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Shaco Build Guide by MrJesterMan

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author MrJesterMan

The Demonic Jester Shaco!

MrJesterMan Last updated on August 12, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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The crit strike master what to do when shaco.

What to do when Shaco first you wanna get your yummy red buff easy to get with your turrets. start placing at 1 min. Don't use your smite on red because your turrets will finish them off quickly. Go to the wraiths next again don't use your smite yet. Now look for gank top or mid if no potential go to you blue get it and use your smite now. Then take your wolves, after taking that look for gank opportunities and try to pick up that first blood initiate with q, after hitting your q bonus crit and your passive from behind place your turret in the direction they need to go. Finally use your E to slow them and secure that kill. once you go back get some wards and steal there blue/red then solo dragon with ult because your shaco and your a bad ***. Then get all the crit you can and assassinate those adc's. Remmember though your squishy so don't over extend if you need to turret dive pop that ult for protection under turret. This is my first guide so im not gonna go into to detail but please give it a like if it works for you, and if you have better ideas please tell me why there better and what it improves and i might feature your ideas when i update.

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The lantren is a standard early jungling items simply helps you clear faster.

These boots are perfect for getting around fast wich helps you stay ahead of the enemy jungler. Put some home guard on and your good to go.

Statikk shiv can be used with his hallucinate so this is a perfect item add the crit and your unstoppable.

or This is usually around the time i switch out my lantern for either frozen mallet or blade of the ruined king. the Both are very viable i usually get the frozen mallet if i'm not doing very good and i need more health. Both are great for catching enemies

This stacks very well with his crit ability and as well as give him huge damage potential.

This will make you have a huge amount of crit damage allowing you to burst down enemies plus will also give you a large amount of attack speed as well. This will also increase your speed and allow you to move through enemies increasing your chase potential.

or Should be your late game items both are very viable as the guardian angel can save you from dangerous situations that a squishy assassins must deal with. If you're doing good though i highly recommend the Hydra as it stacks with your ultimate making him do AOE damage as well.

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March! March! March! and Crit! Crit! Crit!

You always wanna pull of that amazing crit hit with shacos passive 20% extra damage from behind his Q (120%-220% extra damage on hit while activated) and more crit from items, like IE SS PD this will maximize your damage!

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Your Q get away or get close you're to sneaky for most. Except Lee Sin (sta

Because of your Q you don't need a flash to gank although sometimes handy versus snares. i would rather secure kills. because a fed shaco is a deadly shaco. also remember to that if your Q will go through walls that are bigger then your Q range. You should experiment with the walls to find what ones you can jump and where. His Q makes him VERY STRONG! for ganking, counter jungling, and stealing dragon or baron with a well placed smite and jack in the box to fear your enemies for an escape.

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Your W those jack in the boxes are to scary!

What makes Shaco unique is he has the only CC AOE fear that can work on champions! if you can sneak around them fear them all and destroy there adc, then you have pretty much have won your team a team fight. (unless you're playing solo queue they'll still find a way to die) When your ganking place it ahead of where your enemy has to go, to fear him back to you for easy easy easy kill, and then march march march away!

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Stab their eyes with your E! The jokes on you!

Your E is your finisher/slow for extra security on that kill and you can ks real hard with this if you want. Your an ******* clown so you might as well. You can also deal significant damage with your as it stacks ad and ap. Its good for a secure turret kill as well.

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His Ultimate hallucinate creates a mirror image of you for so long depending on lvl he does 75% damage and take 50% more damage when he dies he blows up dealing a certain amount of magic damage based on lvl. His ult is very good for soloing harder enemies and escaping as well as turret diving.