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Lee Sin Build Guide by xxIAMLEGENDxx

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author xxIAMLEGENDxx

The Blind Monk - Complete Season 3 Jungle Guide

xxIAMLEGENDxx Last updated on January 9, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



Offense: 9

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Introduction to The Blind Monk Guide

Hello all, this guide was specially made from a request from my friends as well as the blog post about which champion I should do next. This was a birthday special guide I decided to make for my birthday and I thought since my birthday is the 31st of December and it's new years then why not make one. So, majority said and voted Lee Sin so here is my Lee Special Birthday Guide! Well I'll try and make it as special as possible and I hope you guys really enjoy this. Yes I spent a little bit of time actually making it on my birthday. My main goal is to give you guys the best that I can on every guide that I make possible. I promise on not making guides on champions which I haven't played a minimum of at least 30 games. Take note I don't upvote my own guides using smurfs just so I can get a high rating, I used to do it which is why I archived my other guides. It's against mobafire rules. So now what I like to do is ask people to preview it for me and see what they think of it. This way, they can tell me their own personal opinions and if I did a slight error on one chapter/section. If I did let me know!

This will be my 7th active guide in mobafire, 9 overall but archived the rest because I didn't make it as nice as possible (I used to suck at bbcoding) and again, what I said above. So my archived guides didnt look as appealing.

Anyways moving on to the guide, this is actually one of the most worked on guides that I've done out of the total 10 i've done in mobafire. It really did take a lot of effort doing this, and I made this specifically because I wanted to give you guys what you wanted. The guide I will be showing you right now would be the most success i have with when I play Lee Sin and the things I have learnt when playing him. I've played over 70 games with Lee Sin , including Normal games, ranked games, bot games and custom games. I'll occasionally be updating this guide. It'll be great if you can leave constructive feedback. Again don't forget we all have our opinions on masteries, runes and item choices. So do not rely on looking at them alone.

Take note: This is a 5 v 5 Jungle Guide.

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A Short Overview Of Lee Sin

The Blind Monk

Assassin, Melee

Lee Sin is a jungler and top laner, which works efficiently when dominating the early game. Lee Sin is well known as well for his high mobility and his various ways to escape. He is more of a chain combo champion, meaning in order to do the Q > E combo, you must land Sonic Wave / Resonating Strike first before you can use Tempest / Cripple directly in front of the enemy. However, he doesn't require to do this combo all the time, but this is the main common one that everyone should use and practice. Lee Sin has one of the strongest early games, and his ganks are exceptionally effective. He may however, can fall out behind if he can't get any successful ganks.

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Why Play Lee Sin?

Lee Sin is mostly famous on being jungler most of the games and can also be chosen as a top-laner. The difference between these 2 roles are different especially because during laning phase, Lee Sin actually has pretty strong sustain and ganking him is also pretty hard because of his abilities to easily escape. However, for me the number one most important thing for a jungler is CC. Junglers with no CC are really not preferable because it makes ganking a little bit harder. Any CC, regardless of what it is will definitely give your whole team a boost. It makes ganking a lot more successful and easier especially when your for example top laner has no CC at all. Fiora. This is just a prime example, but Lee Sin is definitely in the category of the strongest early champs as well as the top junglers. Of course there has to be a reason for this.
> Lee Sin is technically a very mobile champion
> His tools are incredibly awesome and unique!
> Sonic Wave / Resonating Strike + Tempest / Cripple is a really effective combo, especially when mastered.
> Can escape in various ways as well as chase people down.
> Has a knock back/up, a slow and an ally shield.
> Can sustain pretty well in the jungle and in laning phase.
> Really strong early game, ganks are effective
> Master his skills, master the enemy and you're all set!

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Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage

Greater Mark of Attack Damage

Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist

Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage(3) Provides 6.75 AD You need 3 of these, really great on helping you clear out the jungle camps faster. This is my personal favorite and works well with Lee, however you can mix in some Armor Pen and Attack Speed if you wish. Also, Lee can get Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed but I mean really, he's mobile enough. I suggest you get those for Amumu, Maokai etc.

Greater Mark of Attack Damage (9) Provides 8.55 AD Now you need 9 of these again, because they're the typical AD marks, which is again really great for Lee Sin. The 15 AD you receive from this and your quints will really help you out on the jungle and of course, increases Lee's physical damage dealing abilities by a slight amount.

Greater Seal of Armor (9) Provides 12.7 Armor You really want to have these runes on with Lee Sin because first of all, these help you in taking less damage from the jungle camps. These again grant you really good armor especially helpful for early game situations. 12.7 may also not seem much, but it's still armor and it's great for particularly any AD related type of champion or ability.

Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist (9) Provides 24.3 MR at Level 18 Again these are good, generally for any type of AP. These are really good because it scales late game, and Lee Sin kind of scales down a little bit late game. Not really huge though. We're just talking about people like Irelia , Karthus or Ryze. Their late game is rather strong.

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It's best taking the 9-21-0 masteries or the 0-21-9 masteries. So you ask why 0-21-9 mastery? Lee Sin doesn't need blue right? Correct. He doesn't heavily require it but you do take these masteries when your AP mid is manaless like Katarina. However, you can still give it but it's not really the best idea because AP mid is one of the fastest to level up, and you wouldn't want to give up that xp especially if you're really falling behind or if you can't get successful ganks up. However for most case scenarios, it's always 9-21-0. What's really great about this is Summoner's Resolve which provides you with 10 gold every smite use. Adding to this the extra health you take from Veteran's Scars and of course Juggernaut . So I suggest you use this all the time, and just have a back up 0-21-9 mastery page. These also work for people like Maokai and Amumu , they don't need the 9 points in offence.

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Skill Sequencing/Combo

Note: These are Lee Sin's Abilities, Simply drag your mouse to the photos below for the description of each ability

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

Q > E (Basic Combo)
Q > W (Easy Harass in Lane, Dash to opponent and W straight back out to ally/ minion for safety)
W > E > Q > R ( Dash to an ally, slow enemy and then finish with Q and R)
Q > R > Q > E (Lock in the target with Q, knock back and then dash to them, slow)
Q > W > E > R (Mark with Q, W to a ward or ally, Q to the opponent, Slow, finish with ulti)
Q > R > Q > E > W (Mark target, knock back , Q to the opponent, Slow, W when necessary to ally/ward)

Level 1: Always start with Tempest / Cripple or Sonic Wave / Resonating Strike
Level 2: Get one of the above, depending on which you unlocked first.
Level 3: Always get Safeguard / Iron Will , whatever you didn't get at level 1 and 2.

Here are my thoughts on the reason on unlocking each ability first:

At level 1, you shouldn't unlock anything yet until the 1:38 mark. Reason being is because for the cases of counter jungling. If you insta-unlock Q, and get counter jungled, you basically have no way of escaping at all. Where as if you take a look at the situation, and then you saw the counter jungling coming and your trapped this is when it's best to instantly take W. This way, you can try your luck and dash to your ally as fast as possible. However, always ask for a leash if there was no counter-jungling cases. If so, start with Tempest / Cripple. Next must be Sonic Wave / Resonating Strike
So why? You want to clear out the jungle camps as fast as possible. So once you've finished doing golems and wolves ( I always start blue ) you immediately go straight to wraiths camp. With this, this is when your Sonic Wave / Resonating Strike comes in handy. This is because you save yourself an extra 3-5 seconds simply by using this skill to get to the wraiths faster. I mean of course please hit it, there's no pressure on doing this.

W should be maxed lost because personally, Lee Sin on my past experiences has more success if you last this last. The reason why is because when you come to gank, you want your Q and E to deal heavy damage as well as slowing them for the longest amount possible. This is the reasoning behind me maxing Q and E together first. Adding to that, this is the normal combo that everyone uses. It is the easiest and it just takes practice to land Q. By the time you get this simple combo right, you're fine to go. Of course, there's a lot more into ganking with Lee, just like the combo examples I stated above in orange bold text. So you should still consider taking some points on W. I max it last, but that doesn't mean I am leveling them up on the last 5 levels. Your Q is surely to be maxed first, and then take some points on alternating Tempest / Cripple and Safe Guard / Iron will. This way, you'll have a mix of shield which is always good for allies as well as a good amount of slow.

Overall, it works best for me to max Q first and then followed by your E. Again this is for personal opinions. Just take note you alternate W and E at times. They both have their special uses A nice example is Safe guard / Iron will . Of course what this does is really to give a shield to your allies. Take note this is crucial on saving your allies too. Let's say they're on 175 health. When you W to them, as fast as possible you just saved them from dying from a tower hit. Tempest / Cripple each level has additional damage and movement slow reduction which is quite self-explanatory.

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Useful Starting Items

Hunter's Machete + 5x Health Potions are standard opening items for Lee Sin jungle. This is probably the starting and opening item for most or if not all junglers. The reason why this is good is because it helps you deal more damage to the jungle camps, which means of course a faster clearing time.

This is possibly one of Lee Sin 's best items especially early on this item is very dominant, and it's built from Hunter's Machete. This is beneficial as it grants life steal, AD , armor and a passive that has a chance to deal bonus damage to monsters. This is great for faster clearing, and don't forget it's ward as well used to escape or chase.

I really think Phage is going to be really useful for Lee Sin because it just grants him a higher chance of a successful gank mainly because of that sweet unique passive. Not only that though, it gives you really good early game combat stats of AD , health and of course that unique passive. Deadly with red buff.

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Beneficial and Optional Items / Spells

Lee Sin has a lot of other optional items. It's best to look at the situation that you are in. You maybe against many different opponents, ranging from tanks to bruisers to AP casters. Below here are some viable items for Lee Sin but also looking in depth to the situations. Take note that not all the photos I use below are necessarily the ones I use in my build. I place the top 3-5 items with description below, these are the items that are the most beneficial. The others are just optional.

Take note: The 5 items below each chapter are not going to be your final build either, along with the boots of your choice. These are just examples of beneficial and optional items for Lee Sin.

Very easily said to be the most used Summoner Spell. Flash is without a doubt a very useful spell, probably the best for almost any champ. It helps you escape, chase and chain some combos. You can also use this, to hit your knock back whenever you gank. If you do a successful flash, you successfully knocked the target back.
Smite is the number one spell that any jungler should take. This simply helps you overall on your clearing time on the jungle camps, and most especially an additional 10 gold from using this. What's also great about this item is to secure Dragons, Barons as well as easy as stealing the enemy's buffs when you have the vision on them.
Exhaust is a very underrated spell, it really comes in handy at times but a jungler with Exhaust is really great. This enhances ganking potential and makes it easier for you and your teammates to catch up and follow up for an easy kill. This is also good, especially when catching an enemy off guard and he can't do anything to escape.
We all know this is the most broken spell in the game and the most used as well. It deals true damage over 5 seconds and reduces healing effects. You can still take this with Lee Sin , but I still think Flash and Exhaust is going to be way more handy than this. I mean Ignite is more of a "kill assured" spell.

These boots give you 25 MR and a unique passive that reduces the duration of CC which is great for AP heavy teams and teams that have a lot of CC. These are the best to go with if you're in this situation. Also, you should consider getting this especially if you're having trouble against an AP caster or AP carry.

These boots personally don't give you any combat stats aside from movement speed alone. These are what we call "Speed Racer" boots because these give a ridiculous amount of movement speed. They're helpful for escaping and also chasing. This item is viable for Lee Sin , and increases his ganking potential.

These boots give you 25 armor and a unique passive that reduces incoming basic attacks from champions. These are great especially for AD heavy teams and bruisers. These are the best to go with if you're in this situation. You'll find this useful especially if the enemy team has a lot of AD bruisers/AD dealing abilities.
Bah... you're really taking this?!?!. I highly suggest you do not, it's just optional. Lee Sin really has better choices besides this boots because first of all, Lee Sin is already mobile and he doesn't need more constant movement speed. I know the 25% slow reduction is tempting, but please really don't buy this. Not the best for Lee.

This item was slightly changed in Season 3. These item now gives you 500 health and 70 armor. It used to give you 350 HP, 75 armor and 25 health regen per 5. What I really love about this item is the unique passive: Cold Steel and it's unique active. This mainly helps reduce the amount of attack and movement speed and also helps you when you're trying to escape or chase.

This item was slightly nerfed, as it used to give you a larger amount of armor and MR. However, it's unique passive was changed to 30% of your max health and mana. What I love about this item is simple baits just for like Darius' and Garen 's ulti. They always tend to to use it whenever you're on low and Guardian Angel is the best way to bait those.

Atma's is a very good substitute item for Lee Sin. This used to be a slightly better item until it was nerfed. However, really good item gives Lee more armor, 15% crit chance and of course AD based on your maximum health. I find this exceptionally good especially if you have alongside with you Frozen Mallet and Warmog's Armor. Overall beneficial item for Lee Sin.

This is very critical especially if there is about 4-5 AD on the other team. It gives a unique passive of returning back 30% of the damage in magic damage from basic attacks. Now take note, this is also especially helpful when you notice about 2-3 of the enemies bruisers or ADC are really fed. You'll really need these just to minimize the damage they deal.

This item is extremely helpful for AP heavy teams. It gives a huge amount of MR, and adding to that a free cleanse + a movement speed bonus for 1 second. Team comps like Nautilus Jungle , Zyra support, Anivia mid really help you against these kinds of situations. They all heavy CC that can shut you down before doing anything.

This is very critical especially if there is about 4-5 AP on the other team. It gives a unique passive of absorbing a shield that absorbs 400 magic damage for a duration. This is really good for bursty AP carries like LeBlanc. This will save you in a lot of ways. Adding to this, you also go into fights often and you gain increased damage based on your missing health.

The reason why this item is so good is because of the aura it gives. Really beneficial for your team and of course yourself. This item here gives a huge amount of 60 MR, the largest you can get in the game now and also adding 400 health and 30 armor. I know you wouldn't need the armor, but the 60 MR is really what matters here.

This item is not a bad item for Lee Sin at all especially because it gives you increasing MR every basic attack as well as attack speed and bonus magic damage for your basic attacks. This is really good for long team fights or 1 v 1 , especially because your MR increases in the fight as you hit basic attacks.

This is actually not a bad item at all, because it gives you a big amount of attack speed, CDR, AD and also a tenacity unique passive exactly the same as Mercury's Treads. Now take note, if you have this item, you wouldn't want Mercury's Treads along with you because it's almost just a waste of an item. (Same unique passive)

This item is extremely viable and useful for Lee Sin. This is really good because it deals true damage over 3 seconds depending on your level. Adding this with the red buff is an extremely strong combination, adding up to at least 100 true damage at level 18. Don't forget this item's health regen and butcher passive as well.

This is again a very viable item that can be a substitute for either The Black Cleaver or The Bloodthirster . What's great about this item it you have 10% life steal, and of course that unique passive of cleave, which makes your basic attacks deal 60% of your AD as AOE damage. Pretty sweet, and don't forget to activate this item's unique passive!

This is again one of the main substitutes for Lee. This item is useful especially against a pretty tanky team. This item is the new Madred's Bloodrazor of course only with no attack speed and armor, but you do get that unique passive similar to Bilgewater Cutlass. Again a good item for Lee Sin , take it against high health targets.

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In The Jungle/Understanding Items

The most important aspect here is understand the jungle and the items itself. We all know Lee Sin is a jungler and a viable top-laner. He's however used mostly jungle. This guide consists of a jungle guide only, so I am here to show you important things you should know inside the jungle.

So the main reason of jungling is to really kind of balance the way the game runs. Instead of having everyone lane, they created the Jungle. The main crucial point of Jungling is ganking. A jungler's job is to gank lanes. This is very important to the whole team as sometimes the Jungler can determine the outcome of the game. How? If the jungler constantly babysits bottom and keeps ganking there, there are more likely chances of killing ( 3 v 2 ) as well as getting the ADC fed. Jungling can also be tricky due to counter jungling or invasion. These are smart tactics, just to slow down the jungler's clearing speed as well as preventing them the XP, Gold and buff they need. Without these, they're going to have a hard time especially without buffs.

Jungling can also be tricky due to counter jungling or invasion. These are smart tactics, just to slow down the jungler's clearing speed as well as preventing them the XP, Gold and buff they need. Without these, they're going to have a hard time especially without buffs. Also, devastatingly when a single neutral monster is left in that camp, the respawn timer doesn't reset. So if you've got your Blue Golem stolen away from you, the opposing jungler left one baby lizard and you come back later to see it. That means you're going to have to kill this until the respawn timer of 5:00 minutes starts. If you leave it as it is, you'll never see your Blue Golem again.

Baron Nashor is the strongest and toughest neutral monster to kill in 5 v 5. It has a base damage of 460. However, he also has abilities which deal an enormous amount of damage. However when slain, grants the baron buff or Exalted with Baron Nashor. It provides 900XP and 300G to the whole team.

The Ancient Golem is one of the toughest jungle camps you will encounter in the jungle. It has a base health of 1500. This monster gives you primarily the blue buff or the crest of the ancient golem. This buff grants 20% Cooldown reduction and a high increase in mana regen. When slain, provides 72 Gold and 231 XP. These jungle camps have a 5:00 respawn timer.When counter jungling, leave a lizard.

The Elder Lizard is again one of the toughest jungle camps, it's quite similar to the ancient golem in terms of toughness but this lizard deals true damage over time. This gives you the Red Buff or The Blessing of the Lizard Elder when slain. This monster has a base health of 1500 health, provides 72 Gold and 210 XP when slain. These jungle camps have a 5:00 respawn timer. When counter jungling leave a lizard.

The Giant Wolf has a base health of 900. It attacks slightly faster than the Golems and the Lizards and also has a possible critical chance. When slain, this provides 25G and 128 XP. These jungle camps have a 1:00 respawn timer. When counter jungling, leave a wolf.

The Wraith has a base health of 750. It's one of the easier camps to clear out. When slain, provides 35G and 120XP. These jungle camps have a 0:50 respawn timer. When counter jungling, leave 1-2 wraiths.

The Big Golem is somewhat similar to the ancient golem, it deals heavy damage but attacks fairly slowly. When slain, provides 30G and 117XP. These jungle camps have a 1:00 respawn timer. When counter jungling, leave the small golem.

Dragon is a strong neutral monster that cannot be solo'd especially very early on. You must work as a team to slain the dragon. In doing so, provides 400 exp and 190G to all the people in the team. This has a 6:00 respawn timer.

Sight ward

This is the item you should always start off with, adding 5 Health Potions alongside you. The reason why you want this is because it helps you clear the jungles way more faster and this also builds into your Wriggle's Lantern. This item is probably the starter for most or if not all the junglers now due to the Season 3 Changes. There is no more Regrowth Pendant or Boots of Speed starting items.

So this is pretty straight forward for almost every single champ. You want to take that extra bonus movement speed because again it helps you in a lot of ways. First of all, during laning phase hels you escape ganks a lot easier. Adding to this is when the opponent initiates on you. Sometimes it's easy to tell he wants to fight you, but if you're not fast enough to let's say run away, you'll receive heavy damage.

Again, the best along to go with Hunter's Machete in the staring items. These mainly help you regenerate 150 of your health for each pot. The main point of this item is to give you more sustain in the jungle , so as you don't have to keep on recalling. Especially on the changes for Season 3 , it's always beneficial to have them alongside with you. This way you can continue jungling without having to always worry about your health.

This is personally one of the best items for Lee Sin without a doubt. This is basically helpful to clear out the jungle so much faster, have sustain and life steal and 30 armor. These grant Lee overall combat stats that are beneficial for him and he gets a free Sight ward which can be used according to what pleases you. Of course, you can save this, if you need a way to escape, or easily place these in traffic places in the map.

Sight ward This is one of Lee Sin's bestfriends. Any wards in particular are so good for him because of his Safe guard / Iron Will. This helps him on escaping, chasing and planning a gank. Don't forget the primary point of this item though, is to provide vision in the area where you place the ward. This is really crucial especially if you place this near the enemy jungler's jungle. This way, you have an idea of where they are and you can counter jungle.

Possibly also one of the best early game items early on, gives great amount of health which makes you look tanky as well as a good amount of AD, because it's very early on the game. Adding to this is it's slow unique passive. This is really great especially for your ganks because of that slow. Adding the unique slow passive, Tempest / Cripple with the red buff makes it even deadlier which means a higher success in ganks.

Here is an overview of where you can find each of these neutral monsters:

These are basic, but knowing the respawn timer of your own buffs/drag/baron are crucial

Here is an overview of the most important warding spots in the Summoner's Rift map (All Roles):

What you specifically want to ward is dragon and places near your jungle and also your opponents

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Counter Junglers and Ganking Potential

The Minotaur

Melee , Tank, Pusher

Ganking Potential : High
Chances of counter jungling : Low
Counters : Vayne , Olaf , Janna
Counter Mechanics : True damage, Magic Resist
Detail : Alistar can mainly be played support and jungle. However when he jungles, he has some strong points and some weak points. His strong points is his high ganking potential. His strong CC and combo makes his ganking very effective but Alistair would rarely counter jungle you. If he did then, safely steal some of his too and protect yours. A simple ward from Wriggle's Lantern will help save your red buff.
Shurelya's reverie

The Sad Mummy

Melee , Tank

Ganking Potential : High
Chances of counter jungling : Low
Counters : Shyvana , Olaf , Darius
Counter Mechanics : Stealing Blue Buff, Movement Speed and Magic Resist
Detail : Amumu has a pretty low chance of counter jungling with very high ganking potential. Amumu doesn't really spend much time focusing on stealing enemy camps however, he may do it once in a while possibly the easiest but safest one. However, his ganking potential is what you should watch out for especially Bandage Toss and Curse of the Sad Mummy.

The Terror of the Void

Mage, Melee, Fighter

Ganking Potential : Medium-High
Chances of counter jungling : Medium
Counters : Kog'Maw , Warwick , Vayne , Garen , Teemo
Counter Mechanics : % Life Based Damage and Magic Resist
Detail : Cho'Gathis actually a strong jungler, especially because he has sustain in the jungle and two AOE dealing abilities. Not only that, but his Rupture and Feral Scream is a deadly combo. If Cho gets to land his Q , your basically going to have a hard time escaping especially if the lanes also have CC. Avoid his Ruptures.

The Scorn of the Moon

Mage, Melee, Fighter, Jungler

Ganking Potential : Medium-High
Chances of counter jungling : Medium
Counters : Kog'Maw , Warwick , Vayne , Garen , Teemo
Counter Mechanics : % Life Based Damage and Magic Resist
Detail : Diana has a strong ganking potential especially when she hits level 6. This allows her to easily do her combo and burst you down like nothing. She can possibly counter jungle you. A simple way is Q > Smite. This is the easiest way she can steal your jungle. However, invest in wards because Diana is very strong.

The Madman of Zaun

Melee, Fighter

Ganking potential : Medium
Chances of counter jungling : Medium
Counters: Darius , Miss Fortune , Fizz, Kog'Maw , Olaf
Counter Mechanics : Ignite, Healing Reduction , % Life Based damage
Detail : Dr.Mundo 's main CC is Infected Cleaver. He needs to hit this before he can really get close up to you, unless you get ganked from behind. For bottom lane though, you should always be safe due to wards. Mundo must land his Q for an easier gank, and he may some times counter jungle. Take note of his Sadism , because he may dive you.

The Spider Queen

Mage, Ranged, Melee, Jungler

Ganking potential : Medium
Chances of counter jungling : Medium
Counters: Jax, Kassadin, LeBlanc
Counter Mechanics : Burst Damage, Magic Resist , Spell Shield
Detail : Elise may definitely decide to counter jungle you especially because her clear time is fairly quick. She may also be difficult to kill 1 v 1 , because of her kits and her 2 secs invulnerable. Her ganking potential is fairly decent, she has a stun and she can constantly keep swapping forms depending on how she ganks.

The Widowmaker

Assassin, Melee , Stealth

Ganking potential : Medium
Chances of counter jungling : Medium-High
Counters: Ryze, Mordekaiser, Lee Sin
Counter Mechanics : Stealth Detection, Hard CC
Detail : Evelynn is one of the trickiest junglers because of her stealth which requires true vision to see her. However, she can counter jungle well especially because you are unaware of where she goes and she has an escape tool along with that. However, you have the tools to destroy her. Q will mark her as well as E. She cannot win against you.

The Harbinger Of Doom

Mage, Ranged, Jungler

Ganking potential : High
Chances of counter jungling : Low
Counters: Xin Zhao, Alistar, Janna
Counter Mechanics : Stuns, Magic Resist , Gap-closers
Detail : Fiddlesticks is a decent jungler, not the fastest jungler but has decent sustain as well because of Drain. However, his ganking potential is high, especially at level 6 where it makes him even more deadly. He can come out of a brush out of nowhere, do his combo and burst you down. Barely counters jungle though.

The Shadow Of War

Melee, Fighter, Jungler

Ganking potential : Medium
Chances of counter jungling : Medium
Counters: Nasus, Jax, Sejuani
Counter Mechanics : Armor, Slows, Spell Shield , Burst damage
Detail : Hecarim hasn't got the best clearing time and sustain but if the person knows how to play Hecarim , he is a strong jungler to watch out for when he ganks. His Devastating Charge deals quite a big of damage and knocks you back a short distance as well as his ulti which fears you for a duration. Counter-jungling happens at times.

The Grandmaster At Arms

Melee, Fighter

Ganking potential : Medium
Chances of counter jungling : Medium
Counters: Singed, Pantheon, Malphite
Counter Mechanics : CC, Armor , MR
Detail : Jax is a champion viable in the jungle. His ganks will be only successful if he can get his Counter Strike to land. This is his main and only CC. If you manage to dodge this, you're going to be safe. However, he might also counter jungle especially because he knows he has the advantage over you.

The Voidreaver

Assassin,Melee , Stealth, Jungler

Ganking potential : Medium
Chances of counter jungling : Medium
Counters: Lee Sin, Jax , Yorick
Counter Mechanics : Slow, Dodge-abilities , Armor
Detail : Kha'Zix is a good jungler than a laner. His ganking potential is pretty strong because of Unseen Threat + Leap + Taste Their Fear. This is a really strong combo especially when he is unseen. However, you as a jungler counters him so if be bothers counter-jungling you, go and kick his ***.

Shard of the Monolith

Melee, Jungler

Ganking potential : Medium-High
Chances of counter jungling : Low-Medium
Counters: Vladimir, Singed , Yorick , Vi
Counter Mechanics : AP, Magic Resist, HP % Damage
Detail : Malphite is a strong jungler, especially at level 6 when his ganking potential increases massively. This is what makes him really deadly, especially when it hits you. He rarely messes around with you by counter-jungling but however, watch out for those ganks. Once you're knocked up, you're in some deep trouble.

arcane smash

The Twisted Trent

Melee , Tank , Pusher

Ganking potential : Medium-High
Chances of counter jungling : Low-Medium
Counters: Lee Sin, Cho'Gath , Olaf
Counter Mechanics : Knockback, Magic Resist
Detail : Maokai is known for more of a safer jungler but when it comes to ganking this is when he becomes deadly. Do not let him get close enough to you. Why? Because his root is a lock on ability, not a skill shot. He'll follow with arcane smash then Sapling Toss. If he does this combo, it's hard to come out alive.
Shurelya's reverie

The Wuju Bladesman

Melee, Recommended , Jungler

Ganking potential : Medium
Chances of counter jungling : Medium-High
Counters: Shen, Jax , Cho'Gath, Teemo
Counter Mechanics : Hard CC, Dodge, Armor
Detail : Master Yi has one of the fastest jungle clear time if not, the fastest. The main reason for this Alpha Strike. What makes him tricky might be Teleport. This is a strong ganking tactic, and is really unexpected. At level 6, even makes his gank even stronger. he can also counter jungle, again because of Alpha Strike.

The Titan of the Depths

Melee, Tank

Ganking potential : High
Chances of counter jungling : Low
Counters: Shyvana, Olaf , Singed
Counter Mechanics : Dodge, True Damage, Magic Resist, Spell Shield
Detail : Nautilus is well known for his exceptional powerful ganks. He is considered to have one of the strongest because of his CC skillset. He has 4 CC, the most in this league. Mercurial Scimitar or Cleanse is really the answer to this. However, he will barely counter-jungle you and he can't beat you 1 v 1 either.

The Eternal Nightmare

Assassin , Melee

Ganking potential : Medium
Chances of counter jungling : Medium
Counters: Lee Sin, Jax , Xin Zhao , Olaf
Counter Mechanics : Flash abilities, Armor
Detail : Nocturne is definitely one of the greater junglers because he has sustain and of course a really quick clear time. Noc's ganks need to be decided well first to make it successful. It is strong at Level 6, but he needs to make the right decision so as he can complete his combo. You however, beat him 1 v 1. Counter jungles at times.

The Yeti Rider

Melee , Recommended, Fighter, Jungler

Ganking potential : Medium
Chances of counter jungling : Medium-High
Counters: Blitzcrank, Amumu , Leona
Counter Mechanics : Interrupts, Magic Resist, Cleanse
Detail : Nunu possibly has the best sustain as a jungler. His ganks are also decent because of Blood Boil and spammable Ice Blast. Adding to this at level 6, if you get stuck inside Absolute Zero , which is the last place you want to be in then you're really in some deep trouble. Chances of you surviving that early is rare.
Shurelya's reverie

zeke's herald

The Berserker

Melee , Fighter

Ganking potential : Medium
Chances of counter jungling : Medium
Counters: Yorick, Jayce , Garen
Counter Mechanics : High Health target, Attack Speed Reduction , Armor
Detail : Olaf personally another strong jungler. Doesn't have the best sustain but has a pretty good clearing time. He can counter jungle you, especially when he knows the location you are in. Ganks are fairly decent, needs to land his Undertow in order to land Vicious Strikes and do constant damage.

The Pridestalker

Melee, Stealth, Fighter , Jungler

Ganking potential: Medium
Chances of counter jungling : Medium
Counters: Lee Sin , Darius , Jax , Fiora
Counter Mechanics: Armor, Healing Reduction , Stay Away From Bush
Detail : Rengar isn't the fastest jungler and also doesn't have the most sustain in the jungle. In fact, he's fairly slow especially after his massive nerfs. However, his ganks are still strong because of Thrill of the Hunt + Savagery + Bola Strike combo. This is his combo that makes him burst you down easily.

The Demon jester

Assassin, Melee , Stealth

Ganking potential : Medium-High
Chances of counter jungling : High
Counters: Lee Sin , Cho'Gath , Jax , Yorick
Counter Mechanics: Stealth Detection, Armor
Detail : Shaco is a really annoying jungler because he's going straight to your red especially if he knows your a mana hungry jungler. Fortunately, you counter him and he cannot counter jungle you. He'll just get himself stomped on. However, expect some of your camps to disappear timely. Gank potential is fairly good, especially because of that stealth.

The Half- Dragon

Melee , Fighter

Ganking potential : Medium
Chances of counter jungling : High
Counters: Olaf , Trundle , Jax , Yorick
Counter Mechanics: Sustain , CC
Detail : Shyvana definitely has one of the fastest clear times in the jungle without a doubt. She's going to constantly counter jungle you because she has the skillset to. Her clear time is fast enough so you wouldn't really notice. However, her ganks are fairly decent but it's a lot stronger at Level 6.


The Crystal vanguard

Melee , Fighter , Jungler

Ganking potential : Medium-High
Chances of counter jungling : Medium
Counters: Lee Sin , Shyvana , Hecarim ,
Counter Mechanics: Hard CC, Stay in a safe distance
Detail : Skarner can maybe possibly have the best ganks at level 6 because of Impale. Skarner has decent sustain and clear time in the jungle and can counter jungle at times as well. He can easily escape if he gets caught in the jungle. However, he is fairly tanky in general and Impale + Shurelya's reverie combo is deadly.

Shurelya's reverie

The Cursed Troll

Melee , Fighter

Ganking potential : Medium-High
Chances of counter jungling : Medium
Counters: Diana , Cho'Gath , Rumble , Xin Zhao
Counter Mechanics: Kiting, Armor
Detail : Trundle is quite an underrated jungler because he actually has a fairly quick clear time. His ganks are exceptionally good because of Pillar of Filth + Contaminate. This massively slows your movement speed, and Trundle has increased movement speed. At level 6, Trundle steals a % of your max health which again increases his gank potential even more. It is difficult to 1 v 1 him and he counter jungles every now and then as well.

The Animal Spirit

Melee , Fighter

Ganking potential : Medium
Chances of counter jungling : Medium
Counters: Olaf , Teemo , Kennen , Singed
Counter Mechanics: Slows, Armor
Detail : Udyr has one of the fastest clearing times and one of the strongest in the jungle. His ganks are fairly good, but he needs to get up close to you with Bear Stance which is his only CC. He can't do ganks well if he can't get up close to you with this ability. Having said this, have map coverage by having wards. He counter jungles ocassionally.

The Piltover Enforcer

Melee, Fighter

Ganking Potential : Medium-High
Chances of counter jungle : Low-Medium
Counters: Jax , Teemo , Jayce , Garen, Riven
Counter Mechanics: Knock backs, armor, mobile champions with CC
Detail : Vi is a viable jungler and top laner. She's fairly strong in the jungle and actually has a pretty quick clear time. Her Blast Shield also helps her take reduced damage as it blocks an amount of damage. Adding to this, her ganks are fairly strong especially at Level 6 when she gets Assault and Battery. Do not let her ulti you!

The Blood Hunter

Melee, Recommended, Fighter , Jungler

Ganking Potential: Medium
Chances of counter jungling : Medium
Counters: Jax , Vi , Jayce , Riven
Counter Mechanics: Healing Reduction, Magic Resist
Detail : Warwick has a fairly quick clear time and has incredible sustain in the jungle. Every of his basic attacks deal bonus magic damage and gives him back health. Adding to this is Hungering Strike. Warwick quite relies on Infinite Duress for a better gank because this is his only CC. He uses Blood Scent to counter jungle/chase.

The Seneschal of Demacia

Assassin, Melee , Fighter

Ganking Potential: High
Chances of counter jungling : Medium
Counters: Jax , Teemo , maplhite ,
Counter Mechanics: Blinds, Slow, Taunt , Armor
Detail : Xin Zhao has incredible sustain and clearing time in the jungle. His ganking potential is high because his Audacious Charge is an insta lock skill, and usually this results to the knock up from Three Talon Strike . Not only easy, but very effective and deals a lot of damage. Counter jungles occasionally.

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I would like to thank you all for spending some time checking out this guide. I really hope you guys enjoyed this guide. This was specifically made as a birthday special guide I promised to do as well as some of my friend's request for this guide. So this is what I've came up with it and I hope you give me positive and constructive feedback especially because this took me so long to do. Yes I spent some time on this even on my birthday.

The builds above are based on what I have the most success with and I've gone through the things that can help you out in game through my experience in playing Lee Sin.

Please do not rely on looking at masteries, runes and the builds alone to rate this guide. There's more to it than just looking at those and I promise you that. Play some games first. If you're not really having a good time, just keep practicing especially if you're new to this guy. Otherwise, it might be because he may not be your preferred play style.

Here below is my "proof" video. This is me doing a live commentary and showing some of my best scores as well as my ranked stats for Season 2 and 3. I thought this would be a better idea instead of uploading scores of my photos one by one, and you guys can hear my ****py voice =(. Although I am well-aware the voice sounds a tad low, it's my first time using camtasia :D. More to come though. Please watch it on youtube, it's most likely to have a higher and better quality there. The timer is here below if you wanted to see my main champ's stats for Season 2 and Season 3. I figured some of you would only want to see my main champ stats so here you go.

Here's the timer:

Season 2 - 56/67 (45.5%)
Lee Sin- 7:41
Xin Zhao- 5:04
Jax- 3:31
Jarvan IV- 4:48
Jayce- 6:21
Darius- 5:45

Season 3 - Currently 33/46 (41.8%)
Lee Sin- 12:31
Jax- 10:18
Xin Zhao - 10:09
Jarvan IV- Lacking Games Currently
Jayce- 10:50
Darius - 12:37

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