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Warwick Build Guide by Landroam

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Landroam

The Lycan is Released (FULL EXPLANATION) - Warwick Solo Top

Landroam Last updated on September 21, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Threats to Warwick with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Alistar START 1 This funny guy has trouble farming and cant kill you, if you ward well and push him he will start to lose and lose farm, but always be careful for his Q walk behind W because it can leave you in a really bad position, and worse position if you are pushing his turret.
Gangplank START 1 Poor gp, he will waste his mana for nothing :/
Kha'Zix START 1 He cant burst you, he cant come close to you and he cant farm this way... Hes easy but never forget to ward well because in case of gank, he still does good damage.
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Well, in this guide i will explain you everything about Warwick, and how to play it on top lane.
My name is Landroam and im a player from LAS (im sorry if my english is bad) that have been playing Warwick top since s3. I hope my experience can help you become a good top Warwick and a good Toplaner.

This season my win ratio with Warwick is 59%, and i played more than 200 games with him, so i think i can say this is my best champion.

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The items for Warwick always must do one of this things:
Do damage with autoattacks
Provide sustain
Provide Cooldown Reduction

First of all, we cant forget that you almost always play a tank or a fighter on top, thats why you have to become tank at least for late game, when your team needs somebody to take the damage.
The damage with autoattacks is very simple, you need it because you rely on it, your ult does too (hits 5 autoattacks and stacks botrk and wits end). Almost all your damage will be done by this way, just your Q will do the rest.
We get sustain because Warwick has good skills to recover health, but they cost a lot of mana. This is the way you survive on the lane without needing to back.
The cooldown reduction is very good on Warwick because your Q with enough CDR can force an enemy to leave the lane.
I chose the sorcerer boots because your Q, ult, and AAs do magic damage, and when you have a wits end, your Q will make you imposible to kill by enemy tanks. Even 2v1.

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Skill Sequence

First of all, you always max your ult on Warwick (i dont think i need to explain why :O)
The skill you will use mostly is your Q because it provides Health Regen and does magic damage based on a percentage of enemys health.
At level 2 you get your W. This gives you 40 percent of attack speed, a good reason to dont fight you back on early levels. Then on level 3 you get your E, that will make you really fast in case the closer enemies have under 50 percent health. I max this powerup instead of W because sometimes it can show you who is coming to your lane and the range increases very fast level by level. The attack speed buff of W just grows 10 percent, and that wont really make a difference.

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We need the flash, this will save you 3 or 4 times on the match and can help you to kill somebody too (Flash+ult).
I go for teleport instead of ignite (yeah, some people prefers ignite in solo queue, because you dont know your team at all to teleport) because on early game you are very weak, and trying to replace your early weakness with ignite is not that useful, as backing to base and teleporting back to lane. Doing this you can avoid getting killed, losing farm from turret, and getting your turret down. After you get your ult, teleport will give you the chance to kill somebody in botlane, teleporting to a ward when enemy team is engaging, and ulting adc when they run out of cc.

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Ranked Play

One good thing about Warwick, is that when you pick him on Solo queue, the enemy doesnt know if you are going jungle or top (and they usually think hes jungler), so that gives you the chance to first pick without fearing of a possible counterpick, and confusing the enemy till your team chooses the real jungler (sometimes the jungler can also be played top and they wont know whos going where till the load screen).

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Pros / Cons

Very strong Late Game
Excelent Sustain
Powerful ultimate
Provide of buffs and debuffs
Easy to farm

Weak early game
No gap closer
Bad disengage
Weak to ganks

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Team Work

You are the perfect champion for a teamfight. You provide attack speed buff and show hidden enemies when they have low health. And if you thought that wasn't enough, you can heavily tank damage and recover health. Also, you can be the one to start the teamfight, catching somebody with your ult and making him so vulnerable that your mates can nuke him, or if you dont, you can just follow the enemy adc, making him fear of your ult, and dont go all in the teamfight, while the support is waiting for you to ult so he uses the cc. This mental games can make a big difference in a teamfight and make enemies adc or mage lose their time waiting for your reaction, while the rest of your team is taking down the tanks.

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I chose the runes and masteries to make farming so simple, that every people could farm without trouble. If you get pushed to your turret, the attack damage of Warwick is enough to kill melee minions after turret hits, and ranged ones after 1.

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Well, thank you for reading my guide! ill be waiting for your comments! even if you dont agree with me in some points :) that way we can improve together.

Now go ranked and show your power!