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Volibear Build Guide by TehSeekah

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League of Legends Build Guide Author TehSeekah

The Feral Spirit: You should Fear it

TehSeekah Last updated on February 14, 2012
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Volibear, is an unstoppable meat mountain who will stomp you. With his teeth.

One of the things I cannot stress enough, tanks build to counter. You cannot have a "set" build as any tank, EVER.

In this build I focus on Volibear's strength's. Everybody seems to think that Volibear is a bad tank because his passive can be ignited.

What really makes me raise my eyebrows, is he's a tank. You want them to ignite you, so they don't ignite your carry, support, or someone else.

The only thing I don't understand is.. He has GREAT damage output, good CC (Throw and AOE slow) and he can harass the entire enemy team at the same time, similar to Rammus' ultimate.

So anyway, this is how I build Volibear. I recently decided to make this build, because the thunder called.

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Alright so for runes you see I don't have quintessences of alacrity. Not Vitality either.

But instead

Greater Quintessences of Endurance.

greater Quintessence of Endurance

Alright so my logic behind this..

Greater quintessence of vitality
These puppies give 48 health each, at level 18.

So 144 health in total.

1.5% + 1.5% = 3% + 1.5% = 4.5%

3000 health we will get 135 health
4000 health we will get 180 health
5000 health we will get 225 health
6000 health we will get 265 health

Greater Marks of alacrity

These aren't needed, but they help a lot. I've had times where enemies just barely get away before a bite, simply because I couldn't land 3 hits in time. Harass can be that fast.

A good replacement would be, on lookie that, more health. Magic resist would suffice as well.

For seals, we take 4.5 % increased health.

Greater seal of endurance

Greater seal of endurance

the greater seal of vitality gives roughly 171 health at level 18. All of them together.

at 3000 health 4.5% gives 135 health. We will easily pass 3000 health. at 4000 health we will get an extra 180 health. We don't want to stop here.

At a heaping 5000 health we will get 225 health from 4.5% increased health. Not bad eh?

For Glyphs magic resist.

Greater Glyph of Shielding

This is just my opinion, but per level is better. You start with higher magic resist, so you'll even out better by taking per level.

Greater Glyph of Warding

This will help you if you're laning with someone who outputs magic damage very constantly. Like Soraka.

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Offensive points

3 points in because it syncs so nicely with your W passive. Attack speed and attack damage going together.. Sounds weird doesn't it?

That W ability of yours. The reason people think you're insanely overpowered. The reason you can nuke people. This attack speed right here, won't help it much, but it will help a little.

Pretty self explanatory, but if you must know we don't have anywhere better to put this point.

Defensive Masteries

Oh boy Volibear's bread and butter!

To help your heal spell. This will not only benefit you, but any teammates near you. It's worth the point.

3 points here, some magic resist. Helps early game, or so I'm told.

3 points here, some magic resist armor. Helps early game, or so I'm told.