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Karthus Humor Guide by Bloody Imoriga

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Bloody Imoriga

The funniest Karthus ever

Bloody Imoriga Last updated on June 20, 2013
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Do you ever wished for a Karthus more than just R R R R R?
Here he comes!!!
A Karthus that fight heavyly, dies and returns to complete his job.

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Pure AP+Magic Penetration.
Other possibilities.hmmmm.
Maybe Gold per 10seconds Quintessences.

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The first thing that comes to your mind maybe is:
WTF Why Summoner's Wrath
My answer is:
Because its cool. Over.

Summoner's Resolve for revive.
Summoner's Insight for teleport.

The support masteries becasue bonus gold is awesome.
And buffs too.

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This Build include an huge amont of AD, AP and Movementspeed all you need for quick revenge.
First ofc Amplifying Tome and 5 potions.
As soon as possible get your Souleater as i call him.
Than take Zeal or Phage, but not Sheen because Sheen would be smart.
After Zeal and Phage take Sheen and complete your Trinity Force afterwards.
May you than notice that you dont got boots so buy LvL3 Boots you should get enough Money from your kills.
Next built Tiamat, Guinsoo's Rageblade and Hextach Gunblade in your favourite order.
(I prefer Tiamat>Rageblade>Hextech, why? All other combinations would be smart xD )

If got some free time i will make better explainations about every item :D

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Skill Sequence

This is maybe the only normal thing in this guide:
Max LAY WASTE first!!!!
DEFILE second.
Level ulti whenever possible.

An Alternative would be to max WAL OF PAIN first than LAY WASTE and last DEFILE.

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Summoner Spells

Is there anything to explain?
I don't think so.
Revive for a rebirth.
Teleport for an cold revenge.

There is no other choices so i won't explain other possible spells.

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-Surprise your enemy
-Confuse enemy's tank
-laugh if you kill some1
-most fun build ever
-more fun if played with premades and Teamspeak or Skype
-simply OP

-Heavy to build (expensive)
-raging teammates
-flaming teammates
-may get banned
-doesn't make any sense
-hard to master
-shouldn't be played at ranked
-took my 3 Hours to discover and 1 Hour to write this( xD )

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Of course this build is made for jungle.
But then buy ward place at wraits attack, kill 1 or 2 (if you are good),
use revive teleport to the ward and try to kill the rest.
Thats the jungle route.

Try to last hit everything with legs: Twitch, Minions, Enemys, Tibbers and Twitch.
Do never recall, if you do this IMPROVED RECALL would got a sense.
If you die just revive and teleport.
You should be at 150Farm at min 30:00.
Remember every championkill is equal to 10 Minions.So count them to.

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As said before this build shouldn't be played at ranked.
Not because it is so weak, nooooooo because everyone will bann
Karthus after you used this 1 time and I ♥ Karthus *strange laugh*.

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I hope you enjoyed this Guide and it helps you to master Karthus.
I will post some screen of my games if some1 tell me how to do this here.
So have fun with the funniest Karthus ever.

P.S.: Please tell me if you find some failures in grammar or spelling.

THX Bloody Imoriga


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