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The Hybrid Off Tank Teemo [Simple and Effective]

Coaches Last updated on September 30, 2014
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I build Teemo as a hybrid off tank. Most people know to directly go for Teemo during a fight, so I catch them off guard with some survivability. With this build, it makes it so you have a better ratio for damage and tankiness rather than a fully offensive Teemo.

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Nashor's Tooth

This item is good for an early game item on Teemo. It provides hefty bonuses in Attack Speed and Ability power, both increasing the DOT and on hit effects. This item also makes it easy to poke and last hit minions, which is a good ability to have if you aren't racking up many kills. The mana regen on Nashor's will slightly increase your mushroom output, which is always good.


This item is very similar to Nashor's Tooth, but the passive was basically made for Teemo. Your basic attacks will do more ability power damage (poison) and reduces your enemy's magic resist by up to 24.

Frozen Mallet

A good item for Teemo if you are being focused down. Adds 700 more health and a 20 Attack Damage. The passive also makes latching on to people easier and that's always a good ability to have for Teemo.

Madred's Bloodrazor

This item is good for your attack speed and gives you more damage for turrets or just enemies in general. Similar to Malady, it will deal damage to the target equal to 4% of their max health. It gives 25 armor and adds to your survivability with Frozen Mallet.

Guardian Angel

Just an all around good item to have for the Magic Resist and Armor it gives and of course the passive. It will make it easier for you to initiate if need be.

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Mushroom Placement

It might seem like I overdid it in the image, but this is just showing you the places you should have shroomed over the course of a game. You can use these as an escape route or just as free wards with damage. You can also shroom all the entrances to a lane and safely backdoor, with stealth and a failsafe. You shouldn't not use your mushrooms at any point in the game because they almost always can aid you and with this build,considering you don't need mana.

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Summoner Spells


One of my choices because I love teleporting to Mushrooms. If you place them effectively you can pop into a fight and turn the tables in a matter of seconds. Also a good item to be in 1 place, then pop to another and throw the enemy team off of a gank. Good for grabbing a turret that is low on health and quickly getting out. Plus, with solo laning this spell can save your turret in early-mid game.


A good spell all around. A spell that pretty much explains itself and you usually can't go wrong with having it in your spell slot.


A good item for snagging kills or slowing down and enemy before you get your Frozen Mallet. You might want to consider what you're building if you decide to take exhaust, but the slot for it can be used to something else considering Mallet does similar things and is on a lower CD.


This spell is great for teemo combined with his W skill. It can compete with Flash for mobility and escaping and is good for grabbing kills. The choice between this and flash is probably going to be based on your play style.


A good item for Teemo if you will be initiating or the team is heavy on CC. Not the best spell to take but it can definitely be helpful.


A pretty useful spell and it adds to your DoT effect and can get you a kill. This spell also pretty much explains itself and it is hard to go wrong with taking it.


Clarity isn't a good spell to take for Teemo with this build. There are multiple summoner spells that benefit you a LOT more than extra mana will.