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League of Legends Build Guide Author CrimsonWind

The Might of Demcia: Offensive Tank Garen

CrimsonWind Last updated on October 15, 2010
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I made this build on my own to help guide you guys on how to build an amazing Tank Garen. This is my own personal build, please don't hate or -1 for no reason, if you do -1, please give me reasons and ideas to help me improve my build guide.

Exhaust is an all around good spell to help you run or get a kill. Ghost or Flash can help you put in that final hit with your ultimate or help you run away from a 5 man gank. And trust me, they will need 5 champions to at least attempt to gank you if you are fed, farming like a king, and able to get the right items at the right time.

The masteries are for dealing damage even though you are building a tank, you generally don't need to put a lot in defense because your items make up for that. Garen will be an offensive tank because of this.

The runes are really optional, but I like these ones because it provides armor penetration, if you are fighting other tanks, armor and magic resistance, for more survivability against those strong melee dps and heavy casters.

I believe this build is especially good if you are a Garen that is soloing 2v1. Getting Regrowth Pendent plus your passive helps you stay in lane longer and able to farm longer. After that, you should get the Boots of Speed and build it into Mercury Treads, or if you like, you can make it into Ninja Tabi, either one is fine, but I prefer Mercury Treads. After you are done building your Mercury Treads, finish your Warmog Armor for that armor and health. Then you should start building on your Guardian Angel. Your Guardian Angel is a very important factor to a Offensive Tank Garen. If you are dead and get revived you have a 2nd chance to run with your Judgement or your Decisive Strike extra speed boost plus Ghost and you have a chance to get back in the game and score some kills. After your GA, you would want to start building your Sunfire Cape, this will give extra bonus damage your Judgement before it will deal AoE damage with your Judgement. Then the next one is optional, you can get another Sunfire Cape (which I recommend) or you can get Leviathan if you are just owning the other team like a beast or then again, if the enemy team are full of heavy casters or AP users, switch out one Sunfire Cape to get a Force of Nature. And now you will have around 4k hp, now it's time to get an Atma's Impaler to deal some damage plus extra armor. Now you have built the ultimate Offensive Tank Garen.

I have never fed with this build and I always score positive K/D. I average about 15-3-20 with this build. Well in a good game where my own teammates can support me.

Please leave positive comments and feedback, and remember to rate (+1). :D