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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Twisted Fate Build Guide by iownedya

Twisted Fate, Pick a Type! (AP, AD, AS)

Twisted Fate, Pick a Type! (AP, AD, AS)

Updated on July 3, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author iownedya Build Guide By iownedya 52 7 225,906 Views 68 Comments
52 7 225,906 Views 68 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author iownedya Twisted Fate Build Guide By iownedya Updated on July 3, 2012
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Choose Champion Build:

  • LoL Champion: Twisted Fate
  • LoL Champion: Twisted Fate
  • LoL Champion: Twisted Fate


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


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Hi! Iownedya here, bringing you a Twisted Fate guide!

Twisted Fate has a lot of different, unique ways to play him. I play him either AP, AD, or AS. These builds work very well against teams who are agressive AND defensive because they give a slight bulkiness to Twisted Fate as well as a bunch of damage.

Thanks to jhoijhoi for her build and massive help on BBCoding.
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+ Sheen procs on Pick A Card
+ Has a variety of choices from his Pick A Card
+ Very long range for his Wild Cards
+ The angles of his Wild Cards can hit the champion if they try to dodge it
+ Very successful ganks due to Destiny
+ Vision when using Destiny

- Very Squishy without items
- Ultimate does not damage
- Going AD or AS will make your Wild Cards do nothing
- Passive does not help in team fights
- Global ult got nerfed
- Missing your Wild Cards will make you lose one source of damage when going AP
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AP Carry Masteries

  • Summoner's Wrath + Summoner's Insight - Flash and Ignite have give small benefits dealing with the cooldown of your summoner spells. Flash receives less cooldown and Ignite gives a bonus 5 attack damage and ability power to you when on cooldown.
  • Brute Force and Butcher allow you to last hit minions. This gives a good advantage late game.
  • Blast and Archmage give extra ability power. Blast gives ability power per level and Archmage gives percent ability power (similar to Rabadon's Deathcap).
  • Brute Force gives increased damage. Taking this will allow you to deal one extra damage per point in it. Only a space filler because this is better than Mental Force .
  • Executioner gives percent increased damage if the target has 40% health or lower.
  • Expanded Mind gives bonus mana. Only get this to unlock the next mastery, Meditation for the increased mana regen per 5 seconds.
  • Enhanced Recall gives 1 second reduced recall time. This can save your life if recalling in a brush.
  • Runic Affinity can really help you if you have a jungler in your team. It increases the duration of any buff. This is important if you want to outlane your opponent in mid usingbluee buff.

AD Carry Masteries

  • Summoner's Wrath - The extra 5 attack damage and ability power could really help from Ignite's cooldown.
  • Brute Force gives 3 base attack damage, extremely important early game.
  • Alacrity gives 4% extra attack speed. Get this for the armor penetration. Weapon Expertise gives increased armor penetration.
  • Deadliness gives extra attack damage and allows you to get the next mastery, Lethality . This gives 10% extra critical strike damage.
  • Vampirism allows you to have 3% lifesteal which is important late game and mid game when you get more damage.
  • Sunder gives armor penetration. Very important when they start building armor against you.
  • Executioner lets you deal increased damage to champions under 40% health.
  • Resistance Extra magic resist anyone?
  • Hardiness Extra armor for the opposing AD carry in bot lane.
  • Durability gives bonus health and allows you to get another big bonus of health, Veteran's Scars

AS on-hit Masteries

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AP Runes

greater seal of vitality

  • Greater Quintessence of Ability Power: Base AP is very good. Three of these runes allow you to have 15 base AP. You can switch these runes for magic penetration runes.
  • Greater Mark of Magic Penetration: These runes give magic penetration (9%) This is good late game. You may be able to switch these marks for base ability power runes.
  • Greater Glyph of Scaling Ability Power: Ability power per level will help later game, while your flat ability power will help earlier. This is about the same effect as flat mid game, but gives more late.
  • greater seal of vitality: Hp/lvl runes, do it like Phreak! These will help a lot late game, giving you 162 hp at level 18.

AD Runes

  • Greater Quintessence of Scaling Attack Damage: This quintessence gives 0.25 attack damage per level, that is 4.5 attack damage each rune. That is about 14 extra attack damage at level 18. This is about 1.4 of a Long Sword
  • Greater Mark of Attack Damage: Flat attack damage coupled with attack damage per level makes you deal massive damage early game while being just as strong late game.
  • Greater Glyph of Health: This is the better buy switching the seals. (1.41 armor and ~2.6 hp vs. .7 armor and 5.2 hp) this gives 1 total more armor than the second combination.
  • Greater Seal of Armor: Flat armor was recommended by Icecreamy. They are amazing early game which affects the late game damage.

AS Runes

greater seal of defense

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Summoner Spells

Very Viable Summoner Spells

The BEST summoner spell out there. This allows you to escape over walls, get a stun and kill an opponent, steal important buffs ( Dragon and/or Baron Nashor ), etc.

This spell is very good. Instead of getting Morello's Evil Tome or Executioner's Calling, this item gives the enemy a greavous wound and damage over time. At level 18, it does 430 true damage. The mastery gives an extra 5 AP and 5 AD while it is on cooldown, so use it in the middle of a fight to secure a kill.

This summoner spell allows you to reduce the attack damage and movement speed of an enemy champion. Use this in teamfights on the opposing ranged AD champion to ensure the least amount of damage done to your team.

This summoner spell is strongly recommended fot the basic AD carry or AS carry. This allows you to survive in teamfights while helping other teammates survive. This spell is a lot more viable since the Heal buffs.

A great spell to get when facing teams with heavy CCs, such as Leona, Morgana, etc. DO NOT GET THIS WHEN FACING SUPPRESSION TEAMS! IT WILL NOT CLEANSE ANY SUPPRESSIONS! Get Quicksilver Sash, instead.

Good Summoner Spells

Ghost is not as good as Flash. Ghost is better in chasing or running in straight lines. Also, you ignore unit collision, but there won't be a huge minion wave blocking your way that often.

Teleport is good for getting around to places. You can get into a team fight, escape, or save a turret this way. Also, you have that Destiny which covers a distance of 5,500 units (around half the map of summoner's rift when standing in the center). Half the time, Teleport is useless.

Do-Not-Get Summoner Spells

I understand that you may run out of mana, but that is no reason to get Clarity. You are Twisted Fate, use Blue Card! Even worse, if a Soraka is supporting you. Just don't get this summoner spell.

Clairvoyance is for supports. Do not get this. You already have your Destiny vision. This spell is one of the worst to get.

Promote is a good summoner spell VERY early game, that is it. It is not viable elsewhere.

No, just no... You should not be dying in the first place.

You do not need it, for you are not jungling. Very rarely will you be able to steal Baron or Dragon with this.

This is on the borderline of being a good summoner spell or a horrible one. When in teamfights, this spell can deal out massive damage (as attack speed Twisted Fate) to the enemy team.
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-> The boots give Enhanced Movement, which boosts your movement. The Sorcerer's Shoes give an extra 20 magic penetration.

Early Game: The movement speed will help you dodge many skillshots, harrass easier, and save your life. The health pots can also be of big use because you may need those pots when laning.

Mid Game: By now, you should have Sorcerer's Shoes. The magic penetration will help do extra damage to people who are stacking MRes. Also, you need the extra boost of movement that most boots give.

Late Game: These boots combined with Void Staff will ignore most of your target's MRes. This is extremely important because you need to have that magic damage in your team. Remember not to target tanks first!

-> After using an ability, these two items both give an extra effect to your next basic attack. The Sheen gives your next basic attack bonus magic damage scaling 100% of your attack damage. The Lich Bane gives your next basic attack bonus magic damage scaling 100% of your ability power.

Early Game: Keep the Sheen early game to proc with your Pick A Card skill. You will not have much AP early game, so keep it until you do.

Mid Game: By now, you should have Rabadon's Deathcap and be working on building Lich Bane.

Late Game: With Lich Bane and Pick A Card, you will do, as Phreak says TONS OF DAMAGE, except this is with a Lich Bane, not Trinity Force. Your AP amount and damage will be HUGE and with a Lich Bane!

Rabadon's Deathcap gives 140 ability power. Also, as a unique passive, gives extra ability power scaling on 30% of your ability power.

Early Game: You should be building this item DURING early game. If you are fed enough, you could have this during the early game time.

Mid Game: By now, you should be finished with Rabadon's Deathcap. This allows your poke ( Wild Cards) to be not your poke, but your main source of damage, along with Lich Bane.

Late Game: With all your magic penetration and AP, you will be able to do a lot of damage. This allows you to carry easily. Rabadon's Deathcap is a must-have for all AP casters.

Rylai's Crystal Scepter gives health and ability power. Each of your abilities slow by 35% (15% for AoE and damage over time spells).

Early Game: (none)

Mid Game: By now, you should be building or have Rylai's Crystal Scepter. It would really help boost your survivability and damage.

Late Game: Now, each of your spells will slow your enemy. If you use blue card for mana, you will be able to slow as well as get mana back. The slow will give an extra 15% slow to your red card and a slow for your gold card after they are done being stunned. It could possibly slow everyone when you use Destiny to teleport somewhere. I still haven't tested it yet.

The Void Staff will give a nice boost of ability power as well as magic penetration. You will be able to do damage to people who start building magic resist.

Early Game: (none)

Mid Game: After Rylai's Crystal Scepter, you should start on Void Staff. You may have at least an Amplifying Tome later in mid game.

Late Game: Getting Void Staff will really help with people with Abyssal Mask, Force of Nature, etc. The magic penetration combination from Void Staff and Sorcerer's Shoes will allow you do as much damage as possible.

This item blocks one spell every 45 seconds. It gives good health, mana, and magic resist. Very good against bursty AP champions.

Early Game: (none)

Mid Game: (none)

Late Game: Usually, games end before you can finish your builds. If you have enough time, you will be able to survive teamfights, destroy all global ultimates, etc.


-> These boots give movement speed boosts. Berserker's Greaves give a small attack speed bonus.

Early Game: Early game, boots and health potions are the best items to start with. The first two items ( Wriggle's Lantern and Berserker's Greaves) are both very cheap and cost a 2,520 gold total. (You only need at least one Doran's Blade making the cost a 2,995 total gold with one, and 3,470 gold with two.)

Mid Game: The attack speed boost is very important because it can mean one more hit. That one hit could be a critical strike, doing double damage and healing you more than usual.

Late Game: With the damage, critical strike damage, and slow per hit, you will pummel through your opponents easily. If they are underlevel and/or underfed, you can basically stun them and they are dead.

-> Both of these items give a good amount of lifesteal. Sell Wriggle's Lantern for Bloodthirster later in the game.

Early Game: Wriggle's Lantern is going to be your first full item. This item helps you farm well, sustain, do a little of damage, and be slightly tanky. You will be able to put a free ward at your lane every three minutes.

Mid Game: Keep Wriggle's Lantern and start your Bloodthirster. Once you get the B. F. Sword, sell Wriggle's Lantern and get Bloodthirster.

Late Game: If you farmed well, you should now have max charges on your Bloodthirster (unless you die). This combined with critical strikes with your other items, you will be able to kill most opposing champions.

Infinity Edge is a good item for AD carries. It makes your critical strikes deal 250% damage instead of the regular 200% damage.

Early Game: After getting your beginning items, start your B. F. Sword.

Mid Game: By now, you should have at least an Infinity Edge with a Zeal. This combo gives a lot of damage and critical strike damage.

Late Game: With the (almost) completed build, you should have at least 1,000 critical strike damage with the help of Infinity Edge. Instead of 800 crits, it makes it 1,000.

Phantom Dancer gives the most attack speed, critical strike chance, and movement (not counting boots) in the game. Extremely useful for AD carries that want this extreme boost of stats.

Early Game: Have Zeal and you are fine. If you don't it is still fine, but at least have 75 cs (creep score).

Mid Game: By now, you should have Phantom Dancer. Each critical strike will do at least 400 damage at this stage of the game.

Late Game: One of these and Twisted Fate's Stacked Deck passive will give you at least 1.5 attack speed. This boasts 3 attacks per 2 seconds dealing around 800 - 1,000 damage to squishies.

Last Whisper gives a decent amount of attack damage as well as great armor penetration.

Early Game: (none)

Mid Game: If you are fed, you may or may not have at least a Long Sword for this.

Late Game: You will be able to take down even tanks with all the armor penetration from Last Whisper and your offensive tree masteries. This is about 50% armor penetration.

Frozen Mallet gives a good amount of health as well as damage. The unique passive slows the attacker's movement speed by 35% each hit almost always granting you an easy kill. (15 or 20% with ranged attacks.)

Early Game: (none)

Mid Game: (none)

Late Game: Frozen Mallet can be bought either 5th or 6th switching Last Whisper. The extra health will usually result in you surviving a massive CC that will allow you to lifesteal back to (almost) full hp. Slow per hit is extremely useful when chasing down enemies. (Remember, never chase an enemy too far, especially in their jungle.)


-> Again, these boots give Enhanced Movement, making your movement speed increased by 30 (Enhanced Movement 1) and 50 (Enhanced Movement 2). Berserker's Greaves are an extremely cheap pair of boots giving you a small attack speed bonus.

Early Game: Boots allow you to poke. This will allow you to easily zone someone out and outlevel the opposing team's AD carry.

Mid Game: Berserker's Greaves allow you to chase enemies with no boots and enemies who have the tier 1 boots. The attack speed bonus will bring your attack speed up to about 1. This is a good advantage when trying to last-hit minion waves.

Late Game: These are your main source of movement and are important. With these on, you should have about 390 movement speed (minus runes and masteries). Baiting, chasing, and running all need this movement speed boost.

Malady is an extremely cheap item. It gives a very good attack speed boost and a small ability power boost. Each hit with Malady does extra magic damage.

Early Game: Malady is one of the most important items for AS on-hit Twisted Fate. His Stacked Deck will deal bonus magic damage and it will recharge faster with Malady. He should have this by 10:00 if he farmed well.

Mid Game: By now, he should be dealing very good damage each 4th subsequent hit from Stacked Deck, Ionic Spark, and Malady. If the enemy team builds armor, not a worry! You are magic damage.

Late Game: Late game, you should be dealing at least 500 damage each 4th hit and 200 each other hit (including magic resist and armor). Malady is one of the best items to get on Twisted Fate on-hit because it is cheap, deals nice damage, and reduces the target's magic resist for extra magic damage.

Each 4th hit deals bonus magic damage in a chain lightning hitting up to 5 other people. Procs well with Stacked Deck. Remember to have 0stacks of Stacked Deck before buying this item because it will give you more burst damage.

Early Game: With a high level Stacked Deck, you will deal at least 300 damage per 4th hit and 150 for other basic attacks.

Mid Game: With a bunch of attack speed, the four hits will come fast as Twisted Fate throws out his cards. The chain lightnings will light off right before your eyes.

Late Game: It will get increasingly difficult to survive Twisted Fate's card barrage as he stuns you. Late game, you will be... LEGENDARY!

This item deals a portion of the target's maximum health as magic damage. Good for health tanks and people building health.

Early Game: You should have at least Madred's Razors or Recurve Bow.

Mid Game: Finally, you have it! Madred's Bloodrazor is one of the most expensive items in the game. It is imperative that you last hit and kill to get as close to getting it early game as possible.

Late Game: When they get Rylai's Crystal Scepter or Frozen Mallet, you will do increased damage to them. Lucky for you!

Frozen Mallet gives an extremely helpful hralth amount and a small damage amount. Each hit will slow your target by 35%. This makes up for your bad movement speed.

Early Game: (none)

Mid Game: You may have started your Phage or gotten a Giant's Belt.

Late Game: Helps you survive team fights, major CC, chase people down, etc. Basically all you need to be tanky but still have massive damage.

Bloodthirster is your sustain item. At full charge, it will give you a decent amount of extra lifesteal and damage.

Early Game: (none)

Mid Game: (none)

Late Game: Bloodthirster will grant you that physical damage as well as sustain damage. Now, the enemy team has to start building armor as well as magic resist!
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AP Situational Items

- To spam more spells with cooldown reduction.
- For less CC and more magic resist.
- For armor and reduced damage from badic attacks.


Abyssal Mask gives a nice boost of magic resist as well as reducing the enemy team's magic resist. Wild Cards is long-ranged, so you may not want this item.

Need armor? Fighting Karthus? No problem! Zhonya's Hourglass gives good armor, nice ability power, and an amazing unique active. The active grants the user the ability to become in an invincible state for 2 seconds.

Do you feel you aren't bursty enough? Deathfire Grasp could help you fix your problem. The active can come in use to kill an enemy after your burst is down or just to harrass.

This item is another very good item. This allows you to have extreme health, mana, and ability power after 10 minutes. Also, if you are not levek 18, the effect on Catalyst The Protector still works on Rod of Ages.

Morello's Evil Tome gives increased ability power, mana regeneration, and cooldown reduction. Now, after the new patch, it will give greavous wounds to enemy champions. This is good for healers and against Soraka. This item is good on supports mainly, not AP carries.
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AD Situational Items


- For tenacity and magic resist.
- to chase down enemies and run away.
- For increased armor and reduced damage for basic attacks.


If you want to shred their armor, get this item. This item is extremely bad with Last Whisper, so don't combine them if you can help it.

This item is similar to Lich Bane, but scales on attack damage, not ability power. It procs on your Pick A Card skill, so it can be either extremely good or bad. The damage is not very significant later in the game, so I put this item as a "situational item".

If they have a massive healer such as Dr. Mundo, Sion, etc., get this item to reduce their healing drastically.

Zeke's Herald An aura item that helps your team if you have a lot of AD
champions in your team. Also, it gives health and cooldown reduction for yourself.

This item gives you cooldown reduction, attack damage, armor penetration, and critical strike damage. This could really help for your damage especially with the active. There is one downside, you cannot receive the extra duration because you are not a melee champion.

This is an item many AD carries get to counter enemy Malzahar, Warwick, and/or any other suppressions. It also helps for stuns and other big CC effects.

If you are being focused down, this will help a lot. While you are reviving, your team will kill the rest of the opposing team. If you do die, and there is still at least one enemy remaining, Destiny and kill that champion.
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AS Situational Items


- Magic penetration for your magic on-hit damage.
- Tenacity and magic resist to survive
- Armor and reduced damage from basic attacks.


A good on-hit item, giving good magic resist and damage. It is cheap giving a lot of attack speed.

Another good item for on-hit people. It gives ability power, attack speed, cooldown reduction, and mana regeneration. People like Kayle and Teemo use this item.

You can heal from your Stacked Deck, auto attacks, Pick A Card, and Wild Cards. The active deals some damage and slows the enemy down.

If you are getting CCed to death, get this. It is a Cleanse-in-a-bag. This is used mainly against suppressors.

Same reason as AD situational item.
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Skill Sequence

AP Skill Sequence

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

Wild Cards is one of the best pokes (when going AP Twisted Fate) in-game. Max this first for the most poke damage. This will deny your opponent EXP and gold. As you get well-farmed, you may ask for ganks from your jungler.

Pick A Card scales off of AP as well as AD, so you will be able to do a bunch of damage with your AP. Remember, the Sheen proc works on this skill. You may be able to get this first and max it second as shown in the second skill sequence.

AD Skill Sequence

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

Why don't I get any points in Wild Cards? The answer is because it dealsABSOLUTELY NO DAMAGE, WHATSOEVER. When Wild Cards has five points in it, the scaling is good, but the base damage is horrible.

Maxing Pick A Card first allows more mana from Blue Card, more damage and slow from Red Card, and more stun from Gold Card.

By maxing Stacked Deck second, you will be able to have less cooldown on Pick A Card and have more attack speed to go with your Phantom Dancer.

AS Skill Sequence

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

Stacked Deck is your main source of damage, while Wild Cards is practically useless. Every fourth attack deals about 500 damage with all the combined items (estimation, probably more).

Starting with Pick A Card allows you to farm easily and damage your opponent cinsiderably.

Note: farming withBlue Card allows you to last hit minions a lot easier and keep up with mana costs. This applies with Stacked Deck as well.
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In teamfights, remember to stay in a good position.


Remember to stay away from the direct fight until your tank initiates. Immediately stun their AP or AD carry. Shut them down quickly and then run back to the back. Toss out your Wild Cards until you get stun back up. Repeat the same process either to the remaining carry or their tanky bruiser.


As AD carry, you tend to get focused. The enemy assasins will most likely jump for you, so be prepared. Have your support protect you from these guys. Shut down the closest carry as quickly as possible then do the same to the other carries. Same order as the AP Twisted Fate.


For this build, your focus is special. First, you focus their AP carry. If the bruiser has little magic resist, go for him. Leave the AD carry third. Kill the support and finally the tank. Before you start attacking, stun their AD carry and let your team finish him off.

It is the same for all of these: Destiny in with Gold Card, stun their AD carry and wreak havoc upon the enemy team.
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Laning Partners (AD + AS)

Good Laning Partners

Sona is great for TF because she has many skills. If you get low, she can heal you quickly. Her Q is an excellent harrasing tool and gives you more AD and AP, which go with your Q, W, and E. You have slow movement speed, but she can give you a little more with her E. Sona's Crescendo can go in sync with yours. If you land a stun, the target can be stun locked and easily killed.

Alistar has great heals and CC. He is beefy and can tank for very long. Since you have very little mobility pre-6, his Headbutts will allow you to escape. Alistar can have MANY heals or very little depending on how many minions, monsters, or champions die around him. Pulverize allows you be escape and deal out tons of damage as they fly into the air.

Karma is a misunderstood champion. She excels at giving survivability and is very good in harrassing. She can shield, heal, and speed up or slow down. Karma's Mantra is her best tool. She gets three charges and the extra effects Mantra gives are crazy.

Other Good Supports

Soraka has many heals and can help you lane sustain for very long. She has magic resist reduce, perfect for AS Twisted Fate. She does not have any speed ups or slow downs, and her Infuse is practically useless, as you have Blue Card.

Janna is a very good support. She has great mobility and an awesome shield. This shield gives extra AD as well as the damage absorb. She has a blow away, a blow up, and a slow. All of these are very good for Twisted Fate because then he could channel his Destiny without being disrupted.

Leona is one of those damage supports. She doesn't give her laning partner much survivability, but has tons of CC. This allows you to stun lock anyone with Gold Card. Her passive is good with your Pick A Card and Stacked Deck skills. She can initiate fights durong the team fight phase, but you may have little to no chance of survival as the carry.

Lulu has a speed up that gives AP. This can go with your Pick A Card and Stacked Deck very well. Her shield lets your attacks deal a little increased magic damage, great for AS Twisted Fate. Her ult knocks everyone around you up and gives bonus max health for a short time. You can bait enemies in with this and Heal.

Blitzcrank is another damage support. With no survivability, he may be devastating for you. He can Rocket Grab an enemy right into your Gold Card, guaranteeing an instant kill. Survivng pre-6 would be a problem for you because blitzcrank can only silence and knock up enemies for a short duration.

Orianna has a great shield. She has decent poking ability with her ball. A good thing about Orianna is that she has a slow down enemies/speed up allies type of AoE. Orianna can disrupt enemy champions with her ult and knock them into your Gold Card.

Nautilus is a great champion. He is similar to a Leona/ Blitzcrank combo. His damage is good, he has crazy CC, and he has a pull and leap. His knockup ult knocks everything up in the path it goes and the target itself. This is useful in chasing enemies down. Also, he has a snare every - seconds to a single target. He can tank for you, but has no heals or shields that can protect you.

Nidalee has an amazing heal/attack speed boost. Good for Twisted Fate. She has decent harrass and has free "wards" with her Bushwhacks. She can stop to try to stall the enemies and escape with low health. Her Pounce is one of the most OP skills in the game to escape with. She has no Hard CC, though.

Shen is usually solo top or jungling, but when he is supporting, he is good. He is another OFFENSIVE support. He can literally disrupt the whole enemy team with his Shadow Dash taunt. Also, he can give you lane sustainability with Vorpal Blades. He can insta-shield you with his Stand United. This shield gives a huge amount later in the game.

Controversial Supports

Lux has many skillshots. She has a great double shield and a snare. One bad reason about Lux is that her poking power falls extremely low if she supports. Her snare can be blocked by minions and other champions. Her double shield is the anti damage over time. If the enemy has enough damage, Lux becomes useless in saving you.

Poppy only has a stun and damage increase. She has to position herself perfectly to get the stun. If she targets the wrong person in a fight, they may lose it. Also, she can be a meat shield for you, so she is useful in that way. Usually, the enemies may want to focus you, so Poppy disrupts them with Heroic Charge.

Zilean is a personal Guardian Angel when he reaches level 6. He has good harass with his Time Bombs. A downside is that he can mistakenly KS with his bombs. Also, he has no Hard CC. He has a speed up/slow down. Important for escaping when Destiny is down.

Not recommended Supports

I believe Taric is one of the worst supports out there. His heals are crazily bad at low levels and his armor aura can be wasted if you have a bad Taric. His Dazzle deals minimal damage, but does stun for a short duration. His ultimate gives an aura after having a burst of damage. This aura gives extra AP and AD, really the only skill worth mentioning. He has no mobility or damage.

Nunu & Willump may be even worse than Taric. He has no heals and no hard CC. He has an easily canceled ultimate and only slows. His self heal takes your cs. The only support skill he has is the Blood Boil. This increases attack speed and movement speed, not much compared to what other supports can achieve.
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Who am I Laning Against? (AD Carry)

Twisted Fate

Mirror laning, the hardest to do because it depends who has more skill. Have a better support than him and you can be deadly. It all depends on your skill, his skill, and the supports and their skill.


Caitlyn has great harrass with her Piltover Peacemaker and Yordle Snap Traps. When you see her lay down her gun, prepare to dodge a Peacemaker shot. Be wary of brushes that you suspect have traps in them. They can eventually lead to your doom. You can Destiny away from Caitlyn's Ace in the Hole and have some stall time. If you can teleport to your fountain, you are safe. You can also teleport to behind your ally. This allows you to let that person block the shot.


Vayne is a huge snowball champion (relies on kills). She becomes stronger as she levels up and gets farmed. Early game, she is moderately strong. You both have an attack proc ( Stacked Deck and Silver Bolts.) Watch out if you stand against a wall. She can Condemn and stun you. Beware of this combo: AA -> Condemn -> Tumble AA. This instantly procs Silver Bolts and deals massive amounts of damage. Stay out of her range while harrasing her with Gold Card and Stacked Deck. Also, keep in mind: Farm > Harrass.


Varus outranges you with his Q harrass. Also, watch out for Blight stacks on you. If he fully charges his Q with Blight, it hits like a truck. If you ult, he can keep you win place with his ult. Very difficult to lane against. Don't fight in his Hail of Arrows because your support may try to heal you up. Don't get greedy and tower dive because he can just snare you and you are dead.

AD Kennen

Kennen has a lot of mobility with his Lightning Rush. He can stun you many times with his passive. Be careful not to fight him when he has his W passive on because he could instastun you. Ask for ganks often and lock him with Gold Card before he can escape. His ult can stun you guys, so be careful if you gank him at level 6. Escaping will be easy because his stuns will be delayed, so Destiny has time to channel.


Ezreal will be extremely easy to lane against because you can stand behind minion waves. If he engages with Arcane Shift, he can be taken down extremely easily. The only problem with Ezreal is his global ultimate and his attack speed reduce. If you can dodge hus attack speed reduce, you don't have to worry about anything, especially if fighting him behind a minion wave. Remember, minions can block his Mystic Shot since they are very fat.


Your mortal enemy, Graves! He has very strong harrassing tools and very fast attack speed. However, he cannot stop your ultimate from channeling. If he smoke screens you to get away, you can Destiny to see where he went and intercept him. Twisted Fate stuns and AAs with Stacked Deck > Graves with Buckshot and Quickdraw and AAs. There is a downside though. Graves will be EXTREMELY tanky at early levels and late game. His passive, True Grit gives ridiculous amounts of bo us statistics.


Ashe has basically what we call the "perma-slow." She can keep you at 250 movement speed for a LONG time. This is where your Gold Card comes in! She can stop your ultimate and even intercept you where you teleport with an amazing Enchanted Crystalized Arrow. With good warding, she can literally hit you where you teleport to. If she grabs Teleport, watch out. Once she hits 6, she will most likely go back to base and start shooting arrows and teleporting for a maximized 3.5 second stun. Troll her Teleports by protecting your allies with your own teleports.


Kog'Maw has stupid damage and range. His ult deals magic damage but uses both physical and magic damage and has stupid range at level 3. His Bio-Arcane Barrage gives him increased range and magic damage based on a percent of their max hp. His slow is ridiculous at higher levels and that Caustic Spittle gives him ridiculous attack speed. Kog'Maw is one of the hardest champions to play against. There is one good thing though, he cannot stop your Destiny channel, but he can kill you as you channel it.


Urgot has so much harrass. He can 2v1 because in a professional game, Team Moscow 5 had an Urgot solo bot lane as Alistar and Lee Sin roamed like crazy. His shield gives his abilities to slow. His AAs and Q cause the target to deal percent reduced damage. He even has a lock-on skill for his Q. His E allows his Q to travel furthur and never miss. His ultimate grants him increased armor and magic resist and switches the place of one character to his place and he goes to that character's place. He can harrass and make you go Recall so many times, it'll get very annoying.

Miss Fortune

Miss Fortune is very easy to Twisted Fate. He can stand in front of minions to negate her Double Up or to their sides. He can stun her while she is using Bullet Time. Bad Miss Fortunes use up so much mana, that they become an easy target to harrass and eventually kill.


Sivir is an extremely easy target. If laning against her, grab a point in Wild Cards at level 4 or 3 to pop her spell shield. This will allow you to have a free hit on Sivir with your stun. Stacked Deck will not proc her shield, so feel free to AA her like crazy. Her harrass is weaker the more minions it passes through, so stand behind waves to take the least amount of damage.


Teemo is not very good against Twisted Fate. Twisted Fate can still stun Teemo through his Blinding Dart. Also, if Teemo decides to try and hide in a brush invisible, he can just ult and see him. Teemo could easily chase down Twisted Fate with Move Quick, but Twisted Fate can just click Destiny. Lifesteal > poison, so you could lifesteal some minions if Teemo dies while you are poisoned with extremely low health.


Twitch is an extremely weak champion unless he is cleaning up. His invisibility is annoying, but you got sight for that, so you can kill him even after Twitch's invisibility. This image should explain everything because Twitch is bad everywhere unless the enemy team is grouped up in a straight line for him to ult through:


Draven does not have very amazing damage. He has a slow/knockback which can come in handy to disrupt your ult or stop you from chasing. His Whirling Death can counter your ultimate, as his is global. His passive is a good execution, but when playing against him, you shiuld have a shield or heal support. His Blood Rush is extremely potent, but you can negate all of that AS and MS with one single Gold Card. Also using a Gold Card, you can prevent him from changing his ult direction and prevent him from catching his Q.
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Who am I Laning Against? (AP Carry)

Twisted Fate

I don't know... How good are you?


Ahri is very skillshot based. Try to dodge her Charm and immediately use your Gold Card/ Wild Cards combo. If you get hit once by her Orb of Deception, move to the side and dodge the other part of it. Do not fight when low health. She has three damage blinks for her ultimate. It is still a risk even if you have your Destiny ready.


Akali has very strong burst late game. The damage early game is pathetic, though. Again, do not fight her when low health. She has three damage blinks similar to Ahri. Do not get into melee range when you are hit by her Mark of the Assasin. She can activate it and use Crescent Sweep dealing a lot of damage. Stay in the back and keep poking with Wild Cards.


Anivia may be very strong, but she is extremely squishy. She stands no chance against long-range poke. Dodge her Flashfrosts and don't get in close if you get hit by hit. She can use Frostbite to deal a lot of damage. Once she is level 6, she can deal a lot of damage with the toggle ult into Frostbite. If the lane is pushing to your side, ask for a jungle gank.


Annie has very decent poke, but sadly for her, you have the longer range poke. Do not get close once you see her Pyromania is up. This can lead to you being severely injured or dying. Beware once she gets level 6. Summon: Tibbers has a fairly long range and she can snag you with it and ultimately, kill you.


Brand has very high damage and has long range. He also has special effects for each of his skills. He can stun you and burst you down easily. Once you are hit by one of his skills besides Sear, use your Gold Card/ Wild Cards combo. If you are fighting in lane, try to position yourself so his ultimate will not bounce to minions and back to you.


Cassiopeia has very strong, long range poke. Her Twin Fangs have extreme damage and have very low cooldowns if the target is poisoned. Stay out of her Miasma and try your best to dodge her Noxious Blasts. If she suddenly decides to fight you, turn around quickly. If she ults, this will only slow you and not stun you.

AP Ezreal

Ezreal tends to have a lot of poke and long range. He can dodge your Wild Cards with Arcane Shift and then burst you down. His Q procs Lich Bane, so be careful with that. If you get close enough to stun him, chances are that he will lash back at you and eventually kill you. His ultimate is global and does a lot of damage. If he shoots it to finish off your teammate, ping and quickly tell them to fall back. Recall in odd spaces, such as next to wolves, but not in lane because he can shoot his ultimate straight through and kill you.


Fiddlesticks is an extremely hard champion to lane against. His Terrify/ Bountiful Harvest combo outmatches your Gold Card/ Wild Cards combo. He has massive lane sustain and very long range with Reap. Reap silences you, so be wary of that. It bounces 5 times and can hit you multiple times if you aren't careful. Save your Gold Card until he starts channeling his ultimate or Bountiful Harvesting you. Poke him and shut him down early with a jungle gank.


Fizz is a very mobile champion. He can easily dodge your Wild Cards unless you stun him. Fizz has insane gapclosers, so you may not be able to poke him as well as other champions. You can dodge his Chum the Waters with early tier 2 boots. You may need a bit more magic resist. He has amazing escape tools, so wait for him to blow it all, then ult and finish him off. Beware: he can throw Chum the Waters exactly where you Gate.


Yes, yes folks, Galio is easy. His main damage comes from his Resolute Smite. You are his natural counter. You have long-ranged poke that surpasses Galio's. When Galio ults, you can be lucky enough to have Gold Card ready, therefore wasting his ult. Also, your Stacked Deck hits Galio when he is ulting. His Bulwark is hecka annoying, so that is why he is Medium-Easy.


Gragas has a similar playstyle to Twisted Fate's, so they are evenly matched. Gragas has long ranged poke. He has a dash ability that can dodge your Wild Cards, but you can lock him in place with Gold Card. His ult is annoying. He can position himself to kill you right when you Destiny to finish him off.


Heimerdinger can kite you in and out when you try to Gold Card him. Poke him and his turrets with Wild Cards. If you ult, he can place two turrets next to you and stun you. This can kill you, so be careful of that. Also, feign attack to blow his ultimate, and then really fight him. This will make his damage output a lot lower.


Karthus is indeed the easiest champion you will play against. His Lay Waste is easily dodged. You out range him by far. If he ults, you can Destiny over and stun him with Gold Card. Fighting him under Defile is a bad choice. That spell does a lot of damage over time in a large area. If he is bad, he will blow all of his mana and will be unable to recover any despite his Defile passive.


Kassadin is an annoyance to low skill players. He has very small burst and his silence does little to nothing against you. If he blinks away, your Wild Cards can catch him easily. If he blinks in to silence you, say, "I DON'T CARE" and stun him. While silenced, you are able to utilize Stacked Deck against him. If he manages to escape, use Destiny to catch him after he blinks.


Katarina has very weak early game, and her poke is pitiful. Stay to the side and keep poking when not farming. If she starts a fight with Shunpo, instantly start casting Pick A Card to get Gold Card out. This will ensure that if she ults, you will be able to immediately stun her. Make sure your Wild Cards are facing the right direction and hit her with them. Make her rage ;)

AP Kennen

Kennen is an extremely hard champion to lane against. Like Morgana, be wary of his Thundering Shuriken. This spell deals a lot of damage and can ultimately lead into a stun from his passive. He can easily dodge your Wild Cards with Lightning Dash, and can cancel your ultimate with his many stuns. Your one Gold Card should be used to stop his Lightning Rush because that usually signals an initiation, which you do not want.

AP Kog'Maw

Kog'Maw has long ranged harass that is AoE. His ultimate and Void Ooze deal massive damage and his AA range outstrips yours. His Q does decent damage and is close range, but you don't have to worry about that as much. Do not stay in lane with low health because he can easily kill you. His Void Ooze has a wider radius than your Wild Cards, about the same projectile speed, and slows. His ultimate is annoying because he can spam it with Athene's Unholy Grail and Archangel's Staff.

Le Blanc
Le Blanc

Le Blanc has extremely strong nuking power. Do not underestimate her. She is a deadly champion, especially after the Jayce Patch buff (Damn Riot). At level 6, she becomes unbearable in lane. Try to start fighting her at level 1, where she is weakest. At level 2, she has decent damage, but by level 4, she already has strong burst. If she uses Distortion, use a Gold Card to stun her, use Wild Cards, then run away. She has a gap closer and can fly past your Wild Cards. Be careful not to get too close to her.


Unfortunately for you, Lux has HUGE range poke. She has nice burst at level 6 and a deadly passive. A good Lux will lead you with Lucent Singularity and deal damage to you. Identify where they shoot the Lucent Singularity the most and move away from that direction. Be careful of her Light Binding -> send iut Lucent Singularity -> Finales Funkeln -> activate Lucent Singularity -> AA combo. That can literally rip away all of your heath in a mere second.


Malzahar has a lot of damage over time spells. He can suppress you, so you may want an early Quicksilver Sash to counteract this. His way of farming can push the lane, but gives him a lot of mana. He can place a damaging area beneath you, put Malefic Visions on you, and suppress you with Ignite on you. This, like Lux's, rips apart your health instantly. The Voidling also helps Malzahar kill you easily.

AP Master Yi

AP Master Yi has many down sides, even if it is extremely good. His spells are long cooldown and only his Alpha Strike deals major damage. Kill him early game and easily beat him in lane. If he decides to level 1 fight you, you should Flash under your tower as he is casting Alpha Strike. Stun him and there is a free kill for you. If he decides to Meditate, instantly stun him and throw out your Wild Cards.


Morgana is one of those champions. Her Dark Binding has a similar range to your Wild Cards. She can block all of your damage with a Black Shield. Morgana excels at mid lane, so do not expect to beat her easily. Keep poking behind your minions so that you will not be caught with a Dark Binding. Do not try to fight her unless she has extremely low health and you can burst her down. Also, keep a close eye on her mana. If she has low mana, engage then disengage to ensure some damage.

More coming soon!
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Using Destiny

Destiny is a very useful spell. It gives you vision of all the enemy champions and allows you to Gate somewhere in a 5,500 range. When standing in the middle of the map, it is about half the map. When at the fountain, you can Gate to the steps at the end of your base.

When Chasing

Mouse over your Destiny when planning to chase or gank a lane. It will show you the range. Guess about where the enemies are and Gate in their path. If they are standing still or recalling, ult right on top of them. They can't escape from that unless they Flash or Ghost away. Do not do this when below 250 health because you may get stunned under a tower or the enemy team and get instantly killed.

When Ganking

Refer to the map to see ganking ranges.
Gate behind the champions you are ganking. This means you will most likely get the enemy team. They may be able to escape you if they have CC and a blink, but you should have Gold Card ready at your disposal. If you accidentaly lock in Red Card or Blue Card, just gank anyway. Your allies should have a gap closer or some form of CC to do a bunch of damage to the enemies.

When Escaping

Use Destiny in a brush. Gate away from all enemies in your sight. If they trap you, you may use Destiny to get EXECUTED by the enemy tower, denying them gold.
If you are under pressure because they have trapped you in a small brush and it is 5v1, click in range of the minimap when using Destiny. Be careful not to click outside the range of the minimap, this will result in you walking out of the brush to Gate to that location. The enemy team may have already killed you by the time you have Gated.

Rudmed let me use this map. This map was made by jhoijhoi.
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Thanks for jhoijhoi for this warding image.

As you can see, the lane protection places are mainly in the brushes, but usually I put it in the river next to the brush and near the tribush. You may also be able to ward at the intersection between dragon and blue buff because it protects you, allows you to steal dragon, and protect/steal the enemy blue buff.

Usually, you have a support warding when going AD or AS, but when you are AP, you are solely responsible for your lane protection.

Use Wriggle's Lantern as a free ward, saving you and your support a bit of gold. This helps late game as you will have a lot more gold that you didnt spend on wards.
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Sorry that there is no AS Pentakill, but I could not find any. If you get one and recorded it, put it in the comments, thank you!
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Thank you for taking your time to read my guide! Please comment and give me constructive criticsm based on how I did. There will be updates when I add pictures and videos to this build.

Thanks again to jhoijhoi for her guide to making a guide. Cheers!
Thanks to Xiron for the amazing banners!

If you have any scores, I will post them up here, just put them in the comments!
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