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Gangplank Build Guide by iownedya

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League of Legends Build Guide Author iownedya

The Gang of Plank ~a jungling Gangplank's guid~

iownedya Last updated on February 13, 2012
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Hi this build is going to be my second build! Gangplank is one of my favorite jungleros because of his ability to heal, attack faster, and earn a little extra gold. My first build was rated poorly by someone who probably has no clue how to play or that person did these things and failed miserably at all their games.

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Runes... Well of course you need to do the following - physical attack in red, defense in yellow, and abilities in blue. Quintessence runes obviously need to be experience gain :P. If he is jungling, he will be same level as laner, but you don't want that. You want to be high enough level to be the same as solo or mid. This means getting your ult before many other people, so you can gank extremely easily. When ganking, let them push to the last brush or turret. Then Parrley one of them. When allies are close, raise morale. This will ensure a kill for your team. Hopefully, your allies have stuns and/or snares ready.

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Defense because of the bounceback on minions and monsters... Like a little thornmail. The offense is for ganks and all that good stuff. Of course GP doesn't need any utility at all because he doesn't waste a lot of mana until he bursts. His ult can pick off the people who have extremely low hp due to a recent fight. The physical damage from gangplanks Parrley is massive if he is able to strike a critical strike. You may change the masteries around to your liking, it doesn't really matter.

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Atmogs! Atmogs! All the good Gangplanks have Atmogs combo. Of course, trinity is fun for the extra AP for oranges and his ult. Crits can literally instakill someone. With this, you can get up to 1k crit guaranteed. One gangplank insta killed me with one hit and Parrrley! His build was pretty decent, but not as good as this one. Trinity's sheen passive produces enormous damage if Gangplank can crit an enemy. Infinity, atmogs and trinity force... That alone can make you survive long and nearly insta-kill someone squishy. You may or may not want to get trinity first, but use it to your liking.

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Skill Sequence

Of course the Parrley needs more damage and the extra gold gain can come in handy. Raise morale gives more movement and attack damage when active, and it gives passive attack speed and movement. Remove scurvy heals a lot, but is not necessary when jungling, as you will receive lifesteal from wriggles. You can change it to raise morale last and remove scurvy second. It can benefit you a lot depending on who you are versing.

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Summoner Spells

I am guessing that everyone knows about smite... Treu damage to minions yada yada yada... Exhaust comes in handy when battling someone extremely strong; for example... gangplank! Exhaust can be used to slow and chase enemies down. Make sure you kill the monster with smite because other people can steal the monster you are fighting.

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Warding and Ganking

If you are jungling, you know you are going to ward. Wards help prevent any pathetic attempts to counter jungle. This will provide a safe place for you to jungle. When ganking, make sure you place a vision ward in the brush to check for any wards. Pretend to go mid and stay in the brush. Let the enemy push more until they are trapped in between your ally and you. The may be forced to ghost and/or flash away. Raise morale mmediately after. Parrley slows with the grog soaked blade effect. Make sure to gank at the levels of 3, 6, and 9. This allows room for wards to die and at level three, you have all your skills, so it is easy to pick off the enemy champions. Wriggles lantern will provide free wards. Make sure you ward dragon or the river near dragon.

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Sequence of jungle

Never start at blue!!! The enemy team may try to counter jungle you, so if starting at blue, always be full team!!! I recommend starting at regular golems then advancing to wraiths then wolves. Get blue at level 4 when you have wriglers lantern. Get red when you get smite again and advance to a gank. If you are jungling in the enemy team's jungle, make sure you leave one monster behind because if they want to jungle, only that monster will be left.

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This is my build for Jungling gangplank. I always win when it comes to this build. I hope you post comments, suggestions, and rate this guide! Show me some love by posting helpful comments! :D I hope you win 99/0/99 with this guide (jk ;) maybe not...)