. Use deceive to engage the carry or the one getting focused on their team.
If you do not get into a fight, but you really really want a fight, START ONE. Deceive into the middle of your enemies and proceed to hit someone. They will start throwing spells on you, use your barrier and your heal to buy time for your team to come and start counter-attacking. ( same goes for every fight)HOWEVER KEEP AN EYE ON YOUR MANA, ITS YOUR BIGGEST FLAW

Mid Game
You should be on your way to building a warmogs now, currently the fights will be fought as before except you have ult now. use the 0.5 seconds to dodge nukes and stuff. note : the sunfire on your clone DOES deal damage, feel free to let him run around pestering your enemy (it doesnt stack with another sunfire though)

Late game
You should have Maw by now, if you have it you should be doing insane amount of damages (to the enemy carry mind you not the tank). At this point It all depends on your skill and luck now if you still don't have a clear cut winning edge.

If you're winning clearly, HAVE FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If you're losing, identify the champion that is the biggest threat to the team.
If its a bruiser or tank, go after their carry and send your clone after the bruiser/tank as you can't do **** to him. If its the carry then dive that coward and try to outsmart him/her/it with your skills. Remember, its the nexus blowing up that wins you the game.

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As you can see, this guide/my build focus on getting shaco as buffed up as possible. It is basically a Buy-every-tanky-item-you-see so I expect even the dumbest of the most constipated of newbies will be able to not screw up (health is an anti-screw up).

And remember fellow summoners, this is ARAM, you are supposed to HAVE FUN so if you wish, classify this guide as a for-fun-only.

If you wish to use it in a normal game (summoner's rift) do so at your own risk
For Dominion I have always used ap shaco due to his boxes so I have never tested it there too, feel free to do so =D

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If you're playing tankco/tank shaco, there is nobody that could counter you hard except for silences (not even revealing you is going to do much good since you're tanky and all) And 1 woman

-Soraka (**** that heal and silence)
-Kassadin (another silencing bastard)
-Fiddlesticks (yeah him too)
And a bunch of other silences (I got lazy)

If you see this bish, get a thornmail straight after sunfire unless she is dumb as her arrows will rape the horse**** out of you.