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Miss Fortune Build Guide by Lord Sap

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Lord Sap

The Ginger's Guide to Deep Sea Domination!

Lord Sap Last updated on July 30, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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So i'll have to update this guide when i have more time, im really just doing this quickly to get some feedback from more experienced players

thus far i've been doing pretty well with this build though ive only used Miss Fortune less than ten times

anyway, I will update this guide so that with all the feedback I get, I can make this a reliable guide for new and experienced Miss Fortune players!

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Miss Fortune is an interesting AD carry who is pretty versatile.

I choose my class armor seals Greater Seal of Armor for the armor to keep the squishy ***** alive!
For the same reason I choose my normal glyphs Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist

Now the fun part.


Due to Miss Fortune 's unique passive, she gains movement speed, so you have the option to play off this, and choose movement quints as you would with Twitch or Evelynn Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed however, these will be for more of a backup purpose, so that when you're hit, you're not left out to dry with all your bonus speed gone, great way to take people by suprise and escape!

However, if you are confident in your escape abilities, go for the Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage for some badass start game AD power!


This time; three choices! how fun!
Greater Mark of Attack Speed
Miss Fortune doesn't rely on attack speed usually, however I find that with crit chance and attack speed shes able to annihilate enemies with the help of her w, Impure Shots as well as the slowing effects of her e, Make it Rain

Greater Mark of Desolation
Who doesn't love a little armor penetration?
this also saves you from ever having to get any armor pene items, freeing up a spot for a defensive item (unless of course youre against some heavy armor stackers!)

Greater Mark of Attack Damage
If you choose the movement quints, I highly suggest using these marks, simply because it gives you an edge in early game, and anyone who has ever played any AD Carry knows that early game is vital

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The Masteries are pretty basic for an AD carry, I Choose 21-9-0 simply for damage and survivability, if there's any confusion/suggestions about how I did my masteries i'd love to hear your comments, but it seems pretty straight forward

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Items. This is a bit of a different take on Miss Fortune than I have usually seen

this is more similar to a build for Ashe or Twitch, however i've found that with Miss Fortune 's skillset, it can be devestating.

I choose double Doron's Blade to start because if you last hit properly, you should have double Doron's Blade and Berserker's Grieves by 6 min easily. This can give you quite an edge given a good support or tank is laning with you. With some decent crowd control and Make it Rain couple'd with well placed shots from Double Up you'll be annihilating your enemies early and building very quickly.

This gives you the sustain you need to splurge on a B.F. Sword by 7 min, and getting you an Infinity Edge fairly early

NEVER FORGET TO PURCHASE Health Potion you should have about 3 of them at all times early game

The next item is for some sustain, so grab that Vampiric Scepter and get to stepping all over those minions and that annoying health monger Dr. Mundo (no hate for mundo those, hes an old main of mine =P)

get yourself a Zeal just to kick it up a notch, and start getting a lot of crits and some extra health to boot!

now finish up that The Bloodthirster and laugh as you slit your enemies throats >:-D

At this point, your movement speed will easily be matched by champions such as Teemo and this odd **********er Evelynn with her new w spell which lets her get free from anything and sprint, so finish up your Phantom Dancer for some extra movement speed, and some more damage output.

Your main issue now will be the tanks will start to catch up with armor items, so start building up your Black Cleaver, by selling one of your dear Doron's Blade s for a B.F. Sword and finish up that shiz to start ripping their armor to shreds (with a nice attack speed and attack damage bonus as well!)

Now the final item, I placed 3 choices. Obviously the last item is the most situational. If youre being focused by a lot of AP grab Force of Nature and the bonus movement speed is delicious anyway, and on that same note, if you have no real focus on you grab another phantom dancer for the movement and attack speed, making you a constant fear, however if youre being focused and killed quickly, get Guardian Angel , second chances at life never hurt, just ask Jesus

Note: I have also seen Phage used as last item, i suspect that was going to turn into a Frozen Hammer which ... bonus health, bonus damage, excellent unique passive, could be deadly, however, it would be in lieu of a defensive item, so choose wisely

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Skill Sequence

For all intents and purposes, Double Up can be considered Miss Fortune 's "Nuke"
though it doesn't quite have the "ooomf" of a mage's nuke or Volibear 's nuke, it still has a decent punch for early game, and since that is when it is most useful, max that ish out early! A lot of Miss Fortune players dont even get Impure Shots until they have maxed out Make it Rain and Double Up however, I find that one early point (i choose level 4 for convenience) gives you that small bonus of the passive stacking damage, as well as activating it can allow you to kill a Heal or Health Potion user, or again, that S.O.B Dr. Mundo

2 quick points.....

1. Bullet Time is very, very, very powerful... when used right. When wasted, it is completely useless. Using it to quickly clear a minion wave can be the right thing to do if your turret is being taken, but be sure as heck that you wont be in a team fight within the cooldown

this ult can be used to annihilate an entire team at full health down to deathbeds or at least injury wards, allowing you and your team to easily destroy them however: do not get caught by suprise while using it

when I see new Miss Fortune players using this to farm and wasting all their mana i want to slap them or force a Manamune on them. This is ridiculous since this is your one semblance of an escape ability (the slowing effect) as well as it can help your team line up skill shots when necessary... Besides this, it cost a bunch of mana.... spamming away your mana to farm is like spending all your money on lottery tickets... sure it COULD turn out well, but more likely you'll end up in a gutter.... the other team will laugh while you get lower and lower on mana and then they will pounce.


Double Up Listen, i know you want to aim this at your top priority, but you're wasting the potential. Get good at lining up shots, and when Shen stands in front of Zyra to block skill shots so that she can recall... you can fire it at him, and kill her with the bonus damage. Seems a win win to me.

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Summoner Spells

Flash = Everyone knows that flash is a reliable escape mechanism for getting over walls or into bushes just to hope to confuse your enemies or even for chasing, but only people who aren't completely ******ed acknowledge the ability of flash to help you line up skills examples: Amumu ult. Shen dash. Ahri ball of doom. This is the case with Miss Fortune It can be used to line up her Bullet Time , to line up the rebound of her Double Up or simply to get close enough to slow down an enemy with Make it Rain to shut them down its practically a must.

Heal = this will keep you alive early game, and can actually be pretty helpful late game as well in dire situations... however this one isnt necessary

Cleanse = a good skill if you dont have quicksilver sash since you can get rid of snares that would kill you

Ignite = who doesn't love burning things

Exhaust = very nice on Miss Fortune ... chase and kill...

its all personal preference

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Miss Fortune is by no means the best champion in the game. However, she's very dangerous, and definitely not to be taken lightly. However, she is not a new champion and she really hasn't been changed recently, so who knows when she'll get nerfed/buffed/tweaked/raped. On the other hand since she has stayed the same, everyone knows her tricks. So you need to play smart, and rely on your positioning and farming skills to maximize your gameplay.

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Pros / Cons


Likes long walks on the beach
and most of all ... deadly


*****y once a month

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Team Work

STAY IN THE BACK, stay aware that you dont get backdoored, make sure your back is warded if you need to ward it yourself

beginning a team fight with Bullet Time Probably wont get you any kills, but it will maximize damage dealt, so be smart, get the kills with Double Up get the damage with your ult

you will be tempted to get more damage with Make it Rain Don't. Save it for when they start to retreat so you can aim at the runners and slow them

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Unique Skills

The passive is very nice, gives you early movement speed so you dont need to start with boots, also allows you some position control since you will usually beat your opponents to the lane to start

Make it Rain used to be unique, but now Varus has a similar (though non-durational) skill

I mostly explained the skills uses in the skill sequence section, sorry!

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This is only my second build, and i'm open to any and all advice, don't send me messages, I don't read them, just comment in the discussion, I have nothing to hide, and you aren't going to hurt my feelings, just don't be a ****, there's no reason for it