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Blitzcrank Build Guide by DannyPatrick

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author DannyPatrick

The Krumpinator

DannyPatrick Last updated on April 5, 2015
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Threats to Blitzcrank with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Lucian People think that Lucian is a hard match up for Blitz simply because he has a dash but it is actually pretty easy to predict where he is going to dash.
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This is the way that I play Blitzcrank in the bottom lane. I feel that is a lot better than most people's builds but Blitzcrank is mainly just a champion about skill. Not build or summoner spells. However I can teach you why I use certain summoner spells and items to help me do better with this champion.

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Summoner Spells

This is probably the most controversial part of my Blitzcrank compared to most. A lot of people like to take exhaust over ignite on Blitzcrank for obvious reasons, it slows and weakens the enemy, it counters an assassin, etc. However I think ignite is better because you are going to be trying to kill them as fast as possible. Sure exhaust will lower their armor so your ADC can do more damage to them but ignite also halves the enemy ADC's heal and if the enemy ADC is hooked it is probably going to startle them and they are going to heal immediately. Flash I take for obvious reasons as well. Flash is just an amazing summoner spell allowing you to get into position to hook more often or to get out of a sticky situation.

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The Runes I take are also what most might call pretty strange. I like to take the health yellows so you get more health early. The main benefit to having more health is that you are able to take more minion agro when trying to walk up on the enemy. I like to take the flat AD reds because Blitzcrank's E scales directly off his AD, it does double your AD. I take the armor Quints but some people might like the move speed for getting into better positioning. I currently take flat MR blues but I have been thinking about trying something different perhaps cooldown?

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Whenever you play a lane champion and you put points into defense you are always going to want the standard box. I like to take both Hardiness and Resistance because it allows you to be a lot more tanky. Being tanky on Blitzcrank is a lot more useful than just having more damage or extra starting gold. If you accidentally hook the wrong person on the enemy team, maybe an Irelia, you are going to want to survive them hitting you. The more tanky you are on Blitz the longer you are going to survive and thus land more hooks.

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So Items. I like to start the relic shield on Blitz because it gives more more health and a way to get gold as well as giving my ADC some sustain, overall a very good item. I like to take health potions over a ward and one health potion on Blitz because I play very aggressive and like to walk up to them through minion waves. Since I do this I must have a better way to sustain because those pesky minions will be hurting me a lot. I like to start yellow trinket as well for more vision control since I don't with a green ward. For early items I like to try and always get sightstone on first back also then swapping out my yellow trinket for sweeper. I get the sweeper because you will no longer need the trinket ward once you have sightstone. If you have an extra 100 gold is a fantastic choice to purchase a pink ward with the sightstone. If you do this the enemy botlane with have basically no vision. As for early game rushes, you are going to want to buy mobility boots ASAP. These boots are so good on Blitz they allow him to get into position to land more hooks and chase down fleeing enemies easy. You could upgrade your relic shield into Tragon's Brace but I think that is a bit of a waste of gold because Mobility boots are just too good. I like to rush Frozen Heart really early on Blitz as well because it allows you to constantly slow the enemy ADC and also the most important part if the item is that it give you 20% CDR so you can throw an amazing amount of hooks. Frozen Heath also gives more mana which will allow you to throw, that's right, EVEN MORE HOOKS! At this point of the game you have a choice you can either by a Banshee's Veil or a Righteous Glory. Depending on which one you buy is highly based on preference but is also extremely based on the enemy team composition. If the team fighting is already beginning then you may want to but a Banshee's Veil for the extra MR UNLESS the enemy team has no AP Carries. Then you may buy a Righteous Glory for its amazing stats and active. You usually want to upgrade your sweeper into oracle's lens ASAP. This allows you to sweep more often and deny more vision. Make sure that upgrading sightstone into ruby sightstone is your last purchase because it is really not necessary at all.

Farming with Relic Shield

You are going to want to kill the melee minions with your relic shield but you are also going to want to make sure you have one relic saved so you can heal your ADC if necessary.

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Skill Sequence

There is no reason to ever not start Q on Blitz just because not only is it his best ability but it is one of the best abilities in the game. Hooking someone over the dragon pit or under your tower at level 1 with almost guaranty them to either die or blow flash. I like to take my E at level 2 because it provides more crowd control after the hook so your ADC can do more damage to them. I like to take a second point in my Q at level 3 rather than one in my W because having a shorter hook cooldown early is more important than just wasting your mana on a W early game. At level 4 I get my W. Once that happens the upgrade sequence becomes pretty standard. Make Q, upgrade Ult at 6, 11, 16. I make E second on Blitzcrank just because it lowers the cooldown of the ability even more so you can knock up more often.

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Team Fighting

When team fighting Blitz is a little tricky to play you need to land hooks but you also need to be able to land hooks on the squishy carries not the tanks. If you land hooks on the tanks it is basically a free engage for them and you could really ruin a fight for your team. Try and fight in the jungle where you can easily land hooks and the enemy carries over walls so your team can collapse on them and make it an quick 5v4. Also Blitz's ult is so good for team fights it is a AoE silence that does good damage. If you are able to land this silence on at least 2-3 members of the enemy team it should be an easy fight with you and your team on top.

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Best hook ability in the game

Amazing ult for team fights

Really fast for good vision placement/denial


Pretty much one trick pony

If you miss your hook you are pretty much going to loose the team fight unless your team is really fed

Can't really do much if you get CCed

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I play Blitzcrank a different way than most. I like to be very aggressive and risky. Hopefully this guide will allow more people to play him the way I do. Remember that Blitz is a champion that takes a lot of getting used to. He is very fun and on top of that he is very rewarding if you can do good with him. Hopefully you enjoyed this guild and even more so I hope it helped you become better at Blitzcrank. Now go out there and land hooks and make the enemy team cry!