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Jayce Build Guide by xxIAMLEGENDxx

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author xxIAMLEGENDxx

The Defender Of Tomorrow - Jayce Solo Top Guide (Season 5)

xxIAMLEGENDxx Last updated on April 18, 2015
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



Offense: 21

Legendary Guardian

Defense: 9


Utility: 0

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Introduction to The Defender of Tomorrow Guide

Hello and good day to all and welcome to my complete Jayce guide. This really took me awhile to do approximately 1 day and bit. Reason being is because I had to practice on how to make guides look better and so here it is! I am really excited to bring it to you . So far my most worked on build in mobafire! I promise on only giving you guys guides to champions that I play often. By that I mean at least about 50 minimum games for each champ before I make a guide. Although I still prefer posting my favorites.

This would be my 8th build in mobafire and i will be featuring Jayce, The Defender Of Tomorrow.He is one of my most used champs, aside from Vayne, Xin Zhao , Jarvan IV. Jax, Graves and Darius.

Anyways moving on to the guide, this is actually the most worked on guide I've done among all of them. What I mean by that is that out of all the 8 guides, this is the longest I took to do and I wanted to make sure it's helpful for you guys :D. The guide i will be showing you right now would be the most success i have with when I play Jayce and the things I have learnt when playing him. I've played over 100 games with Jayce , including Normal games, ranked games, bot games and custom games. I'll occasionally be updating this guide. It'll be great if you can leave constructive feedback.

Without a doubt, he's one of my favorite solo tops and possibly one of the strongest.Although he still gets countered at lane at times, whenever he gets on a killing spree he is very deadly! He is definitely one of those champs you wouldn't want to feed considering his ridiculous amount of damage and mobility. Due to the Season 5 changes this is my build for Jayce ,and this is what I've had success with so far. Again please don't rely everything on looking at the builds and masteries alone. The only way you'll figure out is have a try yourself.

*Please take a good look at the "Your Enemies For Life" Chapter because this is where it shows every single top lane champ you can possibly be against, how you counter them, who counters them and my personal thoughts about them in detail. Something unique I am sure no one has done this before - 12/13/12. It took me approximately about 8 hours to do this chapter so yes, quite a lot of effort =). I'll be adding and changing these, especially because new champs come out every 3-4 weeks. Please don't take this , and use it for your own purposes and then put it in your guides. Be original!

A story about uniqueness and this build: (I share my own personal opinions without a lie)

> What makes this build special for me is because quite frankly, mainly on how it looks and the whole guide itself. Why? Because each and everyone one of us has their own perspective on things regardless, not everyone agrees on what you tell them. So I put my all into this, and this is personally how I go. I thought that this might be a decent guide, but if you found this good then great =)

> Not every single one of us is Michael Jordan. Not every single one of us is the person you admire. But you should do understand the meaning of "unique". Each and everyone of us is special in their own ways, so whatever negative and pessimistic comments people tell you, just set that aside. Look at the brighter side. This is truly what makes us happy. Being negative doesn't solve anything and this was a lesson I learned in life. I was a negative person and I've overcome that now and just moved on. Enjoy life because yes (YOLO) but regardless there's always a purpose on why you're here and why things happen that way.

> Why are we here? What is the meaning of life? You're given to it and you have to live it. We all do not know how the world started, of course we have our own religions. I believe in God, and I do believe he created this whole world for us. Some think, the Big Bang Theory - using Science as an explanation to the creation of life. So here we are people, living in this wonderful world. Just don't forget to treat each other fairly and equally.


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A Short Overview Of Jayce

The Defender Of Tomorrow

Ranged, Melee Fighter

Jayce is an AD bruiser. He has strong poke damage with his combination of Acceleration Gate and Shock Blast. Because he's focused on doing more damage,it is critical for him to get Trinity Force, The Black Cleaver and The Bloodthirster because is these are his damage dealing items. Since he's mainly played as an AD bruiser, it's also helpful to add to your build a Guardian Angel and some tankiness. Especially in very late game, Guardian Angel is a game changing item. Furthermore, Jayce doesn't really have to rely on basic attacks to do heavy damage, he can simply rely on his abilities to do a well-round good amount of damage.

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Why Play Jayce?

Jayce is best to be a top-lane champion, but he can however choose to jungle. He's a viable support and an ADC, just because of his Acceleration Gate, Mercury Cannon and knock backs. However, it's best if you play Jayce as efficiently and effective as possible. He functions well as a top laner because he has the potential to dominate that lane. He is really well off just Solo, trying to probably harass as much as possible or farm creeps as required. The way you play him is based on your opponent, but the number one thing you should always remember is to ward and if you know you counter that champion, put the pressure on him. A great example is Darius , he is exceptionally strong but Jayce has the tools to escape using his knockbacks or basically an Acceleration Gate to make ganks less successful for the other team or successful for yours. Adding to this, Jayce is a very mobile champ with great CC.

> Jayce is technically a very mobile champion
> He doesn't rely on basic attacks to deal damage
> + is ridiculously overpowered.
> Almost uncatchable
> Has a knock back, a slow and an overall free movement speed bonus for you and your teammates.
> Surprisingly can counter some really tough top match ups like Garen
> Early ,Mid or late game he deals tons of damage
> Speed Racer

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Jayce's Story/Lore

"Trust me: if we're smart, Piltover can stand strong against any threat. Hey, I'm living proof."

Armed with wit, charm, and his signature transforming hammer, Jayce lives to protect his native Piltover. Long before his nation called him a hero, however, he was a promising young inventor. When Piltover commissioned him to study a rare arcane crystal, Jayce discovered it could be used as a vast energy source. Eager to make a name for himself, he began developing a device to harness its power. Word of the crystal's potential reached beyond the borders of Piltover. Viktor, the machine-augmented scientist from Zaun, brought Jayce an offer – together, they could use the crystal to advance his "glorious evolution," a vision of humanity fused with technology. Jayce refused, but the Zaunite had no intention of leaving empty handed. He effortlessly blasted Jayce aside and seized the crystal, incinerating the lab's meager security force as he left for Zaun. Jayce implored the Piltover government to respond, but the officials refused to support an act of aggression. He decided to act alone, realizing that if no one struck back, Piltover would never be safe.
Jayce returned to the lab to prepare for his attack. After intense research, development, and hands-on testing, he emerged with his crowning achievement –the Mercury Hammer. Weapon in hand, Jayce marched to Zaun and began his one-man assault. Viktor's acolytes rushed to stop him, but Jayce smashed them aside, fighting his way into the heart of the lab. Inside, Jayce saw the horrifying brilliance of Viktor's creations, all powered by the energy of the arcane crystal. He realized that his only option was to destroy the power source, but Viktor stood in his way. Though their clash left both scientists heavily wounded, Jayce managed a desperate strike at the crystal. He shattered it and escaped as Viktor's machines erupted in flames. When he returned home, exhausted but victorious, the citizens of Piltover hailed Jayce as a hero. He reveled in the adoration, but knew that his actions had drawn the attention of dangerous enemies. Now devoted to the defense of his people, Jayce is Piltover's best hope for a bright future.

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Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage

Greater Mark of Attack Damage

Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Glyph of Magic Resist

Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage(3) Provides 6.75 AD You need 3 of these, they are pretty much typical AD damage quints you would want to have because they are exceptionally great for last hitting. These also increase a slight amount of damage to your physical damage abilities.

Greater Mark of Attack Damage (9) Provides 8.55 AD Now you need 9 of these again, because they're the typical AD marks, and again they help you for last hitting minions greatly and it gives you those bonus damage for your physical damage abilities again. There is nothing else much to say for these runes because they aren't that complicated and pretty self- explanatory.

Greater Seal of Armor (9) Provides 12.7 Armor Now this is probably the most important runes for a top laner because most of the time, you're against an AD type of champ. The only time they'll really use AP is when they try to counter you like Malphite or Singed. Singed isn't like a really big counter especially because your Jayce but he is basically almost unkillable especially when it comes to late game. But of course, these still help you for overall combat stats.

Greater Glyph of Magic Resist (9) Provides 12.06 MR Again these are good, because if the top laner isn't AD, then you have these alongside to help you. Likewise they're still overall stats for later in the game because there should be at least one AP champ on the other team. However, have your alternative runes ready, [[Great seal of scaling magic resist]. Reason why is because if you are playing ranked, and you realise your opponent that is top lane is AP as well as the majority of the opposing team, it's good to get scaling MR.

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I'll try and keep it short, just feel free to comment if you have some other questions. Anyways, you should take the21-9-0 masteries taking 21 in offense and 9 in defense section. They're simply typical AD bruiser type masteries, but you can also go 9-21-0. Personally, I only like to go 9-21-0 if I want to more of an offtank bruiser, however if you're more of just a bruiser, stick with 21-9-0 because they're the best option to go with.

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Skill Sequencing/Combo

Note: These are Jayce's Abilities, Simply drag your mouse to the photos below for the description of each ability

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

Start off Mercury Cannon > W > E > Q > Swap > Q > W > E

Level 1: Always start with To The Skies! / Shock Blast or Thundering Blow / Acceleration Gate
Level 2: Get one of the above, depending on which you unlocked first.
Level 3: Always get Lightning Field / Hyper Charge , whatever you didn't get at level 1.

Personally, the reason why Q or E is best taken first is because it's Jayce 's 2 CC abilities. It's the slow from To The Skies! and the knockback from Thundering Blow . Sometimes you also have to look at the situation. E is best taken if you find yourself getting chased down at level 1 because of counter jungling. You got yourself both an escape tool. Once you know you're safe to go, take Q first and then E next.

W should be maxed last because it is not the most useful ability for Jayce to max first. I only like to use Hyper Charge when I am taking down a turret. Also, his Lightning Field isn't a bad ability, it's just that you want to max your potential on dealing heavy damage to your targets especially on top lane. I like to harass and poke him down till I feel like he's low enough to engage on. Just beware on not diving people like Fiora because this is a very risky act. Also don't forget your wards. Sometimes, they can be not doing anything because they want you to push the lane for an easy gank. Beware!

Overall, it's best if you alternate your points on Q and E. These can also depend on situations, if you're against a tanky top champion like Singed or Singed , it's best taking E as it does damage equal to the target's maximum health in Magic Damage. All you really have to do is looking at your match up and base it on them.

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Useful Starting Items

Boots of Speed + 3x Health Potions are standard opening items for Jayce and many champions as they give you a movement speed boost, and additional 450 HP to recover health from the damage you received from laning phase. The reason why these are the best options is because you would want movement for escaping either ganks or if you are against a high mobility champ.

It's best having at least one Doran's Blade early game, regardless what situation you're in. I personally like to buy always 2 of these, because it gives a sufficient amount of health, 20 AD for last hitting and 10 health back for one hit which is a lot! The only time I really purchase only one is when you get an early advantage let's say two early kills. That way i'll just rush Phage.

Now you would want to rush this item for Jayce mainly because it again gives you a vast amount of health and extra AD again, which in turn helps a lot in early game whether it's dealing damage or last hitting minions. It also gives you a great passive of slow, which is great for chasing down people. After you purchase this item, you purchase the boots you require and you have to base that on the enemy team.

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Beneficial and Optional Items / Spells

Jayce has a lot of other optional items. It's best to look at the situation that you are in. You maybe against many different opponents, ranging from tanks to bruisers to AP casters. Below here are some viable items for Jayce but also looking in depth to the situations. Take note that not all the photos I use below are necessarily the ones I use in my build. I place the top 3-5 items with description below, these are the items that are the most beneficial. The others are just optional.

Take note: The 5 items below each chapter are not going to be your final build either, along with the boots of your choice. These are just examples of beneficial and optional items for Jayce.

Very easily said to be the most used Summoner Spell. Flash is without a doubt a very useful spell, probably the best for almost any champ. It helps you escape, chase and chain some combos. You can also use this, to hit your knock back whenever your jungler ganks. If you flash in front of the opponent and appear in front of them. You land a perfect E.

Again very famous spell and probably one of the most useful again. Although they nerfed this item extra CD, it's still useful as ever. Personally i love this especially when you're in 1 v 1 situations against the top laner. Whether if it's escaping or chasing, Ignite is basically a strong spell because it deals true damage over time.

This is probably the other spell that I use the most with Jayce. I use this whenever I want to have some fun. Activate Acceleration Gate + Ghost + Youmuu's Ghostblade + Boots of Mobility = SPEED RACER (Quote Dyrus). Jayce is extremely mobile already so just get this only when you want to have some fun.

These boots give you 25 MR and a unique passive that reduces the duration of CC which is great for AP heavy teams and teams that have a lot of CC. These are the best to go with if you're in this situation. Also, you should consider getting this especially if you're having trouble against an AP caster or AP carry up top.

These boots personally don't give you any combat stats aside from movement speed alone. These are what we call "Speed Racer" boots because these give a ridiculous amount of movement speed. They're helpful for escaping and also chasing. I personally get these boots to have some fun.

These boots give you 25 armor and a unique passive that reduces incoming basic attacks from champions. These are great especially for AD heavy teams and bruisers. These are the best to go with if you're in this situation. You'll find this useful especially if you're against an AD bruiser like Xin Zhao.

These boots grant you 20% attack speed, slight nerfed from last Season. However this is pretty straight forward, not my favorite boots for Jayce though, because personally I think he doesn't need basic attacks to do heavy damage. You can still get this though, if you're really just going to be a full AD bruiser.

This item was slightly changed in Season 3. These item now gives you 500 health and 70 armor. It used to give you 350 HP, 75 armor and 25 health regen per 5. What I really love about this item is the unique passive: Cold Steel and it's unique active. This mainly helps reduce the amount of attack and movement speed and also helps you when you're trying to escape or chase.

This item was slightly nerfed, as it used to give you a larger amount of armor and MR. However, it's unique passive was changed to 30% of your max health and mana. What I love about this item is simple baits just for like Darius' and Garen 's ulti. They always tend to to use it whenever you're on low and Guardian Angel is the best way to bait those.

This item really gives the 2nd most amount of armor in the whole game. It grants you a great 90 armor and 20% CD, and a unique aura of reducing the attack speed of nearby enemies by 20%. You need to be in range in order to activate this aura. Overall gives massive combat stats and the armor which you need for heavy AD teams.

This is very critical especially if there is about 4-5 AD on the other team. It gives a unique passive of returning back 30% of the damage in magic damage from basic attacks. Now take note, this is also especially helpful when you notice about 2-3 of the enemies bruisers or ADC are really fed. You'll really need these just to minimize the damage they deal.

This is probably the item that I will most likely substitute because it gives you MR and attack speed. Your MR also increases for every basic attack you do by 5 for 5 seconds and stacks 4 times. This is a big boost, and also add the extra 42 bonus magic damage for your basic attacks. Really great for AP tanks like Singed

This is very critical especially if there is about 4-5 AP on the other team. It gives a unique passive of absorbing a shield that absorbs 400 magic damage for a duration. Now take note, this is also especially helpful when you notice about 2-3 of the enemies AP carries are really fed. You'll really need these just to minimize the damage they deal.

The reason why this item is so good is because of the aura it gives. Really beneficial for your team and of course yourself. This item here gives a huge amount of 60 MR, the largest you can get in the game now and also adding 400 health and 30 armor. I know you wouldn't need the armor, but the 60 MR is really what matters here.

This is actually not a bad item at all, because this gives you the 3rd most MR in the game, Spirit Visage 2nd and Runic Bulwark the most. This is really good especially for team comps like Nautilus , Zyra , Malzahar. How does this work? Naut (Jungle) , Zyra (Supp) and Malzahar (Mid). Really heaps of CC and this item is going to help.

This is actually not a bad item at all, because it gives you a big amount of attack speed, CDR, AD and also a tenacity unique passive exactly the same as Mercury's Treads. Now take note, if you have this item, you wouldn't want Mercury's Treads along with you because it's almost just a waste of an item. (Same unique passive)

This item is extremely viable for Jayce, it's just that I don't personally use it unless I am really going full AD which is not the way I like to build him. I prefer mixing damage and tankiness together. However, you can substitute this item every now and then. Nothing wrong with it, I just don't use it for Jayce often.

Why is this good? Because of the amount of mana it gives you. And not only that, it gives you quite a big amount of AD also depending on your max mana. This is good for Jayce because you can I guess spam his skills. What I like to do though is Acceleration Gate + Shock Blast combo before a fight. It deals tons of damage and a fight hasn't started yet.

The main thing I would want to say to you is this item works best with Infinity Edge. Because it grants you 3 critical strikes, you want IE's 250% increased crit damage. Also adding to this, Jayce's Hyper Charge deals 130% of his AD for 3 hits at level 5, activate this item for 3 insta crits, and Infinity Edge for more AD and crit damage!

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Laning Phase/Understanding Items (Solo Top)

Laning phase and Understand items on the lane you are in is possibly one of the most important skills you would want to know about along with map awareness and overall the decisions you make. What's really important when going Jayce is you would want to really put the pressure on your opponent unless you are really countered. Through past time experiences, Xin Zhao stomps on Jayce. I noticed the player reacts a bit too late resulting in heavy damage dealt. Xin has insta lock dash, and by the time the player responds to this, he tries swapping to hammer form and is already knocked up by Three Talon Strike at this rate. This of course, you should only do when you see Jayce in cannon form. You have nothing else to do but farm safely then. Otherwise, Jayce is one of the most dominant solo top, because of his high mobility and unique skills.

Now let's get to the laning phase and understanding the items you purchase early game. These are the very common early game items for Jayce, and i'll explain in detail the reasoning on why they're useful and also their disadvantages.

Sight ward

So this is pretty straight forward for almost every single champ. You want to take that extra bonus movement speed because again it helps you in a lot of ways. First of all, during laning phase hels you escape ganks a lot easier. Adding to this is when the opponent initiates on you. Sometimes it's easy to tell he wants to fight you, but if you're not fast enough to let's say run away, you'll receive heavy damage.

Again, the best along to go with Boots of Speed. Synchronizes well together, and very useful early game. These give you 150 health, and since you have 3 of these they give you 450 health. They basically help on your laning phase because it gives you more sustain and you wouldn't want to be constantly returning back to base. If you lane well and farm well, you get more gold which amounts on more health pots.

The 3rd item you must always buy for Jayce, especially once you return to base. Think nothing else but this. If you're basically farming well and you have a lot of gold, usually when I recall I get myself 2 Doran's Blade along with sight ward and 3 Health Potion. Again this helps you so much in controlling your lane. Great sustain plus warding for extra security for ganks. Really great set up.

Possibly also one of the best early game items early on, gives great amount of health which makes you look tanky as well as a good amount of AD, because it's very early on the game. Adding to this is it's slow unique passive. Really great especially for chasing down people when your jungler comes to gank. Although not necessarily you need the jungler to gank, if you can take guy on 1 v 1 then do it. Don't hesitate.

This item is a great laning phase item that provides Magic Resist. It will really come handy in situations where there's an Elise or Karthus or the other team. This simply helps cut down the damage they do, as well as saving you from Requiem or Elise 's main combo. Also great for poke lane champions like [[nidalee].

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Your Enemies For Life (Top Lane)

The Fist Of Shadow

Assassin, Melee , Stealth

Difficulty : Hard
Possibility of successful gank : Medium
Counter Mechanics : Stealth Detection and Magic Resist
Detail : Akali is going to be a major problem for you. The only thing that makes her annoying is her shroud, but trust me just don't stay around that area. When she does use this ability , wait for the duration to end and then jump onto her. At this stage at least, you have the power to exchange with her. However she does counter you.

The Terror of the Void

Mage, Melee, Fighter

Difficulty : Hard
Possibility of successful gank : Medium
Counters : Kog'Maw , Warwick , Vayne , Garen , Teemo
Counter Mechanics : % Life Based Damage and Magic Resist
Detail : Cho'Gath is going to be a major problem for you. He has 3 CC, and his Rupture is a 2 in 1 CC ability. What it does it knock you up,and slows you after for a duration. This ability is ridiculously strong and if he gets this to hit you, he'll also instantly land his Feral Scream. Adding more to this is his great sustain in lane. By late game, he gets very tanky and difficult to kill.

The Hand of Noxus

Melee, Fighter

Difficulty : Easy
Possibility of successful gank : High
Counters: Teemo, Jayce, Yorick
Counter Mechanics: High mobility, Ranged Crowd Control, Armor
Detail : Darius is going to be one of the easiest match ups you're against. This is what I like to call a smooth lane because you clearly counter him. He can get harassed easily by Jayce and if he decides to pull you in, you use your knockback to push him back. Also take note that the cooldown of your E is much more shorter than his. Darius needs to chain his abilities in order to kill you which he can't do.

The Madman of Zaun

Melee, Fighter

Difficulty : Medium
Possibility of successful gank : Low
Counters: Darius , Miss Fortune , Fizz, Kog'Maw , Olaf
Counter Mechanics : Ignite, Healing Reduction , % Life Based damage
Detail : Dr.Mundo is a not an easy match up and not a hard match up either. Personally, he is very difficult to kill because of his tankiness however, you can try and kill him before Level 6 because it's his ultimate that keeps him alive. However, I just like to farm and constantly harass him using Mercury Cannon. When the jungler comes to gank any levels before 6, give it a try and see if you can get him to really low.

The Spider Queen

Mage, Ranged, Melee, Jungler

Difficulty : Medium
Possibility of successful gank : Medium
Counters: Jax, Kassadin, LeBlanc
Counter Mechanics : Burst Damage, Magic Resist , Spell Shield
Detail : Elise is a not an easy match up and not a hard match up either.She can be really annoying at times because she's got a stun, and she's got the ability to keep swapping just like you. You are more mobile than her, but she also has the potential to escape and harass you. Take note that she also can stay invulnerable for two seconds. It's a long amount, but this provides a big impact in 1 v 1 fights. Don't forget about her attack speed buff.

The Grand Duelist

Melee, Carry

Difficulty : Medium-Hard
Possibility of successful gank : Medium
Counters: Jax, Pantheon , Malphite , Singed
Counter Mechanics: Armor, Slows, Blinds, Taunts , Dodge
Detail : Fiora is actually quite a strong match up because she has sustain which she gets from duliest . Adding to this she is a really difficult bruiser to beat, she can parry you, gains an attack/movement speed buff and can dash to you even you knock her back. Speaking of those, her ulti ridiculously hurts as well as it deals tons of damage.

The Tidal Trickster

Assassin, Melee, Fighter

Difficulty : Medium
Possibility of successful gank : Medium
Counters: Ryze , Diana, Akali, Mordekaiser
Counter Mechanics: Snares, Magic Resist
Detail : Fizz is a decent matchup. The only thing you should watch out is that he can still do heavy burst damage. Just take note he takes less physical damage from your basic attacks becaues of Nimble Fighter and he also ignores unit collision like your passive. Make sure you don't get caught in his Chum the Waters because this is one of his main damage dealers and if he chains the combo on you, you're going to have a bad time. You should consider harassing him constantly.

The Saltwater Scourge

Melee, Carry

Difficulty : Easy
Possibility of successful gank : Easy
Counters: Pantheon, Irelia, Fiora, Jax , Malphite
Counter Mechanics: Armor, Dodge, Spell Shields
Detail : Gangplank personally for me is not a difficult matchup. The number one priority you have to do is shut him down and don't him free farm. He has to choose the option of either last hitting or harassing you with his Parrrley. If he chooses to harass you, bring up the fight to him because trust me you're going to win and Gangplank is actually pretty squishy early on. If you let him free farm, you're in some trouble.

The Might of Demacia

Melee, Recommended, Fighter

Difficulty : Easy
Possibility of successful gank : Medium
Counters: Pantheon , Teemo, Yorick, Jayce
Counter Mechanics: True Damage, Armor, % Life Based Damage
Detail : Garen really isn't that much of a difficult matchup for you. In fact, you do counter him. He can't do much to you even though he tries to harass you because first of all you can just stay in cannon form the whole time and keep harassing him. Adding to this you're extreme mobility. He cannot catch up to you. Your E also does % max health damage, which is good for Garen.

The Will of the Blades

Assassin, Melee

Difficulty : Hard
Possibility of successful gank : Medium
Counters: Jax, Udyr, Renekton, Yorick
Counter Mechanics : Armor, High Health Targets, Healing Reduction
Detail : Irelia is a tough match up, because she has really good sustain in lane. She gets tanky late game and very hard to difficult to kill as well. However, she counters you, and she will beat you 1 v 1. She regenerates health every hit and double the amount as well as true damage for a duration. Her E is also strong because it's her main CC. She either slows you or stuns you. Either way, it's a really deadly skill.

The Exemplar of Demacia

Melee, Fighter

Difficulty : Medium
Possibility of successful gank : Medium
Counters: Jax , Olaf , Yorick
Counter Mechanics : Armor, Wall Jumps
Detail : IJarvan IV is a very strong solo top because he has the ability to last hit well and he has 3 CC which is a lot. He uses martical cadence for last hitting minions. He will do the E > Q > R combo on you especially if he wants to initiate a fight on you. This is really strong combo, as it knocks you up and gets you stuck in an arena for 3.5 seconds. However, you can also fight him but the outcome is usually in question.

The Grandmaster at Arms

Melee, Fighter

Difficulty : Easy-Medium
Possibility of successful gank : Medium
Counters: Malphite , Singed, Garen
Counter Mechanics : CC, Armor and Magic Resist
Detail : Jax is a very strong solo top without a question. What really makes him deadly is his Counter Strike which is clearly devastating. However luckily for you, Jayce doesn't require basic attacks to deal damage so the only thing you get out of it his stun which isn't that bad. Not much players know this yet, but a good Jayce can counter a Jax. The lane should be yours.

The Defender Of Tomorrow

Ranged, Melee , Fighter

Difficulty : Medium
Possibility of successful gank : Low
Counters: Xin Zhao , Cho'Gath , Wukong
Counter Mechanics: Stuns, Slows, Dodge Abilities
Detail : If your against a mirror of yourself then you should definitely know what his abilities are too! Which means if he opens an Acceleration Gate, except a Shock Blast after that. The person who wins this lane is personally the person who plays more tactically, farms better, has good vision and map awareness as well as constant harass at times. The jungler's ganks will also be a big factor on who wins this match up.

The Judicator

Figher, Support

Difficulty : Easy
Possibility of successful gank : Medium
Counters : Pantheon , Jarvan IV, Yorick
Counter Mechanics: Dodge, Hard CC, Magic Resist, Silence
Detail : Kayle isnt a very difficult match up for Jayce. She can be annoying because of her Righteous Fury but she can't keep using this forever. You have the potential to take the fight to her because you'll win it. She's basically melee, not ranged without Righteous Fury. However you can stay ranged for as long as you want. Just farm well and keep the pressure on her and you'll win the lane.

The Blind Monk

Assassin, Melee

Difficulty : Medium
Possibility of successful gank : Low-Medium
Counters: Trundle , Udyr , Renekton
Counter Mechanics: Hard CC, Armor, Defensive skills
Detail : Lee Sin is going to be quite a strong match up. Although melee only, he chains his combos usually a Q > E > W on 1 v 1 situations. This right here is if he wanted to engage on to you. If you were already face up against him, he'll most likely use E first then Q because he wants to reduce your attack speed. Take note that you should harass him at times because if you don't he's going to keep going back to you until you're low enough for him to kill you.

Shard of the Monolith

Melee, Fighter

Difficulty : Medium
Possibility of successful gank : Low-Medium
Counters: Rumble , Vladimir, Singed, Cho'Gath
Counter Mechanics : Ability Power, HP% damage , Magic Resist
Detail : Malphite isn't that bad of a match up at all, even though he counters most of your abilities because he's all armor. Not to worry though, Malphite won't be able to catch you but fighting 1 v 1 against him is not the best idea. What's good though is that your E deals a % of max health damage, and your W deals magic damage. However Malphite is still strong regardless and gets really tanky late game.

The Master of Metal

Melee, Pusher, Fighter

Difficulty : Medium
Possibility of successful gank : Medium
Counters: Yorick , Swain , Malzahar , Orianna
Counter Mechanics: Kiting, Cleanse , Magic Resist, Harass, Hard CC
Detail : Mordekaiser is a really strong champ because of the shield from Iron Man. He gets incredibly strong as well late game, when he gets all of his item his combo alongside with his ulti deals so much damage! However I suggest you fight Mordekaiser whenever he's around 1/4 health. Make sure though you are around 1/2 or higher health before you approach him. His ulti steals life off you.

The Curator of the Sands

Melee, Pusher, Recommended, Fighter

Difficulty : Medium
Possibility of successful gank : Medium
Counters: Riven, Rumble , Teemo
Counter Mechanics: Armor, Deny Farm Early Game
Detail : Nasus is actually an underrated champion and he is very strong. He has great sustain in lane, last hitting tools and a slow duration increasing over time. Adding to this is his ulti as well, which makes him really tanky and takes out your health bit by bit. It's not a good idea to fight him at level 6. However, try shutting him down early game and prevent him from free farming! Why? If you don't his Q will do 1K+ damage without crit.

Shurelya's Reverie

The Yeti Rider

Melee, Recommended, Fighter, Jungler

Difficulty : Easy
Possibility of successful gank : Medium
Counters: Jayce , Darius , Sona , Alistar , Blitzcrank
Counter Mechanics: Cleanse, Magic Resist, Interrupts
Detail : Nunu is actually a viable top champion because he has the sustain to stay there. He also has a movement and attack speed, as well as Ice Blast. It can deal quite a bit of damage especially his ulti. Unfortunately for Nunu, the way to disrupt his ulti is your knockback which is very crucial. Guaranteed you shouldn't exactly too close to him or you'll get killed by his ulti! However, this should be an easy lane.

Shurelya's Reverie

Zeke's Herald

The Berserker


Difficulty : Easy
Possibility of successful gank : Medium
Counters: Yorick , Darius , Kennen
Counter Mechanics: Armor, Attack Speed Reduction , High Health Targets
Detail : Olaf is usually a tough match up for most champs but not for Jayce. The reason why Olaf can't do much against you is because of the fact that you're probably going to be in cannon form, and in cannon form you would want to keep harassing him. All I really want to take note if is his true damage and his increasing Attack Speed. If you get bursted down easily, it's because he maxed Reckless Swing first. Keep the pressure up on him all the time and deny him farm.

Shurelya's Reverie

Zeke's Herald

The Artisan of War

Assassin, Melee

Difficulty : Hard
Possibility of successful gank : Medium
Counters: Yorick , Malphite , Shen
Counter Mechanics: Taunts, Armor, Hard CC
Detail : Pantheon is going to be a really tough opponent for you especially because of his passive and Aegis of Zeonia. This simply helps him deal damage and do his combo to you without a problem. So try to stay in safe range where can't jump onto you and keep doing his combo. By the time he also feels like you're low enough, he's not going to hesitate to tower dive you especially because his shield is going to block the turret hit. Beware!

The Butcher of the Sands

Melee, Fighter

Difficulty : Easy-Medium
Possibility of successful gank : Low
Counters: Malphite , Pantheon , Garen
Counter Mechanics: Ranged, Armor
Detail : Renekton is not going to be a hard match up for you. He gets kited easily, and you so can do this. Just keep harassing him over and over. However take note he has one of the strongest early games and it's not a smart idea to approach him 1 v 1 full health especially at level 6. Just keep farming and constantly harassing until you see the opportunity to kill him.

The Pridestalker

Melee, Stealth, Fighter , Jungler

Difficulty : Hard
Possibility of successful gank : Low-Medium
Counters: Lee Sin , Darius , Jax , Fiora
Counter Mechanics: Armor, Healing Reduction , Stay Away From Bush
Detail : Rengar is a really hard match up. What makes him really hard is because of the brushes where he really likes to go because it's his main strong point. Of course this is a tactic, and it's very useful so I suggest if he goes into the brush nearest to you, just prepare for him to jump straight to your face. However he can beat you 1 v 1 , because Savagery is so damn bursty and his Battle Roar heals him for a % of his max health.

The Exile

Melee, Fighter

Difficulty : Easy
Possibility of successful gank :Medium
Counters: Olaf , Garen , Jax
Counter Mechanics: Armor, Mobile champs with CC
Detail : Riven is one of the most dominant top laners because of her shield, slight dash and an ability which is spammable. What also makes her great is her no need of mana. Riven doesn't really have any sustain items, however you have the upper hand advantage on her, you counter her in some ways, and overall you deal way more damage than she does. Of course, this only changes if you let her free farm or if she's fed.

The Mechanized Menace

Mage, Melee, Pusher

Difficulty : Easy
Possibility of successful gank :Medium
Counters: Cho'Gath , Yorick , Xin Zhao
Counter Mechanics: Hard CC, Magic Resist
Detail : Rumble actually has the highest win rate as a top champion in Season 2 because of his extreme harassment during laning phase. He basically spams his E at you all day. He also has a shield, and his passive grants increased stats depending on the ability used. Also adding to this is his really strong ulti, which is great exceptionally for ganking. However, you can exchange with him and you can also harass him so keep the pressure up for him as well!

Eye of Twilight

Melee, Tank, Support

Difficulty : Easy
Possibility of successful gank :Medium
Counters: Yorick , Warwick , Jayce, Vladimir
Counter Mechanics: Hard CC , Magic Resist
Detail : Shen is not going to be a big problem to you. He is usually strong against AD bruisers, but not you. Jayce doesn't have to rely on basic attacks to deal damage, so he can keep dealing damage with his abilities. Furthermore, even with his Shadow Dash you have the potential to catch up to him because you are very mobile. Just farm well, look out for ganks and dominate the lane!

The Mad Chemist

Melee, Fighter

Difficulty : Easy
Possibility of successful gank :Low
Counters: Teemo , Jayce , Vladimir
Counter Mechanics: Slow, Magic Resist
Detail : Singed is a strong match up, but you have the tools to basically counter what he does best. Singed is well known for his Insanity poison and Poison Trail combo along with Ghost and Mega Adhesive for chasing down people. Fortunately for Jayce, he is slightly more mobile than Singed, and also has a knockback. Personally you can kill him early on with the help of a gank, but in late game it's really rare.



The Blade's Shadow

Assassin, Melee

Difficulty :Medium
Possibility of successful gank :Low
Counters: Lee Sin, Riven , Yorick , Pantheon
Counter Mechanics : Stealth Detection, CC, Armor, Harass Early Game
Detail : Talon is another very strong laner that deals tons of damage especially when his combo is done right. The person who wins the lane depends mainly on how well each farms and which person does the better decision. In 1 v 1 situation, the outcome may come in question. However, I like to harass him as much as possible so that he knows you're not scared of him. However his noxian diplomacy is really devastating.


The Swift Scout

Ranged, Stealth, Support

Difficulty :Medium
Possibility of successful gank :Medium
Counters: Akali , Yorick , Pantheon
Counter Mechanics : Stealth Detection, Magic Resist, Armor, Gap-closers
Detail : Teemo has got to be the most annoying champion ever no doubt. However you can beat him as long as you don't let him harass you too much. Take advantage by being aggressive early game, because he's squishy. Again Jayce doesn't have to rely on basic attacks to do damage so his Blinding Dart 's blind won't be much help. However, just be aware of his mushrooms and get an early Oracle's Elixir when you can.

The Piltover Enforcer

Melee, Fighter

Difficulty :Easy
Possibility of successful gank :Medium
Counters: Jax , Teemo , Jayce , Garen, Riven
Counter Mechanics: Knock backs, armor, mobile champions with CC
Detail : Vi is definitely a strong champ because she can deal a ton of damage even when she is tanky. However, you counter her because of the skills you have. Simple example is when she tries to dash forward to you, you simple knock her back with your E. Adding to this you can win against her 1 v 1 , just watch out for Assault and Battery because the enemy jungler is coming to gank.

The Crimson Reaper

Mage, Ranged, Fighter

Difficulty :Medium-Hard
Possibility of successful gank :Medium
Counters: Riven , Swain , Xin Zhao , Irelia
Counter Mechanics: Magic Resist, Burst Damage, Healing Reduction
Detail : Vladimir is basically one of those champs with incredible sustain. You're going to exhaust your mana already when he's still in lane with a large amount of HP thanks to his spammable Transfusion. It even gets worse once he gets Hextech Revolver. Furthermore, he can beat you 1 v 1 because he's going to harass you as much as he can with Q, and then later on can do his combo and kill you even undertower. His Q is annoying but you can't do much.

The Thunder's Roar

Mage, Ranged, Fighter

Difficulty :Easy
Possibility of successful gank :Medium
Counters: Darius , Teemo , Jayce , Yorick
Counter Mechanics: Ignite, Healing Reduction
Detail : Volibear is actually not a hard match up for you . Reason being is because your skills counter his abilities. What I mean is that even though he uses Rolling Thunder , you use your E to escape (knockback and acceleration gate). Also adding to this, you're E knockback deals % of max health damage which is great for Volibear. You can beat him in a 1 v 1, as long as you don't fight him exactly at full health.

The Monkey King

Melee, Stealth, Fighter

Difficulty : Hard
Possibility of successful gank :Medium
Counters: lee sin , Darius , Olaf . Garen
Counter Mechanics: Range, CC , Armor
Detail : Wukong is definitely one of the hardest match ups. The reason for this is because of his famous combo E > Q > W. This basically is his harassing tool all day and he'll always want to try and get in range to do this combo. Of course, the problem with Decoy as well is he can lead you to a bait to the jungler. Not only that but hitting the Decoy will result in a massive loss especially during 1 v 1 situations.

The Seneschal of Demacia

Assassin, Melee, Fighter

Difficulty : Hard
Possibility of successful gank :Medium
Counters: Jax , Malphite , Volibear
Counter Mechanics: Armor, Attack Speed Reduction, Taunts, Blinds, Dodge
Detail : Xin Zhao is possibly one of the worst match ups you'll have. The reason why Xin is so good for Jayce is because of his E > W > Q combo. This is again similar to Wukong 's combo. However, what I noticed is that Jayce in cannon form is too late to react to Xin's dash, resulting in a successful combo. By the time Jayce switches to hammer form, he already gets knocked up receiving tons of damage from one combo alone.

The Gravedigger

Melee, Pusher, Fighter

Difficulty : Hard
Possibility of successful gank :Medium
Counters: Cho'Gath , Trundle , Xin Zhao , Nunu
Counter Mechanics: High sustain, Armor, Gap-closer bruisers
Detail : Yorick is again one of your nightmare match ups. He is extremely strong especially when spamming his abilities. Yorick has a slow, and 2 omens that deal quite a big amount of damage and one of them heals for an amount. This is his sustain ability. He's so difficult to kill and his passive and ulti just makes your life harder. All I can say is farm safely.

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First of all, I would like to thank all of you for reading through my guide. If you found something that you would want to ask me, don't hesitate to comment below. It's nice to have this build finished because this is the first proper one that i've done and spent a long time doing.

The builds above are based on what I have the most success with and I've gone through the things that can help you out in game through my experience in playing Jayce.

I would be glad if you can give this build positive ratings and comments. I'll gladly reply to the comment sections below if you do in fact have any questions. Again do not rely on looking at builds and masteries alone!

Here below is my "proof" video. This is me doing a live commentary and showing some of my best scores as well as my ranked stats for Season 2 and 3. I thought this would be a better idea instead of uploading scores of my photos one by one, and you guys can hear my ****py voice =(. Although I am well-aware the voice sounds a tad low, it's my first time using camtasia :D. More to come though. Please watch it on youtube, it's most likely to have a higher and better quality there. The timer is here below if you wanted to see my main champ's stats for Season 2 and Season 3. I figured some of you would only want to see my main champ stats so here you go.

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Here's the timer:

Season 2 - 56/67 (45.5%)
Xin Zhao- 5:04
Jax- 3:31
Jarvan IV- 4:48
Jayce- 6:21
Lee Sin- 7:41
Darius- 5:45

Season 3 - Currently 33/46 (41.8%)
Jax- 10:18
Xin Zhao - 10:09
Jarvan IV- Lacking Games Currently
Jayce- 10:50
Lee Sin- 12:31
Darius - 12:37

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10K views - 1/1/12

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