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Shaco Build Guide by todamouth

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League of Legends Build Guide Author todamouth

The kick ars shaco build

todamouth Last updated on September 11, 2013
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Shaco Build

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hey guys i was trying out couple things on shaq and i fell in love with this build tell me what you think about the guide and not my mother my skills my account etc...

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the only runes that worked well for me was marks attack speed seals 13 armor and blues attack speed and quints mov speed only rune so far that i like on him anything else im just not feeling it ether i have not enough mov speed or not enough dmg theses are just perfect

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i like to go 21/9/0 just because shaq is a assassin and this gives you just what you need sometimes i like to go 9/0/21 just for the mov speed with my runes you can counter jungle fast and gank fast but your very squishy and not really enough dmg so id stick with the 21/9/0

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i like to start off with dorans ring then lvl 1 boots then dorans ring and then finish boots i like berserker boots best for the attack speed and its got pretty good mov speed on there too but if mid lane is fed i don't mind getting Mr boots but never ever get boots of swiftness they are really not that fast and don't give you anything else beside mov speed other boots are alot better also don't get the cool down boots we don't really need it any other boots is fine i like boots of mobility if i need to gank a lot and if my team is doing pretty bad early game just so i can sort of even things out and youmuus ghostblade is just so op and fun its a perfact item for shaqs and its cheap and after that i like to go ravenous hydra just so i can clear minions faster and its gotta active aoe so the more dmg the better it will give you those extra hits on that kill with 10 hp and after that depending on the game if there is alot of ap dmg i might go something different but i usually stick with GA and frozen mallet you should have a good amount of health with a good amount of armor and MR with out sacrificing to much ad

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Skill Sequence

lvl your w at lvl 1 then your e so u can have extra dmg in jungle so you can clear it fast then lvl q at lvl 3 then go gank try to max your ult first then your e then your q then w for last

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i like to go ignite smite just because we have deceive which is almost like flash and the extra dmg from ignite plus i put a point in summoners wrath so its bad *** get the extra dmg after all you are a assassin but if you like to do risky plays like dives and a lot of counter jungling then i might recommend you take flash better safe then sorry

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Ranked Play

you just being shaq in rank has an advantage people play scared and when they do that you and your teammates win you just have to get dragons keep timer on blue buffs and red s and dragons simple stuff like this and you will have a better chance to win another thing if you silver or gold or bronze you have look at this as a team game but at same time just focus on your stats try not feeding dont focus on your teammates stats i go into games expecting im going to lose so i dont rage and go ape **** for me a win is when i steal dragons i have good kda ratio and i dont rage because if your raging all the time about losing and you have great stats the game stops being fun it becomes like a chore and if your not having fun whats the point of playing the game so just focus on yourself i dont give a **** if ashe is 0 an 10 in 7 min bot lane as long as im doing my best im happy

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Pros / Cons

pros are shaq is fun as hell plus you can juke so many people plus good dmg and lower rank people seem to target you and not your teammates cons are i cant really think of much right now i guess cc is always a pain in the ars

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Creeping / Jungling

depending on the game i like to start at blue using my jack in the box then i got smite big wolf then i go to wraiths get lvl 3 then go gank mid the smite should be up then i go take red but always keep an eye on the map and dont go gank top if you dont have red and your lvl 3 odds are your going to lose it then your behind dont be afraid to buy some wards because now days every jungle wants to counter jungle and keep it mind its YOUR JUNGLE not theirs keep em outta there