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League of Legends Build Guide Author DarkPercy

The Basics and Advanced Tips for ~ Supports!

DarkPercy Last updated on July 28, 2012
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I will be giving out tips to improve your gameplay as much as possible with these guides! I will be covering every role of the current metagame. This guide is focusing on the Support role! I hope you'll enjoy!

The authors: DarkPercy and iConvalescence, a pro support player :P.

We'll be showing the basics and the advanced tips of supporting.

The Support role, Why?: Since there needs to be one guy that won't be getting money from minions in the current meta, we need a support. Supports are champions that do not need items to bring their utility to the team. They don't scale that well and they can ensure your AD carry will be able to farm safely during all the laning phase. They can also get their AD carry kills by being aggressive. Additionally, supports can protect the AD carry to make him even deadlier with all his farm.

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Type of Supports

There are different kind of 'Support' champions.

Passive Support: (Easy)

Soraka is the only true passive (very defensive) champion in the game. She can make your AD carry immune to harass in lane so he can farm forever safely for a good late game. She is relatively easy to play. However, Soraka doesn't have much killing power.

By the way, Riot hates her because she is so passive. They say she is 'Toxic to the game'. I think they will remake her soon.

Normal Supports: (Normal)

These are champions that you will see played as supports very often. They all offer more or less sustain to their AD carries with either heals or shields. They have great CC so they are useful during the whole game and even some of the supports can make their AD carry's damage output higher!

These supports can play passive OR aggressive. Their versatility is another of their strengths.

Aggressive Supports: (Harder)

Aggressive supports are harder than other supports

These supports' main goal in the laning phase is to feed their AD carry by making enemies easy kills. They should play aggressive, otherwise they are wasting their only potential. They all have above average damage for support champions and their direct CC makes them able to easily set up kills. Make sure you don't KS too much with these supports.

Later, they still bring good damage and utility. They can still protect their AD carry by peeling enemies off with CC.

Unconventional Supports: (Depends)

Some of these are more viable while some are less. You can get these champions in special situations and they will be good. They do not always fit very well and most of the time other supports can do their job better. If you HATE other support champions and one of the above champions is one of your best champions, you COULD try them as a support.

Which support champion you wish to take is entirely up to you and the way you play. I'm a very aggressive kind of player so I really enjoy Leona and I really hate playing Soraka. However, both are very good and situational. There is a list of Synergies/Counters with each support champion so if you want help to know when to pick which, go check it :P.

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General Supporting Tips and Tricks for all!

  • I know it's hard but you have to think this way: Your gold is not important. Your goal is not to get fed, your goal is to make your AD Carry fed!
  • Do not kill minions! Don't even deal damage to them. You must not push the land and most importantly you must leave the minions to your AD Carry.
  • Always buy AT LEAST one ward each time you go back to base.

  • Always make sure your lane is protected from ganks
  • Make sure you are going to re-ward BEFORE your older wards die. Otherwise, when you lose vision, it becomes dangerous to go out in the fog of war to ward. Especially when you get high enough in elo. People will start timing your wards and as soon as your wards die, they will call their jungler and wait for you to go ward (and kill you X_X)
  • You should sometimes play aggressive if your lane is covered from ganks. Make sure your AD carry will play like you (chat or ping).

    • Make use of your autoattacks whenever you are not being focused. They may not deal significant damage but in the long run, your autoattacks are sometimes 50% of your damage output. It may help you win a close fight!
    • A good moment to harass is when the enemy's abilities are on cooldown. For example, if Blitzcrank just used his Rocket Grab, it is safer to go in and harass the enemy.
    • Look at your own minion's HP, when one gets low on HP, you will see the enemy AD carry get closer to last hit it. Harass him everytime he gets close (if it is safe to do so). That way, when he sees a minion go low HP, he will have to choose between getting harassed or being denied money.

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Buy a Ward, Save a life~

Warding when playing as BLUE TEAM:

Warding Dragon should be your number 1 priority when playing as Blue Team.

Warding Tribush is second highest priority.

Enemies can hide in the lane brush to zone/gank you. This spot is the third highest priority ward

I see you Sona!

Blue Team can also ward the Purple Team's Blue buff. That way, you can see when blue is up and you and your team can try to steal it/gank the enemy jungler. This spot is especially important if you have destroyed the first bot lane tower. Your AD carry will have to overextend a little bit to farm and he will be more vulnerable to ganks. Warding the enemy blue buff in addition to dragon and mid lane bush will prevent any possible ganks.

Be careful though! Don't do these silly mistakes below! A simple bad positioning of your ward can screw a lot of its potential coverage.

In some situations, it will be too dangerous to come out of your lane to go ward dragon. The enemy can be there waiting for you or doing the Dragon.
You'll want to ward over the edge to see if they are actually doing it!

In the opposite situation, if your team is doing dragon, these wards will be very helpful!

As mentioned in the above picture, make sure you use CC on the enemy jungler when the dragon is near death. That way, he can't use Smite to steal it.

The same warding tips can be applied for Baron!

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Mini Guides for every support

Click the champion's name to go directly to the mini-guide about him/her!

Soraka, Janna, Sona, Taric,


Strength: Near infinite HP and Mana sustain, can save allies from across the map, lots of pushing power

Weakness: Not much offensive power, Almost no CC, No mobility at all

Synergy with: Graves Corki Ezreal Urgot Kog'Maw

Skill Order: Wish> Astral Blessing> Infuse> Starcall

Gets countered by:

Synergy explanation: All these AD carries make the best use of infinite mana. It really helps them win their lane.

Counters Explanation: These AD carries can put Grievous Wounds on you and cut your heals in half :(

Beginner Tips:Try to stay in the back of everyone when playing Soraka, she has no escape ability and she is squishy.

Advanced Tips: Be very careful when you go ward, as I said above, you are squishy and you have no escape. Many enemies will keep track of all your movements and as soon as you leave your lane, they will trap you. Good examples of deadly enemies for Soraka are Twisted Fate and Nocturne because of their Nearly Global ultimates.


Strength: Very good killing power, high mobility, can escape most situations with ease, counters AoE-based team compositions, great counter to tower-divers

Weakness: No real sustain, bad autoattack range, weak poke

Synergy with: Literally any AD carry

Skill order: Monsoon> Eye Of The Storm> Zephyr> Howling Gale
Take one point in Howling Gale at level 2 to counter early jungler ganks

Gets countered by: Strong pokers such as Sona

Beginner Tips: Do not use Howling Gale to harass enemies because it will rarely hit, the mana cost is super high and if you hit minions, you will push your lane a lot. Howling Gale is best used when there is actually a fight going on. Secondly, you should be using your Eye Of The Storm shield on your AD carry and not yourself, most of the time. This is because the shield can give up to +50AD!

Advanced Tips: Try to have good reflexes and use Eye Of The Storm right before you (you shouldn't be in range to get poked though) or your AD carry gets harassed. That way, you/he will take a lot less damage or maybe even no damage at all and it will sometimes compensate for your lack of a heal. Secondly, try to use your Monsoon to counter AoE teams. For example if an enemy Kennen or Morgana or Fiddlesticks are using their ultimate, use yours to push them away from your teammates (and heal your team as well!).

Do not be afraid to use Monsoon only for the knockback effect. If you or your allies are getting chased/towerdived, you can use your ultimate for 0.1 seconds just to push them away and then run away.

Pro Tips: Try using your Monsoon (in conjunction with Flash if necessary) to split an enemy team in two like an Anivia wall would do. If you manage to get in the middle of everyone and push 2 enemies in your team and 3 enemies away from your team, you essentially won the fight by yourself ;D. However, this is sometimes pretty hard to do so, unless you know it will be successful, don't try this xD. (You might just miserably die)


Strength: Strong poke in lane, Great killing power, Great AoE stun for teamfights
Weakness: No reliable CC without ultimate, No real escaping ability, needs to go close to enemy to use abilities effectively

Synergy with: Tristana Graves Ezreal Varus Miss Fortune

Skill Order: Crescendo> Hymn of Valor> Aria of Perseverance> Song of Celerity

Gets countered by:

Synergy Explanation: These champions go well with Sona's strong aggressive early game because they are strong early game. Also, most of these champions scale well with the AP that Sona's Hymn of Valor gives. Additionally, they all have good Area of Effect damage spells that can be comboed with Sona's Crescendo. Finally, most of them can combo their spells all together to deal a **** ton of burst like Sona can.

Skill Order: Maxing Hymn of Valor will give you incredible killing potential. If you are against a kill lane or a lane that can harass a freaking lot, you can consider maxing Aria of Perseverance first.

Counters explanation: Soraka can completely erase Sona's harass on the enemy AD carry because of her heals. Also, Soraka can counter your burst with the Heal + Astral Blessing + Wish combo.

Beginner Tips: Sona's main role is not a healer so do not spam Aria of Perseverance. If you try to play her like Soraka you're going to go out of mana and be useless. The mana cost is high for how much it heals. Only use Aria of Perseverance for the bonus armor when you're about to fight/fighting. Sona has MUCH more potential when played as a harasser.

Advanced Tips: Try to use your ultimate on a carry in teamfights. If you can't reach a carry to ult him, do not chase him down, wait for the right moment. Late game, try to use the Aria of Perseverance and the Song of Celerity versions of Power Chord over the Hymn of Valor version of Power Chord. The bonus damage becomes unnoticeable and not game changing late game. A damage debuff or a slow is much more powerful.


Strength: Excellent killing power, strong sustain, tankier than other supports, strong fighter, can deny the enemy, can roam (gank) if a little ahead.
Weakness: He has to get in melee range to be useful and he has no escape ability, his passive is almost completely wasted, he can run out of mana quickly.
Synergy with: Graves Caitlyn Tristana Vayne Miss Fortune Sion
Skill Order: Radiance> Imbue> Shatter> Dazzle
Take 1 point in Dazzle (E) at level one.
Gets countered by:

Synergy Explanation: Graves, Miss Fortune and Tristana go well with Taric because if he stuns an enemy, they can EASILY unleash their burst (in addition to Taric's burst) on the enemy. The enemy will always be afraid of you.
Caitlyn has some cool combo with Taric. As soon as Taric stuns an enemy, she can put a Yordle Snap Trap under the enemy and when the stun will end, the enemy will be caught in the trap right after xD.
Taric's stun is great for Vayne because she can take the time to position herself to use her Condemn perfectly.
AP Sion and Taric both have very reliable CC, high burst and high sustain. They have a lot of potential together. If you do this combo, make sure you'll have an AD Carry in your team somewhere else because otherwise your late game will suck.

Skill Order: Most of the time maxing Imbue first is better because it gives sustain and it's pretty much as good as Shatter when you're fighting enemies (you can easily get rid of the cooldown when you autoattack enemies). If you really don't need the sustain, you can max Shatter first for the burst it gives.

Counters explanation: Soraka can just render Taric's efforts to deal damage useless. Janna can kite very well, abusing one of Taric's weakness (melee champion with no mobility) and making him unable to use his spells on champions.

Beginner Tips: Try to use Radiance before using Shatter and Imbue because the AP that Radiance gives will make your other abilities stronger.

Advanced Tips:
Do the Dazzle-> Radiance-> Shatter->Autoattacks combo on enemies. Make sure your AD carry will fight with you when you do your combo (ping or tell him in chat). This will net you easy kills if used at the right moment.

Camp in a bush and come out of it everytime the enemy AD carry comes nearby. He will be scared that you stun him so he will probably go back and miss minion kills. Of course, when the time is right, you should really stun him instead of just faking it.

Strength: Excellent killing power, Good sustain, is not affected by tenacity, can deny the enemy, can roam if ahead, can towerdive easily

Weakness: Has to get in melee range, needs to build tanky, pretty hard to master

Synergy with: Tristana Vayne Caitlyn

Skill Order: Unbreakable Will> Triumphant Roar> Pulverize> Headbutt
Take 1 point in Pulverize at level one.