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League of Legends Build Guide Author Aqua Dragon

The Easiest Way to Smurf to Level 30

Aqua Dragon Last updated on November 5, 2017
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The Author

Aquaired Skillset

Hi! I’m Aqua Dragon. I reached Master 1 with AD Jungle Malzahar, and have written guides for each of my champions.
You can watch these champs over at !

I've made a short 2-minute version of the method if you want to get to the meat.

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The Steps

Smurfing made Easy

Step 1: Enter Coop vs. Beginner Bots.
Step 2: Pick an ADC, preferably Ashe. Call Mid. Duo mid is okay.
Step 3: Buy a Longsword. Walk to Mid. Wait for minions.
Step 4: Attack-move toward the nexus. When dead, buy Vampiric Scepters.
Step 5: Repeat Step 4 until you win.

That's it.

It takes approximately 60 games at roughly 25 minutes each, with both boosts, to accomplish this.

This will accomplish several things.

Though the mid bot will become quite strong, it largely stays only at mid lane and won't wander off to help other lanes as long as you constantly pressure. This makes it so that even though you will die often, your teammates will not have any real harder time winning the game. The only time the mid bot will wander off is if your teammates are sufficiently strong to kill it. In addition, most of your deaths will be to towers, not to the bots themselves.

The towers at mid lane will start falling fairly rapidly when mid-game arrives, or the aggro of other nearby bots will be drawn to mid and make it easier for teammates to push their lanes. Either case speeds up the process.

Certain ADC's are able to net kills or assists even while attack-moving this way. Some can also occasionally use their abilities to help other lanes from far away, like Ashe's ult.

If the bots start ever get too much of an edge, it becomes simple to intervene momentarily to kill all of them. Beginner bots, even when fed, are extremely easy to kill even when somewhat behind because they spread out their abilities so much. With vampiric scepters and exhaust, it becomes trivial to kill even fed bots. In the 80 or so bot games played this way however, I only had to intervene once, acing the fed bots for the team.

As a final note, you can't be punished for not trying very hard, especially if you still do better than everyone else despite the lack of effort.

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Time spent vs. Time SPENT

The most important thing to note is that this is not the fastest way of smurfing. It is, however, the easiest and is extremely sustainable, customizable, and is not time-intensive.

While the ADC is moving toward the enemy nexus, you can watch a movie, play other games, read a book, or finish homework all while the smurf is leveling up. Unlike normals, full attention is not required.

As stated earlier, this largely will not make the game harder for your teammates. The mid bot will stay in lane as long as you keep pushing. If it leaves, you will take turrets pretty quickly. If needed, you can intervene and help anyone who is struggling, though it is extremely rare for people to have any difficulty.

In addition, out of all the games played this way, teammates often expressed confusion at the method, but when the goal was clarified, 99% of people were completely fine with it. If a teammate does ask you to stop after clarifying, CEASE. You are not trying to frustrate your team.

You can use this method even after you receive level 10+ EXP reductions. Even with reductions, the daily Beginner Bot bonuses provide 300 XP from a 20 minute game with a 4x exp multiplier. This makes it fairly comparable to spamming Normal games, especially considering losing Beginner Bots is practically impossible.

The method will take a couple of games more than playing Normals, but it also will require hours less of actual attention, allowing you to multitask and spend less time smurfing even if the time spent is technically longer.

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Tips to Speed Things up

More Effort for Less Effort

It is recommended to kill the mid bot twice before starting the steps. This will allow the ADC to routinely kill the bot very easily while requiring only a few extra minutes of attention.

The best summoner spells to use are Exhaust and Ghost. Exhaust allows for a quick intervention to kill bots, especially early. Ghost allows the ADC to catch up and kill running bots without significant effort.

It helps to buy a full set of Tier 2 runes. Filling up the whole rune page requires a fairly meager 30 IP. Good Marks to get are Attack Speed with Quints of Lifesteal. Any defensive Seal or Glyph are acceptable.

The best champion to use is Ashe, as their slowing arrows will regularly net kills and assists on other bots as they come to help. In addition, Ashe's ult allows for a quick intervention to kill nearby bots or to help teammates with their lanes. However, ultimately any ADC will work. Vayne and Tristana are good second choices for the method.

It's a good idea to finish your Tier 2 boots after the first vampiric scepter to more easily kill bots, along with shortly following up with the Furor boot enchantment.

Spamming Vampiric Scepters is a good way to keep your ADC alive for a long time even while walking down the lane, as it will sustain through attacking minion waves and against most bots when mid-game arrives. A standard ADC build will work as well, but is more prone to dying to minion waves by comparison.

Help out teammates if needed! You want to minimize the burden you're putting on your teammates. If you notice that the bot is causing an inconvenience for you teammates, spend a few minutes helping them out, especially if they are new to the game. Fortunately, the mid bot will largely stay at mid and won't inconvenience your teammates. If it does, intervene.

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Thanks for reading the smurfing guide! It was fun to write and I hope you will be able to benefit from more easily reaching level 30, especially when there isn't full attention and time to devote to playing Normals.


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