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League of Legends Build Guide Author Ryuuki.

The girl and the big bear(Dominion guide included)

Ryuuki. Last updated on September 26, 2011
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Hey guys this is my second guide on mobafire on Annie. She is a very good and hard nuke and can turn the game around if she is played correctly. I will cover most of the aspects needed on how to play her successfully :)

I apologize for my not so well English so please bear with me.

I have also have added a Dominian guide for Annie since I have played her in the test games for Dominian and I find her very very good and useful in Dominian so yeah :)

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+Very hard nuke
+can be scary early game if you decide to be aggressive
+is cute :O
+has a big bear to fight for you!
+long aoe stun at lvl 6 and lvl 1 great for lvl 1 teamfights!

-Can be very squishy early game
-if you fail a stun then your going to die :P
- gets focused a lot.
-requires a good farm early game for you to be able to be scary late game (or at least decent farm.

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Summoner Spells

I take flash because its great for flashing over walls. It can get me closer for suprise ganks making it easier for me to land my on them and in teamfights.

Gives that little extra burst and DoT to finish someone off or to make Annie even more devastating early game. You may want to take over ignite depending on your opposing team. e.g: and are and other people that heal a lot, ignite would be the right choice.

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This is an awesome spell, this is what makes Annie very scary early game and even scarier late game. Always have this spell charged up before team fights or when your teammates are setting up for a gank would be the obvious spell to use for your stun for lots of reasons.

1. Its not a large area of aoe but enough to stun at least 2-3 people or even 5 if they all bunch up close enough.

2. Its easier since if some of them try to flash or ghost away you still got a chance in catching them the slightest bit of that area.

3. Once the big fat bear drops on you its certain that your dead

This is your bread and butter skill, that I tend to max out first. This is because you want the high damage and low cooldown on it for farming and harassing. I use this to last hit creeps all the time not worrying about AA's unless your going to miss one. Other than that you just Q a minion dwadle around like the little girl you are then Q again and so on.

A very nice aoe cone skill that is very devastating in level 1 fights. If you are certain to do level 1 fights then take this skill. It does decent damage but in level 1 fights if your able to stun the whole team or at least most of them then its a guarented teamfight win for you. Its important to try combine this with your this skill I tend to max second after my Q

Rather good spell gives some nice armor and magic resistance. This is a good skill for adding 1 more stack to your passive when there isn't any creeps around for you to charge up on. It can trick some people as well. Say you have 4 stacks and your opponet probably wont bother checking that you do though. if your looking for a quick/surprise stun, then when hes in range quickly E then stun them with , if you manage to catch them then its all yours. I tend to max this last as it isn't really useful other than if you get focused a lot.

And the big bear tibbers! appears out of nowhere stuns and ***** on you!
yes it is it. Your ultimate that will secure ganks because of that long stun, turn the whole teamfight in your favor if you hit 3-4 players in the teamfight, and you get a big bear to do your bidding! :OOO

Make sure you don't miss with this because its important to atleast hit 2 in a teamfight disabling their manpower by that much. Its on a rather long cool down so don't spam it on whoever you see, make wise judgement's whether it would be worth it or not.

Once Annie gets this she becomes so scary that she can nuke you down with her full combo without any worrys.

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I like to start off with boots and 3 pots. It gives me great mobility and lane sustainability for me to farm. Later I get either someDoran's Rings's for some health and ap, or I start building my first getting so each time you use a spell it will keep charging up. I get my first because its very useful and if you get the tears first it'll solve some early mana problems on Annie.

Next I start building a that or either I finish mySorcerers Shoe's idealy you want to get so you get more for your gold.
Once you have your rabadons you either start building a if you want to be a bit more tankier because your dying too much or your getting targeted a lot, or you can get more ap and build a making you even more scarier and more of a threat. This enables you to deal tons of damage and once you have both items, you'll be rather tanky too so you don't have to worry about being at the brink of death.

Lastly I like to get its very great if your vsing some pesky ad carries who are targeting you. In a teamfight you would drop your bear blow off some damage and when you start noticing yourself getting low then pop your zhonya's and flash to reposition. There are many ways on how to play Annie in teamfights, you can even stay way back before they initiate and come in 2-3 seconds late and drop your bear on them because thats what really turns the whole teamfight around. Like 's if combined with Annies bear makes the other team want to avoid any chances of getting in a teamfight because they know they will lose it.

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Dominion Aspects/playing as Annie

First off the items that you start with in dominion for Annie I reckon should be a pair of boots for mobility and a for some ap. In Dominian you start off with 1375 gold I believe(not sure Iz forgot >.<) and you also start at level 3. Get two points in your Q and then 1 in W. I like to charge up my stun with W untill 4 charges. That way whenever necessary I press E when you reach level 4 to charge up for that stun and then you should be able to stun 2-3 depending how much went to capture the point your going for, idealy I go for bot points since Annie is very good at holding points, but not fast enough to get to the top 2.

This Build is similar to Summoners rift one. is first because the extra mana help's keep you standing near the point for longer without having to recall back for more mana, there are health relics nearby if your low on health. For those who don't know what they are, simply you just walk over them and you gain health instantly. Next I like to get a Odyn's veil because its similar to a Banshees, so it gives some nice health and mana for you to hold the point as well as every time magic damage is dealt to you it is stored in the veil and later on you can activate it to send out an aoe burst of magic damage to all nearby enemies I belive which is pretty cool :o

Im not going to go over much detail for the next to items, pretty self explanatory, for more ap so you can nuke down enemy champions faster thats all.

Your Role:
I like to defend points because its very important. Depending if your team is doing well I would push to give the stun support your carries need when fighting. I take garrison mostly to defend points or when someones trying to dive me but you can get over it.

You level up very fast in Dominian so before you know it, you'll have your in no time ready to **** on the enemy team. There really isn't much teamfight wise combat in this game mode maybe onnly 2v2 or 3v3 battles happening at one point but other than that whole team fights are very unnecessary.

This is only my thoughts and what I think of Annie in Dominian im sure many other's may think differently of this section so please comment on maybe what can be changed etc...

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Final comments

In the End I hope you've enjoyed reading my guide please comment, I'll gladly accept all comments and i'll try to reply to them as well.