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Braum Build Guide by MacWendt

AD Offtank The Best Defense is A Good Ofense- CONFIRMED -Braum Top

AD Offtank The Best Defense is A Good Ofense- CONFIRMED -Braum Top

Updated on February 22, 2016
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League of Legends Build Guide Author MacWendt Build Guide By MacWendt 11,276 Views 1 Comments
11,276 Views 1 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author MacWendt Braum Build Guide By MacWendt Updated on February 22, 2016
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My friends, I welcome you all to the True Men's Braum Guide. I made this guide to show you the potential of an ad offtank Braum Top.
This is going to be a short and simple guide, showing only the necessary.
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Schemes and Strategies

My friends, this is the important part, this is the part that teaches the schemes and strategies that any True Man should know. You must try to use the following strategies the best way possible according to your situation.

FIRST, Always remember to stay close to your minions, you are their Main Man and they will protect you. (Use W on minions to engage or fall back, or in yourself during a trade)

SECOND, The engage technique is simple: if your enemy is scared behind his minions, fall back to your mage minions, letting your enemy go to your front line minions and jump on them with W, punch your enemy and try to stack the passive.

THIRD, Braum's Q is your second main damage tool. Use it wisely, if you see that your enemy will try to fall back before you stack Concussive Blows, land the Q to complete the third stack of the passive, cause it resets autoatacks, and slows your enemy so you will always stack your passive.

FOURTH, Braum's E is your main trade toll after the passive, and you must use it wisely, beware champions who have skills to jump to your back (yasuo, riven, fiora, etc.), so use it after their dash skills.

FIFTH, Braum's ultimate us very useful in the top, use it on 1v1 for the damage and CC, or for disengage the enemy jungle.
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This is one of the main reasons why I play Braum top, the variety of combos you can perform for amlmost every situation, for defense or attack. Once you get used to the combos and using them with agility it gets pretty easy. The following comobs are the most used and most simple.

- W|auto|E|auto|Q|auto...

- W|auto|E|auto|Q|auto|R|auto

You must adapt and use them when and however your True Man instincts tell. It comes with practice, for True Men never give up.
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This build is for those who seek a challenge, cause rarely it is an easy lane, but it is also fun to play, and when you win, you are going to snowball like a True Man, and can even carry games.

Your feedback is always important for improving, Enjoy.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author MacWendt
MacWendt Braum Guide
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The Best Defense is A Good Ofense- CONFIRMED -Braum Top

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