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League of Legends Build Guide Author xxIAMLEGENDxx

The Forbidden Kingdom Wukong (AD tanky guide)

xxIAMLEGENDxx Last updated on August 21, 2012
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Welcome to my 4th build guys! I am still hoping that someone can help with me the problem i have which is I am not so sure on how you really add photos on a chapter, all i see is asking for an image url and so i paste it there, however nothing comes out anyway. It will be great if you guys can help with me that. I am fairly new to mobafire so yea.

So wukong is basically an ad champ, which you can build quite tanky too and i find the best results from him using this build, so please read each chapter carefully so as you understand why i buy a specific item etc.

Now let's get to it.

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Masteries are the same all over again. If you are an AD, you would get masteries involving AD so get the one with critical strike, more damage and attack speed. you obviously wouldnt want to get an ap for a champ that is AD.

I use 9 utility because i usually get red, so then my runic affinity will increase my red buff for 20% longer which is a very great boost. Red buff is very beneficial for wukong and it is a must have for him. I also want to take the 4% speed from there, it might not seem like a lot but I do enjoy having more movement speed for chasing and of course running away. I also get 10% less death time, you would obviously want to respawn as soon as possible once you die.

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Believe it or not, champs cannot really do well without their items. But of course you need to get the right items to do well too. For wukong, this is how i always go with him and i always find it more successful using this build.

To start us off get your boots and 3 potions.

Finish your boots of speed with the ionian boots of lucidity. I mainly use this for the cooldown, but berseker's greaves and mercury treads are other good boots you can get for wukong.

Next on you would want to get zeal mainly for the critical, attack speed and the movement speed. make sure you DO NOT upgrade this to a phantom dancer because we are trying to build a trinity force.

Next comes the B.F. sword. This almighty sword gives you a 45 attack damage boost which is a lot in early games. If you are fed, you will find that you will get your B.F. sword very early in the game.

Next you build your phage, a nice item for health and slows. You would obviously want to not die too quickly, and you would also not want your enemy to escape so phage is the way to go to prevent them from running. i suggest that you dash to them, slow them down with a hit and then finish them off with your ultimate.

Next you finish your phage, and get the frozen mallet. A very great item for wukong that you must have, the 700 health and 40% slowing of the movement basically gets you easy kills and at the same time quite tanky already! The good thing about the mallet is it's already like an exhaust if you think about it, it slows them down by 40% since wukong is a melee champ

Now finish your b.f sword into the infinity edge. This gives us the edge on to finish your enemy in a matter of seconds!

Now you might be thinking wtf another phage? does that mean your getting another mallet? the answer is no, i am getting phage again because i am building trinity force. So you basically just finish that build up and move on to the next one.

Next up is the last two items. Here it depends on the situations. I dont get atma's or blood thirster 5th always at the same time. i always look on the situations I am in. If the other team is full of AD champs, you would want to go with atma's first. But if you find your opponents are basically squishy or you feel confident, then get the blood thirster and again one of those AD items that you must have. Not only that you get 60-100 and 12-20% life steal, it's basically a deadly item that your enemy must watch out for!

Other Items you could use:
-You can get a madred's razors instead of the trinity force. madred's would be a very nice 40 attack damage and attack speed with it's unique of dealing 4% bonus damage to your opponent based on their maximum health. Now that's awesome!

-Banshee's Veil is an item you shouldn't forget. Now you get this if your up against quite a lot of AP enemies but however, I usually just get this if only I get annoyed by them.

-Warmog's armor again, those items that can save your life and make you even tankier. If you would want a warmog's armor, i would suggest on getting rid of atma's because i find that it would be the less important of all of them.

-Last whisper another good item. 40 attack damage and 40% armor penetration. Great Stuff.

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Skill Sequence

I always get nimbus strike first. I just always start off like this and I find it more successful. I usually just get this because i try to aim to get first blood most of the time. But once you level up get decoy. It will save your life once you get ganked very early. But just carry on and make sure you max either nimbus strike or crushing blow first and make sure you max your ulti straight ahead at 6,11 and 16.

My Combo is Q+E+R
or if you want to harass Q+E+W

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Summoner Spells

For summoner spells, I always get flash and ignite.
Flash is great for chasing and running away and ignite is just one of the best if you want to finish a champion running away. Sometimes, every now and then you would come across invulnerable champs especially tryndamere, in a 1 v 1 fight i've tried this before we both had full build i won but however after he used his endless rage ulti i couldnt do anything but just end up dying however anyway i killed him too thanks to my ignite. You can also use this on kayle and many more. Make sure you also check your opponent's items. I make mistakes where i see a champ with low health and i flash and ignite them but they have guardian angel. You basically just die because usually the enemies are close to their teammates.

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Pros / Cons

-Decent farming
-Ultimate is good can knock up enemies
-good in team fights
-can escape and chase well
-Strong damage output

-Can't do well without items
-easy to harass if against ranged champs
-nimbus strike dashes forward to an enemy which means you sometimes can be careless and end up finding yourself in front of 3-4 other enemy champs. Make sure you use decoy and run away straight away.

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Creeping / Jungling

Wukong can jungle but it's better if he lanes. Just make sure you get your red and have the runic affinity buff. Red is a very big boost to wukong and basically every AD champ.

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Team Work

Make sure you initiate well and play smart and aggressive. Make sure you call mias, tell your mates to back off if you know an enemy champ(s) are approaching them. For wukong in a team fight, it's great to use his ulti because it deals quite some damage and it can knock enemies up to. You only run away from a team fight if you are very low in health. You don't run away in a 5 v 5 team fight and you have like 3/4 health remaining. You are just letting your teammates down if you are doing that. If an enemy champ is chasing your teammate with low health make sure you just come in for him and save him. If you think you can beat the enemy chasing then why not?

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Unique Skills

Wukong has great skills.
Nimbus Strike dashes forward and crushing blows does increased damage and lowers the armors of enemies. Not only you can harass them with this, but you can also use decoy simply by running away or when you do the combo. Cyclone might not look strong, but it actually is.

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When you are solo top, against a ranged and a tank or a ranged and an AD, make sure you play carefully and do last hits on minions. You wouldn't want to just stand there and hit minions and let the ranged keep harassing you. that way, you'll just eventually run out of life until they can basically ulti you or jusr chase you down. Sometimes it's hard to manage solo top, you just have to play safe and tactically and make sure your jungler checks top every now and then and ganks. I always last hit minions as much as possible, it's just a great way to get cash faster.

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Overall wukong is a beast champ. I really do like him and i think i do most successful with him using this build so i recommend you try it out! if it doesn't work out for you, just keep trying. You cant do anything when you have a bad team. Always happens to me... I play solo and i have the noobiest idiots.... and while the other is just full of level 30s. Lol and their matchmaking... great stuff lol anyways Hope you guys enjoyed this build, please vote and also anyone who can help me with the insert pictures into the chapter problem would be great!

Peace y'all have a good day

PS: If you want to play with me, just private message me. I am a good teammate to have.