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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Master Yi Build Guide by DarkPercy



Updated on April 10, 2014
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League of Legends Build Guide Author DarkPercy Build Guide By DarkPercy 718 55 9,078,613 Views 294 Comments
718 55 9,078,613 Views 294 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author DarkPercy Master Yi Build Guide By DarkPercy Updated on April 10, 2014
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Another Update incoming...

The Cheat Sheet (Above) is updated but the full guide isn't yet. Explanations on the build incoming ASAP.

Also, I will be posting a video of a full master Yi game with commentary sooner or later.

Listen to this song below while reading the guide to be 20% cooler.
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Intro (AD Yi)

^ Sexy Skin ^

Master Yi is a badass melee AD carry/Assassin. Killing things with his sword is what does best. He can outrun anyone AND deal ******ed amounts of damage.

Why play Master Yi this way?

If you came here for the ''I'm kinda new to this game :3'' build, click here!

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Master Yi's strengths:
  • Has completely ridiculous damage output
  • High mobility
  • Can snowball out of control easily (Can carry games hard)
  • One of the most efficient split pushers
  • Farms easily and quickly
  • Pretty much the best champion to start playing the game with (easy to learn, extremely powerful at low levels/elo)

Master Yi's Weaknesses:
  • No pressure early game because he needs to spend most of his time farming instead of ganking
  • Brings no utility at all for teamfights (No CC)
  • Needs to take a lot of farm to be effective late game
  • Will be the number one priority target for the enemy team most of the time
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On Master Yi you can go AD, Attack Speed or even Armor Pen Marks and do just fine.

Flat AD more burst on ganks and getting that extra damage for your Wuju Style

Attack Speed to get your Alpha Strike off cooldown slightly faster and doing more damage over a longer period of time.

greater mark of armor penetration This one is more of a little investment. It gives the most damage increase late game but is slightly less powerful early game. Those runes since are great since most of the time you won't even get Last Whisper and it's good to have at least some armor pen even though Yi has some true damage.

You can pick up any of these or even make a mix (3 AD, 3 AS, 3 Armor Pen) and be fine. I personally use AS at the moment but anything is fine really.

Armor Seals are a must-have on all junglers. They will make a huge difference. There seals are actually pretty much the best Seals for almost every single champion :P.

Magic Resist per level Glyphs are a great pick because this build doesn't include much magic resistance and that is very deadly for you when you fight high single target damage mages late game..

Attack Speed Glyphs are the best offensive Glyphs for Master Yi if you are looking for that extra little ''#yolo'' effect. Scaling Magic Resist is much safer.

The same thing as for Marks is going on here. Attack Damage, Attack Speed or even Armor Pen quints are all fine.

movement speed Quints are amazing on Yi because:
  • These Quints will increase your jungling speed more than any other Quints will. The biggest part of having a top clearing speed as a fast jungler like Master Yi is not clearing the camp 0.5 seconds faster with more damage, it's about moving from one camp to another as fast as possible.
  • They will make you run faster than almost everyone with only tier 1 Boots (you reach over 400 movespeed)
  • Having such high movespeed lets you focus on buying your important items rather than on tier 2 boots
  • Moving faster increases your ganking power, chasing capacity, and slippery-ness (cheesy escapes :P)
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Summoner Spells

Best choices:
Smite is a must-have on all junglers. With smite you will:

  • Jungle Faster
  • Will be able to secure your buffs/dragons/barons (make sure that YOU will kill them)
  • Steal the enemy's buffs/dragons/barons
  • Be able to counter-Jungle (steal the enemy jungle quickly)

Exhaust: Is great on Yi because it helps his lack of CC for ganks. It's especially good because it will also let his teammates catch the enemy. Exhaust is also very good because it can make you win almost any 1v1 fight (even those that you thought you could never win). However, Flash will save your life much more often.

Flash: Why Flash is good:
  • It will help you chase. If you already used your Alpha Strike and you need to get closer to finish the enemy, Flash is always there for you.
  • It allows you to towerdive with ease. Simply Flash away from tower after killing an enemy under a tower.
  • It helps to catch up enemies in general, 90% of the champions take flash, if they flash over the wall, you'll want too follow them too...
  • It will let you escape very dangerous situations obviously. It will save your life very often.

Teleport: Some will consider this summoner spell as a part of Master Yi himself. It's amazing for split pushing. It will allow you to destroy towers when the enemy team isn't expecting it or to teleport into a teamfight right after you pushed a lane. It is also possible to get away from an enemy with this. It needs to be used very wisely (you need to wait until the enemy can't disrupt your Teleport with hard CC).

With proper warding, you can also Teleport on a ward in a lane bush to gank the lane with the element of surprise! This requires your allies to buy and correctly place the wards though. If you want to do this, you need to be looking at your lanes very often to see if a fight is going on. If you know you can Teleport in and make a difference, then do it.

Lastly, you can use Teleport to teleport onto a minion in a lane to countergank the enemy jungler. You need to watch your lanes carefully and when you see that the enemy jungler is ganking your team but your team isn't getting instakilled, you can teleport in and clean up. This is especially deadly if the enemy team was towerdiving.

''Not really'' choices:

Cleanse: Can be an epic summoner spell on Master Yi. One his greatest weaknesses is Crowd Control and this solve this problem a little bit. However, other summoner spells are more gamechanging because they will be more useful more often.

Ghost: Not necessary on Yi, he already moves fast enough. Also, Ghost will not allow you to jump over walls. If you want a summoner spell for chasing, take Exhaust or Flash....

''Just No.'' choices:

...Pretty much every other summoner spell.
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Double-Edged Sword This is the definition of Master Yi. Damage at the cost of being squishy. 2% extra damage for only one mastery point? Yes please.
Fury It's okay to put 4 points in this instead of in Butcher and Feast . Attack Speed is better than CDR on Master Yi.
Butcher Since you will be spending most of the game farming the jungle, this mastery is worth losing a bit of Attack speed.
Feast Really valuable mastery since you won't be getting any lifesteal until mid game. The extra bit of sustain really helps our fragile Master Yi in the jungle. Also helps Yi's mana issues a bit.
Brute Force AD is obviously a stat that you really want on Master Yi. There isn't any reason to skip this great mastery.
Martial Mastery Yes! More early jungling speed and overall damage! There's no reason not to get this, once again.
Executioner is perhaps the best Mastery for Master Yi. It helps him get his job done: finish off targets. This is a must-have.
Dangerous Game Not too amazing but pretty good nonetheless. I'd rather get this than Expose Weakness or Spell Weaving or Blade Weaving . Yi doesn't have any spell to keep these Masteries' effects up. No, Wuju Style does not work with any of those masteries.
Warlord Yi loves this! More damage for when he really shines: Late game!
Devastating Strikes for the much needed Armor Pen.
Frenzy is definitely great for Yi. You'll be building a lot of Crit chance so it's pretty easy to keep the stacks up and enjoy free bonus Attack Speed.
Havoc Nom nom nom damage.

I choose to use my 9 last points in the Utility tree because you can't get anything really interesting for Yi with 9 points in the defense tree and I play Yi for Damage, not tankiness. Even the Bladed Armor mastery in the defense tree isn't that good on Yi. Utility gives some really nice stuff on the other hand.

Fleet of Foot is definitely a mastery that you want to max out. A permanent movespeed boost is amazing on Master Yi. It lets him jungle faster and helps his overall chasing/escaping potential without his Highlander. Yi has the highest base movement speed in the game so he makes more use out of this than anyone else.

You can spend your last point in either Phasewalker , Meditation or Scout . All of these are pretty good on Yi. I like the improved recall for easier cheesy escapes when I'm split pushing.

Summoner's Insight probably one of the best masteries for Utility. 10% CDR on Summoner's is really big because summoner spells are gamechanging spells. Also, a lower CD Smite means there's a bigger chance you'll have it up when you need it (buffs, Dragons, Barons). More smites is also improved jungling speed :P.

Alchemist You will be buying a lot of Health Potions before you get your Vampiric Scepter. The extra healing on each pot helps a LOT... especially on your first run since Yi is so fragile. Definitely worth the single point.

Runic Affinity and when you thought the utility tree didn't have anything more to offer to junglers... Boom. 20% longer Blue and Red buffs. Inredible.
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Starting Items

Best Choice:

Hunter's Machete + 5 Health Potions:

These are standard starting items for junglers. In Season 4 it is kind of hard to jungle without those. Hunter's Machete just gives so much extra damage and the 5 Health Potions are just all necessary early game. I would start with this 99% of the time as a jungler.

Alternative starting items

[icon=scrying orb size=64
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Standard Items

''Essential'' early game Items:

Madred's Razors + Boots of Speed:

This is what you want to get as soon as possible. It's cheap and it makes you jungle fast and move fast. Everything you need to get the money in. You'll still need to buy a good bunch of Health Potions with this because you still have no lifesteal and Yi is squishy.

Wriggle's Lantern + Vampiric Scepter + Youmuu's Ghostblade:

Rush the Wriggle's Lantern. You want to get this item as early as humanly possible to make it worth buying. As soon as you get this, you will jungle really fast and jungling will give you much more gold. Master Yi should spend most of his early and mid game farming so getting this fits him very well. The lovely ward is also very useful to help your laners against ganks (since you won't be helping them much) or to keep yourself safe from invades by warding your jungle entrances.

Then you'll be glad to finally get a Vampiric Scepter. The sustain will let you stop sinking money into Health Potions and Lifesteal becomes a great combat stat around this part of the game.

Then aim for your first big damage item: Youmuu's Ghostblade!. It has cheap components and is easy to build up. The active of this item is what makes it so good. Once you have this, you can start having some real presence around the map. Since Yi's early game nerfs (mostly to his Highlander), the active from Youmuu's Ghostblade is nearly necessary. Youmuu's Ghostblade is just an all around amazing item for Auto attack reliant melee carries like Master Yi.

Core build:

Infinity Edge:

This item just goes way too well with Master Yi. It gives him the much needed burst he needs to be able to teamfight. It also happens to be one of the most cost efficient and powerful damage items for any purpose. It's expensive but it's worth the wait. You should also know that the Critical damage increase will work with your Alpha Strike and Statikk Shiv.

Statikk Shiv:

The lightning proc gives you that extra burst you need to quickly kill an enemy before anyone can react. Also, when you use Alpha Strike, the distance you travel will count as movement and charges your Statikk Shiv up. Master Yi also happens to be a champion that moves very fast and also attacks very fast so you can get a lot of lightning procs out of this item. It's also great to push lanes if you plan on splitpushing instead of teamfighting. Finally gives you that bit of AoE damage that goes well with your Alpha Strike for ultimate teamfight cleaning up.

Guardian Angel:

If you get this far into the game you might terribly be in need something to keep you alive. Staying alive for longer means you can deal more damage. There is a very high chance that the enemy will be focusing you hard right now so get this to make you're not useless.

But DarkPercy what if I'm not having trouble and I'm almost never getting killed? I wants moar damagez Q_Q.

k. fine. Other great items are listed below but your best bet is probably a Last Whisper by this point to counter the carries armor (they probably got a Guardian Angel or at least some armor to counter you) to make sure you can still burst them. You could get an other item but I strongly don't recommend getting another Attack Speed item because your attack speed will cap at 2.5 and you will be wasting stats and gold.
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Other Items


You can get Zephyr instead of Statikk Shiv if they have just too much CC and you have a relatively tanky build (at least one other defensive item to make tenacity worth it). It will cover up the lack of Tenacity because of no Mercury's Treads. crowd control really counters Master Yi so this item helps quite a lot. The bonus movement speed really is amazing to fly around the map. You should run faster than anyone without even having to use any skill/item/summoner spell. You will also be able to use your Highlander to run away and to kill tower more often. The only thing that sucks about Zephyr is that it gives less damage than a Statikk Shiv and it's more expensive.

Frozen Mallet:

The extra HP really helps Master Yi's low HP pool. If, somehow, enemies were still able to get away from you, this item will certainly solve the problem once and for all. However, it is pretty expensive and gives next to no damage so make sure you make good use of that slow...!

Black Cleaver
This item doesn't fit Master Yi at all. He will rarely ever get full stacks on an enemy and, even if he does, other items give him more damage. This item is much more powerful on AD casters.

Mercurial Scimitar
To get if one specific Crowd Control spell (such as Suppression Infinite Duress) is giving you a lot of trouble. Also good if the enemy has tons of magic damage.

The Bloodthirster
An amazing single target damage increase and a ridiculous amount of Life regen. Having a lot of lifesteal actually helps your survivability a lot and helps your 1v1 power as well as your capacity to stay alive in teamfights. This is probably my favorite lifesteal item. It's expensive though. Once it's late game, sell Wriggle's Lantern for it if necessary.

Blade of the Ruined King:
This is an absolutely amazing item on Yi. You can definitely sell Wriggle's Lantern for it late game. There are builds that focus around an early Blade of the Ruined King and they aren't bad, they just don't fit my playstyle.

This is item is great to take out high HP targets, to burst down enemies with the Active, to chase enemies that were somehow outrunning you, and to counter Thornmail. Overall a very strong 1v1 item. If you think you could really use the active or if you badly need to counter someone with a Thornmail, get this over Ravenous Hydra.

Ravenous Hydra
Since the rework this is a great item on Yi. Once again, there are builds that focus around an early Ravenous Hydra and they aren't bad, they just don't fit my playstyle. I only get this if I sell my Wriggle's Lantern late game. This item gives you ridiculous lifesteal and AoE damage for a very high cost. Great for AoE in teamfights and clearing minions quickly for split pushing. The active can actually reduce your damage output if not well timed between two attacks (which can be hard late game because you will have nearly maximum attack speed) so be careful with it.

Last Whisper
You can get it instead of Guardian Angel for even more #yolo tons of damage. Great to counter the armor the enemy carries are trying to get to stop you from bursting them down. It also somewhat counters Thornmail.

Warmog's Armor
If you're really sick of dying... This item gives a freaking TON of survivability. Be careful though, I really don't recommend getting Frozen Mallet AND Warmog's Armor at the same time on Master Yi. It's way too expensive and it will make you deal no damage. Don't take this item if the enemies have % of HP type of damage (example: Vayne's Silver Bolts or Kog'Maw's Bio-Arcane Barrage).

Atma's Impaler
Another possibility. I would only recommend getting this item if you got Warmog's Armor because otherwise you will not have enough Health to make this item worth its cost. Really good item if you need damage AND armor. Be careful though, Warmog's Armor + Atma's Impaler is a very expensive combo and will take a lot of time to complete, but once it's complete, it will be worth it. You should consider getting Elixir of Fortitude after finishing this item. Tanky Yi isn't too bad.

Phantom Dancer
You can take this item instead of Statikk Shiv if you feel like you terribly need the passive (go through units) because something keeps blocking you. It gives less burst than Shiv and probably also less DPS unless you stand still and autoattack an enemy standing toe to toe with you. Statikk Shiv is generally better.


I would only get Boots Enchantments as my last ''item''. They are, in general, not necessary and sometimes quite expensive. You may even just sell your boots for a Zephyr too.


If you want to outrun anyone without even having to use any Spells/Skills/Items you can get this. It will allow you to use Highlander and Youmuu's Ghostblade to kill towers instead.


Usually unnecessary but will give you even more movement speed when chasing an enemy. I really doubt you will need this.


Good to get if you just recalled and need to join a teamfight near your base really fast. Or if you really need to run to baron as fast as you can because it's up and the enemy team is about to try to get it. It's generally a very good pick if you need to defend your base, it allows you to catch enemies that were overstaying their welcome in your home.
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Ability Sequence and Explanation

Double Strike

Master Yi strikes twice every 4th consecutive attack. The second attack deals 50% of your attack damage, applies all on hit effects, can critically strike and counts as a hit for the counter of the next double strike.

A free steroid for Yi, what's not to love? You actually don't really have to pay much attention to this passive even though it's awesome. Just know that even though the animation clearly slows two hits, you can still treat it as one normal attack (you don't have to wait before the animation of the second hit starts before you start moving again).

When jungling, if you're about to hit a monster with almost no Health left, try not wasting your Double Strike on it, use your double strike on a full health monster instead then use a regular attack to finish off the monster you were about to kill.

Alpha Strike

Master Yi becomes untargetable and jumps to up to 4 nearby enemies dealing 25 / 60 / 95 / 130 / 165 (+100% of attack damage) physical damage to each unit hit as well as 75 / 100 / 125 / 150 / 175 bonus damage to minions and monsters.
This skill can critically strike dealing (+60% of attack damage) bonus physical damage. Basic attacks lower alpha strike's cooldown by 1 second.

This ability makes Master Yi a good jungler.

You need to max this first as it is your main ability to do... everything pretty much (close distance between you and enemy champions, kill minions, kill monsters, create distance between you and enemy champion, etc). Don't even think about maxing Wuju Style or even Meditate over this. This ability just gives you too much damage.

When ganking, try not to use Alpha Strike right away, make use of your element of surprise, run up to your enemy to autoattack him. If possible, try to use Alpha Strike only after your enemy has used Flash. You will catch him again and hopefully kill him!

As Phreak mentions with his champion spotlight, with very careful timing it is possible to dodge spells with Alpha Strike since you become untargetable for a split of a second. This is something you should really try to make use of when you're in a close 1v1 fight.

You may also, once again with very careful timing, follow enemies through walls if you use Alpha Strike WHILE they were using a jump/dash/blink to go over the wall. Here's an example:

Old video but the idea remains the same.

ONE LAST THING. As I mentioned, You become untargetable during Alpha Strike. That means if you are under an enemy tower hitting you and there are other available targets for the tower, using Alpha Strike WILL make the tower stop targeting you and hit something else instead. You may use this to let your ally get the tower's focus to ensure you don't die to a tower during a towerdive :P.


Master Yi channels, restoring 30 / 50 / 70 / 90 / 110(+30% of ability power) health per second. This amount is increased by 1% per 1% of health that Master Yi is missing. While channeling, Master Yi gains 50 / 55 / 60 / 65 / 70% damage reduction. This amount is halved against turrets.

Yes I almost always take this ability at level 3 or 4 because it's a fairly good sustain ability and it can allow you to make plays early by tanking an enemy's damage. It can also sometimes save your life. You only lose 1 point in Wuju Style which wouldn't have given you much anyway.

Late game this spell needs to be used carefully because while Meditating, you are not attacking things and that makes you rather useless unless you're tanking stuff. This spell may save your life quite often. It can be a great counter to channeled spells if you use Meditate right as the damage comes out. For example you can use Meditate right before a Nunu & Willump fully channels his Absolute Zero or if a Karthus is using his Requiem.

The damage reduction is HUGE late game. With careful timing, you can render useless almost any non-CC ability thrown at you. Generally, you want to attack things instead of using this but if you have to use it to stay alive, then do so.

Wuju Style

Passive: Increases Master Yi's bonus attack damage by 7 / 9 / 11 / 13 / 15%.

Active: Master Yi can activate this ability deal 10 / 15 / 20 / 25 / 30(+10/12.5/15/17.5/20% of attack damage) true damage per hit. Master Yi loses the passive effect of this skill while it's on cooldown.

This spell makes Master Yi such a monster late game when you invest a lot in Attack Damage. Tons of free damage for Yi yay. During the entire game, you need to be careful with this spell because activating it too early can REDUCE your own damage output. Make sure that when you activate this spell, whatever you were trying to kill will 100% die within the next 5 seconds. Having a great timing can be difficult sometimes and will come with experience. If you are insecure about it, know that activating this spell late (or even not activating the spell at all) is better than way too early.


Passive: Champion kills and assists reduce the current cooldowns of Master Yi's other abilities by 70 %.

Active: For 10 seconds, Master Yi gains 25 / 35 / 45% movement speed and 30 / 55 / 80% attack speed and becomes immune to slows. While active, kills and assists extend the duration by 4 seconds.

Very straightforward spell. The passive is what makes Yi such a clean-up champion and the main reason why it is a good idea to build Master Yi as a full out damage champion.

The active part makes you able to catch nearly anybody you want. Use it pretty much everytime you're trying to kill an enemy champion :P. You may also use it for the attack speed to kill towers/inhibitors faster if you think it's safe to do so. However, you might wanna save it for the movement speed to escape enemies that try to stop you from killing their towers :P. Also, it makes you immune to slows so do not be worried about that Ashe or Nasus or Nunu & Willump making you useless with slows, it won't happen :P.

With this ultimate activated, your Wuju Style and your Double Strike, simply by right clicking an enemy, you will do unmatched autoattack damage and no one should be able to escape you. Especially if you activated Youmuu's Ghostblade.

*TESTED* Highlander really does render Master Yi immune to ALL kinds of slows. This means Malphite's Ground Slam or Warden's Mail or Exhaust will not slow Yi's attack speed. :3
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Gameplay + Jungling (Update incoming)


Here's a video I made of the most used jungle route for junglers in Season 4 so far.

So basically the typical early game route for season 4 is usually

1. Kill your Blue or Red buff (whichever is closest to your bot lane) with the help of your team. Use smite to kill the buff.
2. Kill one small camp, either Wolves or Wraiths. Usually it's best to do the one closest to your second buff.
3. Kill your second buff (whichever you didn't kill yet) with smite.
4. Party. You may now choose to either go gank a lane, countergank the enemy jungler, or keep farming small camps.

However, this isn't the only way to start jungling. It's just the normal way to get things going.

The reason why you should start at the buff that is closest to your bot lane is because typically there will be two laners in the bot lane. That means you'll have more people to help you kill your first buff and it really helps junglers get going.

Important stuff about ganking:

First, make sure your gank will be worth the time used. Yi is very farm reliant and cannot waste much time. Unless the enemy really has very little HP left or if your laner has tons of Crowd Control, don't gank without Red Buff. You will Alpha Strike and autoattack the enemy once or twice, then the enemy will simply run away and you will waste your time. When you gank, try to make sure you will either kill the enemy or at least make him recall so he loses experience/gold.

Second, don't gank if you are too low on HP, even if your laner is crying for a gank. It is extremely humiliating to die to an enemy that you were trying to gank and to give them double buffs. You would feel stupid. Be especially careful about this when ganking middle lane since AP champions can burst hard...

Third, try asking your teammate if they know where the enemy wards are (so you can avoid them). If you walk on an enemy ward, the enemy will just back off and you will waste your time.

When you are going to gank, PING the enemy you are going to gank (multiple times if needed!). If your ally still doesn't get that you are ganking, then simply type ''Ganking X lane'' in the chat. Make sure your laner knows you are coming. Many ganks fail everyday because they are not well planned.

If your ally is a little smart, he will bait the enemy, he will start fighting him. When the enemy has used his spells, join the fight and clean him up!

If your ally insists that you initiate the fight because of some reason, then you have no choice. Run to the enemy with your ultimate and start hitting him. He will very probably Flash away and THAT's when you are going to use Alpha Strike on him to catch up. Then try finishing him!

You should definitely move between attacks if you are able to do that. If you don't know how, learn it asap :P.

If you know the enemy has a ward somewhere, then try to find a way to gank the lane without being seen by the Stealth Ward.

There are many different ways to gank lanes:


Coming Soon :3!

Mid Game:

You will do nearly the exact same thing that you did Early game except you jungle faster, your ganks are deadlier and you have to start controlling dragon.

Give your AP Carry the blue buff if he needs it. It's usually worth it. I personally like to get the first two blue buffs for myself and give the next ones to my mid laner unless he can't make use of it (Example: Katarina)

Get a Vision Ward if you want to camp a lane/clear dragon enemy vison. It's almost necessary unless you know the enemy really can't contest dragon.

You and your team should always watch dragon to control it when it's up. Please don't underestimate Dragon's value. It gives every member 200 gold and a bunch of experience. 200x5=1000 global gold. That's a little more than 3 champion kills!

Notice how I said ''Control Dragon''? Sometimes it is best NOT to try to kill dragon because the enemy team can gank you, steal dragon and kill your team... That's not good at all... If you want dragon, make sure the enemy team is not MIA (missing in action). Ward obvious paths to dragon, make sure your team is there and most importantly, make sure Smite is up so you can finish off dragon with it without any fear of losing it.

If you can't get dragon, simply defend it and deny the enemy team dragon.

Late Game

Funny video :3

Since Master Yi can suck in teamfights (their team counters you by having too much AoE ults or you aren't fed enough to kill enemies), what you want to do is push the **** out of everything that is on the map. Master Yi can easily push a lane and destroy towers really fast. What's better is that he's also great at 1v1 (if the enemy team sends someone to stop you) AND that he can run faster than a racing car (if the whole enemy team is coming to stop you from pushing).

When doing this, make sure you don't die too much. It's okay to die once or twice to kill an inhibitor or a nexus tower... but don't be a non-stop pushing bot. That's too easy to counter and not effective at all because the enemy team will become so fed they will destroy your team and anyone will beat you 1v1.

However, if Baron is up and the enemy team is not anywhere to be seen on the map, you should really stick with your team and try to contest baron.

If you see that your pushing attempts are not working at all, don't waste you and your team's time, stay with your team.


Master Yi is not an initiator, or an heavy utility champion with Crowd Control. All you can do is deal damage.

With this build, you are an assassin. You die fast but you can kill enemies fast as well. Your dream is to jump on a squishy, kill him really fast and then keep jumping on enemies one after the other with resets and get a Pentakill. In order to do that, you must not die because... well you can't attack when you're dead. That means you have to be veeeeeeeeery careful about your positioning and the time that you go in.

All you can do is use Alpha Strike, activate Wuju Style, Highlander, Youmuu's Ghostblade, and right click a target target. This combo will unleash heavy burst damage but you have to remember you can also die very quickly. If possible, try to target a target that is low on Health already or on a target that is really squishy (will die quickly). That way you will get your job done and makes your cooldowns refresh as well.

If no one on their team gets low HP for you to clean up AND you see that the enemy squishies are way too well protected because their support/tanks are doing their job of peeling extremely well, just try to kill another enemy. Basically, if you jump on the enemy carry just to get stunned and killed in a second, it's not good. So yeah, if the enemies carries are too well protected, most of the time the best thing to do is to kill the enemies that are trying to kill YOUR carries, while not being in the enemy carry's range. Yeah it's not easy to do at all but you can't do anything else or you will die.

In the best scenario possible, no one would focus you. This happens a lot in low elo/low levels.
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Jungling Tips

Timing objectives:

It is a great idea to note when Blue/Red buffs or Dragons/Barons will spawn back. That way you can make sure you will get it first. For example, Blue buff usually dies at around 2:10. That means it will come back at around 7:10. You can ward the enemy jungle earlier and go at the enemy blue at 7:10 to steal for example.

Here are the jungle respawn times:

Wraiths - 50 seconds
Wolves and Golems - 50 seconds
Red Lizards and Blue golem - 5 minutes
Dragon - 6 minutes
Baron Nashor - 7 minutes

Another tip: When you kill Dragon or Baron, look at the current time, add 6 or 7 minutes to that time (depending on what you just killed) and type in chat. That way you can scroll up in the chat box to see when it's gonna come back. Your team will be able to get ready to get it again/ambush the enemy. :)

-Move between attacks when you gank. Here is a video about moving and attacking:

This will allow you to get more autoattacks off on enemies. Giving you sometimes 2 times more damage when ganking.... This tip is actually very very good.

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Relatively New Player: Master Yi


This section is for people that are not level 30 yet :D. Jungling before level 30 is not such a good idea so I recommend you lane with Master Yi!

Master Yi is a great champion to start playing the game with! He is pretty easy to play and he is overly strong when people don't know how to play against him. He deals TONS of damage and usually can easily get a LOT of kills if played correctly.


Starting items:
Boots of Speed + 4 Health Potions
+ 4

This is great early game to chase/escape from anyone. The HP pots are nice to have too.

Vampiric Scepter
This should be your first goal. The lifesteal will give you health back when you attack minions, which will help you to stay in lane longer to get higher levels and more gold :D.

It's easy to build and it gives nice stats for early game for very little gold.

Berserker's Greaves
Very Cheap boots that will make your damage and movement speed very high early game.

Youmuu's Ghostblade
Very easy to build as well because of the cheap components. Youmuu's Ghostblade is Master Yi's favorite item because it gives him a freaking LOT of damage. Don't forget to activate the item to run and attack faster! You can press on the number on your keyboard that corresponds to Youmuu's spot in your inventory. Or you can just click on it in your inventory to activate it. If you always forget to activate this item, just skip it.

Phantom Dancer
More damage and movement speed. At this point you can just run faster than anyone very easily. Even though this item is very nice to have, it isn't always necessary to have.

Make use of all your attack speed and crit chance by getting AD and lifesteal. Upgrade your Vampiric Scepter to this and you will be able to gain all your health back simply by autoattacking a few times.

Frozen Mallet
If you've made it this far, you probably need to build some defense to make sure the enemy mages can't kill you instantly. Yi is very squishy and will get focused late game. Frozen Mallet's bonus Health will help you while still giving you some damage and an awesome passive that will make your enemies unable to go anywhere. (This helps your team to chase too)

Infinity Edge
The ultimate damage item. Very expensive but very strong. After getting this, if your enemies don't have too much Armor, you can easily do 1000 damage critical hits very often.

Last Whisper
If you didn't get Youmuu's Ghostblade or Phantom Dancer, you can get Last Whisper instead. Only get it you need it to counter an enemy's high armor. If you see many Thornmails on the enemy team, I really suggest you take Last Whisper and Bloodthirster.

Guardian Angel
I doubt any of you will get this item, but if the enemy team doesn't have much armor and you have enough damage and you still have a spot for another item.... Well this item is freaking amazing. You will be literally unstoppable. Guardian Angel makes you very hard to kill.

Furor Boots Upgrade
Buy this upgrade for your boots for even more movement speed when your build is over.

Early game:

Start the game with these items: Boots and 3 Health Potions. You will be able to chase/escape anyone.

Don't attack your enemies if they have too many minions around them, the enemy minions will attack you and deal a lot of damage (especially early in the game!) and kill you :/. You should try to kill as many minions as possible (you only get gold if you are the one that does the last attack that kills the minion). After a few levels, you can probably jump on your enemy with Alpha Strike and kill them if they get too close. Don't forget to activate Wuju Style when you are fighting the enemy champions.

Try not to waste too much mana to kill minions because it usually is not necessary. Save your mana for when it really matters: when you fight the enemy champions.

Use your Health Potions by pressing 2 or by clicking on them in your inventory. Use them when you need to get your Health back obviously.

Don't stay in lane in you are very low on Health, go back and press B to recall to base.

Mid game: Kill all the minions you see! Try to get as much gold as you can. When you have some damage and your Vampiric Scepter, you can kill the monsters in the jungle to get even more gold and buffs that will make you stronger.

Red Lizard buff: It makes your autoattacks slow the enemy and deal extra damage over time. Very very powerful on Master Yi.

Blue Golem buff: It reduces your cooldown and makes your mana regenerate faster. That's useful too.

Don't try to kill Dragon or Baron on your own, there are good chances that you will die to the monster or that you will get killed by the enemy team if they find you low on health.

Try killing enemies in all the lanes with your spells and autoattacks. Don't forget to always activate Highlander when trying to kill an enemy champion.

Late Game: Just kill everything that you see. Have fun.

About Runes: You should not buy until you reach at least level 20. Only buy tier 3 runes.

Masteries: The most important mastery to get is Summoner's Wrath . Other than that, just try to take as much masteries that give physical damage as possible.

Summoner Spells: When you get level 12 and you become a little used to Flash, you should take it instead of Ghost.

Go have fun!
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Game Scores

Feel free to send me your pics :D

(TookiTooki is my smurf account. Diamond ranked level as well)

Starting player having great success with The Master of the Wuju Style! :D

Umtglz's Pentakill game with Yi!:

Smudgdge's Yi games

Tehr playing Yi

I will add more and more with time, feel free to send me your game scores with this build and I will put them here :D
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Thanks for reading my guide! Feel free to comment and/or ask questions in the comment section below!

I hope you enjoyed this guide and that you are ready to go dunk nooblords with Master Yi! huehuehue

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