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Vayne Build Guide by HaiTaiga

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author HaiTaiga

The Holy Trinity of Vayne Builds - Offering Free Lessons

HaiTaiga Last updated on September 21, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Threats to Vayne with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Jinx One of Vayne's easier matchups. Her early game range is similar to Cait so be careful but she has no innate mobility and her two CC's are avoidable. If you don't get combo'd by her ult this lane should be easy.
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Im HaiTaiga, a plat 3 Vayne main on the NA server. Contrary to stereotypes, I'm almost never toxic and love to share/teach the community! :)

I have roughly 200 Vayne games this season with a 60% win rate.

This is my first guide and I don't know how to create colored text and fancy images so if you want this guide in the form of a in-game lesson just PM me on League.

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The runes I take are weird and I feel like there needs to be an explanation. For any Vayne build, I use:

7 Attack Speed Reds
2 Crit Chance Reds
8 Scaling Health Yellows
1 Armor Yellow
5 Attack Speed Glyphs
4 Scaling Magic Resist Glyphs
2 Attack Speed Quints
1 Move Speed Quint

This is just my personal preference. The attack speed early game lets me push and harass at the same time and win trades that otherwise wouldn't have been favorable without proccing my w. (Again, personal preference) The other standard page that you can use if you don't like this one is just Flat AD, Flat Resists except for two Attack Speed Quints.

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These don't really need explaining do they ._.

Standard 21/9

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In all honesty, the BoTRK build is rigid. You can incorporate items like Trinity Force and other niche items into your build but most games fall into the BoTRK -> YouMuu -> Infinity Edge category. This build has the strongest outplay potential.

The AD build is also pretty rigid. You HAVE to rush IE first simply because you'll be missing too much damage otherwise. Unlike other adcs, you won't hit a power spike instantly after buying IE because of the inability to use it effectively. Vayne has short range and takes lots of damage while trading so sustain is better. However, once you acquire a zeal, your damage is so strong that you should always be looking for an extended trade/all-in. The damage in this build is delivered in chunks which is very realistic in intense teamfights to minimize the number of people escaping.

The CDR build is interesting in that there are a lot of different ways you can build Vayne. This build is meant for top lane more than bot because it's not quite the damage of an ADC but very interesting for a couple reasons.

- 42 second cooldown ultimate means your ability to outplay is always up
- Tenacity is incorporated into this build with Zephyr
- 7.6 second cooldown Condemn is very practical and makes you hard to chase
- 1.2 second cooldown Tumble makes you slippery but gimps your DPS

Most of the CDR builds are critless and have less damage than the other two but offer crazy mobility, tenacity and persistent damage and consistency. It's very useful always having ult up and the AD steroid on it can almost be considered always available when split-pushing. I would be very careful trying this build in ranked unless you are an experienced Vayne player.

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Skill Sequence

This is always heavily debated but I like maxing Q. Basically here are the circumstances for each.

Max Q:
vs Constant skillshots in lane (vs Ezreal)
vs High mobility champions (vs Lucian)
Gives higher burst damage
AD (IE first) Build
Against squishy supports
Your personal preference

Max W:
vs Little/No skillshots in lane (vs Twitch)
vs Champions who can't get away (Jinx/Ashe)
Gives much higher sustained damage
Attack Speed (BoTRK first) Build
Against tanky supports
Your personal preference

It shouldn't make a huge difference but it does occasionally. For example, I played Vayne mid vs a Syndra and got an early first blood. I assumed that I would acquired lane dominance so I wanted to max w for more damage while chasing her down. She came back and didn't run, her Q did so much damage while being extremely difficult to dodge. In this scenario that I didn't foresee, I should've maxed tumble.

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I almost always take a defensive spell and a mobility spell.
It's typically Heal/Flash but depending on the lane or matchup, that's subject to change.
For example,

Barrier/Flash vs Tristana in Bot Lane
Heal/Ghost vs Udyr in Top Lane

You get the point :P

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Ranked Play

I won't go too far into actual gameplay because it's hard to give you a sense of mechanics over text. I can give you a general idea of what to expect in each build and Vayne in general.

Universal Vayne Tips:
- You are literally Jax. Never give up in a game, you are ALWAYS relevant and useful.
- Vayne is extremely mechanic heavy. Learn to use her well and be confident.
- Vayne is so squishy, it's ridiculous. Defensive items are generally recommended.
- Sometimes, just run. Don't get Vayne Syndrome and 1v5 like me :(
- Your weakness in lane is when you have a tumble-enhanced auto queued up because the enemy will know that you don't have your AA reset and zone you from minions that reset it.
- Tumble + Ult is meant to juke the enemy while repositioning. Don't waste it if you're not being focused or your 1v1 target is stunned into a wall. Fully utilize that invisibility.
- Never panic
- Be Creative! :D

Botrk Vayne Tips:

- Don't use BoTRK at full health unless you are confident that it will secure a quick kill and create an advantageous situation.
- Learn to orb walk with all levels of attack speed (it's more crucial in this build than others)
- Try not to switch targets if it can be avoided since your w is key to Botrk Vayne
- Get in the habit of pressing R + the # you use for Youmuu's at the same time
- Don't be afraid to use Youmuu's to take a turret

Full AD Vayne
- Your mid-game crits are massive. Pray to the RNG gods
- A tumble-enhanced crit that procs your w can easily kill anyone at 40%
- Don't mess up the AA reset on Tumble since you don't have that much attack speed
- Burst is your strength. AA -> Tumble AA -> Condemn into wall should 50% someone with IE and create an advantage for you.
- You'll need more peel from your team than the BoTRK build.

CDR Vayne
- Don't be afraid to ult. It's on a really low cooldown.
- Your playstyle should be similar to the Attack Speed Vayne but without crit.
- Low cooldown Condemn discourages chasers
- Strong Split-Push with Raw AD and Attack Speed (crit is useless on turrets)
- VERRRYYY slippery

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Vayne is a really fun and fantastic champion! Thanks for reading friends, sorry if I bored you with walls of text but if you learned something new, that's great :D

Bye for now!