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Olaf Build Guide by Roccorii

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Roccorii

The invincible Olaf (In progress)

Roccorii Last updated on May 20, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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What this guide is going to contain

  • information and explanation of Olaf as a champion
  • We are going to have some Pros/Cons
  • Why I go with this skill order
  • The reason for my item build
  • The summoner spells i recommend
  • Some top lane comparissons with other champions
  • Team fight positioning
  • Skill combo/Laning
  • Farming
  • Early game
  • Mid game
  • Late game

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The Viking Olaf

Olaf is a viking from the older days lol
He is kind of a old man, but hella strong!
He has a axe that he can throw, also called Undertow and when picked up the cooldown is lowered!
He is often used as a jungler but i prefer him as a top laner because is has so much sustain if its that you want, but you can also play him VERY agressive as i prefer.
Hes W is called Vicious Strikes and let you lifesteal! I really don't use this ability because I find it useless, maybe 1 point early but thats it. I want to scale the other abilities because they get so strong and you get so powerful so early!
Hes E is GODLIKE! Recless Swing Deals TRUE DAMAGE (does damage to yourself, but it almost gets negated by this build) It is SOOOO strong! Imagine using this on a opponent, it deals over 300 damage at level 5, and with this build it has around a 4.7 cooldown! (Just been nerfed)
Hes Ultimate is called Ragnarok It gives you armor and magic resist when activated, PLUS you CAN'T be taken by ANY CC!!! (Urgot ulti still swaps you tho)
And at last hes passive. It gives more and more attack speed the less health you have! It is pretty dang good if you ask me! Because when you have a Kayle on your team who uses her ulti when you are low hp, it is pretty much WIN! (Watch this video)

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  • VERY strong all game long
  • Good to escape ganks after lvl 6
  • Permaslow with Undertow when you pick up the axe again
  • True damage kills everything
  • Exceptional attack speed when you are low hp because Berserker Rage
  • So low cooldowns when you finish the build, and so much hp that you can't get taken down
  • With Ragnarok, Undertow, Exhaust and Ghost you can stick to your target until he/she dies!
  • Easy to snowball with, and if you get behind you still wreck everything


  • Very vulnerable to ganks before level 6
  • If underleveled he is pretty easy to kill, at least if you are a couple of levels higher than him
  • He has no CC other than his slow with Undertow

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Skill Sequence Explanation

First off, you can really max in the order you like. If you like a long passive farming fight you can go max your Vicious Strikes for the more lifesteal which is really good. I personally like to max my Reckless Swing only because it deals so much damage at lvl 5, so when you are lvl 9 you can deal 340 true damage to your opponents, and with all the health you get form your items it doesnt really damage you. If you just put 2-3 Reckless Swing in them, then follow up with a Undertow and another Reckless Swing they are pretty much dead.
Some other people like to max Undertow for the awesome damage it deals as poke, when your jungler then comes to gank you can easily kill because your slow and your poke damage.
I just recently began to go with 1 point in each skill down the line when i go solo top lane because it gives me the lifesteal, a little poke and then of course the true damage from Reckless Swing

I have put up three different "buidls" all showing different skill sequence, you can try them all out and see what you like.

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Masteries Explanation


I go with this because i find it the best way to be tanky. I dont want to be the damage Olaf, more like the tank Olaf that hits for a large amount of health with the Reckless Swing and the slow for chase ability on Undertow.
I go with the 9 in offence because i like the extra 10% armor pen and the little extra attack damage and attack speed.
It is also VERY important to put a point in the Summoner's Wrath because it improves both the Ghost and the Exhaust.

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Item Explanation

Item Sequence

Health Potion

Heart of Gold

Ionian Boots of Lucidity

Zeke's Harbinger

Randuin's Omen

Atma's Impaler

Maw of Malmortius

Boots of Speed: I start with these because it is of course the current meta, and it provides you with some movement speed so you can get to them and land your Undertow and hit a Reckless Swing on them, then run away or just kill them.

Health Potion: Of course get these, then you have some sustain and if you get some good trades you can maybe go kill your opponent.

Heart of Gold: I really like this item because it gives you more health, and plus that, it gives some Gold per 10, which will, in the long run, give you more gold than your opponent.

Warmog's Armor: Provides a ton of healt as well as some health regen, which will synchronizes very well with Vicious Strikes

Ionian Boots of Lucidity: I use these to get the maximum cooldown reduction. When you get the full build you have around 35%, and when you buy a Elixir of Brilliance you get full cdr, which is very good when you use your Reckless Swing all the time it comes off cooldown. And when you use Undertow, and pick the axe up again it is ready to be thrown again (off of cooldown), so if for example you are with or against a Warwick and he uses his ultimage besides you, you can throw you axe right under you, so you pick it up automaticly and throw it again. This can be up to around 3 hits a second, so you are actually over the limit of attack speed plus it is alot stronger than your basic attacks, so it is a very useful trick.

Zeke's Herald: I use this to get more cdr, it gives some lifesteal from the Vampiric Scepter and attack speed form the Dagger, it also gives a aura to the your whole team, so it a very useful item, i suggest it very much.

Randuin's Omen: The chance effect of someone hitting you and grants them less atack speed and movement speed is very huge. In a teamfight, you use it and everyone has less attack speed and less movement speed. On top of that it gives more armor, health, health regen and more cooldown reduction.

Atma's Impaler: I like this item. I has been nerfed a couple of times and in theory it is probably not that good, but with around 4k health, it provides you with good attack damage, and more durability with the armor it gives.

Maw of Malmortius: It is simply just amazing. If you play with a Kayle like i did in the video above, and she vides you her ult while you ar elow hp, you have amazing attack speed because of your passive Berserker Rage and the passive effect from Maw of Malmortius. It also give you some magic resist, when you build this, you are into late game and that means that you tank everything while dealing tons of damage.

Of course you can build this in almost any sequence you want, but i prefer this way of building Olaf item wise. You can of course also change some items, and if you have any suggestions to this, please write that in the comment section.

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Summoner Spell Explanation

What i recommend the most!

This is not optinal, this is required! This is the best thing you ever can have on Olaf, and you can easily guess why. When you pop your ultimate you can't get hit by any CC, and you can just walk straight to their AD carry and kill him/her with a BANG. You can also use this combo to get out of ganks and run away from fights if it goes bad.

This is for more chase. When you pop your Ragnarok and Ghost and then exhaust your target, he can't get away not matter what! Also in teamfights when you are targetting their AD carry, it is easy to put an Exhaust on him/her so he/she can't deal any damage to you at all.

Other good summoner spells

Of course flash is one. A very good combo is also to you Flash and Ghost so you can Flash to the AD carry and stick on it with Ghost. It is also very good to avoid getting ganked before level 6.

Ignite is also viable, you gen harass your opponent down with Undertow and then end it with a Reckless Swing and the Ignite

Teleport is also a very good summoner spell to get into a fight suddenly without the enemy knowing you are comming, you have suddenly killed their AD carry.

This is the last summoner spell that you can use, it is quite good with different combos, but i still suggest to go with the Exhaust and Ghost