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Wukong Build Guide by Kizum

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Kizum

The Monkey king

Kizum Last updated on July 15, 2012
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Offense: 23

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Defense: 6

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Utility: 1

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First of all! Read this!

I will do a BIG update on this guide when I have time!! This guide is not the best right now. It's actually fails all over the place. I will change the build, the masteries, the runes, change and add much things in the text etc etc. So don't waste your time reading this right now. Come back later please!

This guide is my first one and I have learned very much since I publised this one. It will be more like this one when it's done: Sivir, the battle mistress - AD Carry In depth.

Check it out =D

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Thanks to jhoijhoi for the tips about how to make the guide prettier.
Thanks to b3astliness for the help and all tips.

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Hello! My name is Kizum and right now I play LOL at EU West. Feel free to add me if you want. This is my first guide here at Moba and its about Wukong, the monkey king.
Wukong is a powerful AD Melee fighter. A nice champion, one of my most played.
This guide will be about the full AD Wukong and not much about the semitank Wukong.
I have changed this guide many times to make it better and so good as I can, now lets check it out.

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Words I will use in the guide

CC = Crowd control

AD = Attack damage

AP = Ability power

HP = Health

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Pros / Cons


+ Easy to escape with

+ A powerful melee

+ Good farmer

+ Stong both 1 v 1 and in teamfights

+ He´s a cool monkey


- Many times focused first

- Pretty bad CC

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8 Greater Mark of Attack Damage gives you attack damage.

1 Greater Mark of Scaling Attack Damage gives you attack damage per level.

6 Greater Seal of Attack Damage gives attack damage.

3 Greater Seal of Attack Speed gives you attack speed.

9 Greater Glyph of Attack Damage gives you attack damage.

2 Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage gives you attack damage.

1 Greater Quintessence of Scaling Attack Damage gives you attack damage per level.

Wukong is actually all about power and he dont need much cooldown or mana thats why you just go full AD on him.

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24/6/0, 24 points on offensive gives you much AD. Wukong actually dont need much defense when he goes full AD cause of his passive Stone Skin that gives you more magic resist and Armor when you have enemy champions close to you, but 6 points on defense is good here. You dont need much more points on AD just because this character does very much damage anyway so take 6 points on defense. If you want then you can take 1 point on utility(summoner´s insight) if you use flash.

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Always start with Doran's Blade if you play AD Wukong. Awesome item that gives you attack damage, health and life steal.

Then go for the shoes. Berserker's Greaves gives you movement speed and attack speed.

Now go for The Bloodthirster. Nice item that gives you life steal and attack damage.

Next item is The Black Cleaver. It gives you attack damage and attack speed. Wukong`s passive is Stone Skin, it gives him more armor and magic resistance when enemy champions are close to him. Well this item reduce your enemies armor. Your defense goes up, their defense goes down.

Now its time for the Phantom Dancer. Gives critical strike chance, movement speed and attack speed.

Now buy the Frozen Mallet. Awsome if the enemies still are too fast for you. It slows and gives you health. Gets your CC better.

Sell your Doran's Blade and buy one more The Bloodthirster and then sell your Berserker's Greaves and buy one more Phantom Dancer as last item.

So this will be your full build: 2 Phantom Dancer, 2 The Bloodthirster, Frozen Mallet and The Black Cleaver.

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Wukong abilities

Always start with Nimbus Strike. You jump and strike many enemies at once and its better to start with than Crushing Blow cause you have to be close to use it on your enemies.

In level 2 go for Decoy, its good if you first strike with Nimbus Strike and then you can back fast with Decoy.

Pick Crushing Blow in level 3.

You can do your ulti in level 6. Cyclone is awsome in team fights. You jump in with Nimbus Strike, do Cyclone to throw up your enemies in the air and then do a fast escape with Decoy. (If you need!) (If not, then you can go on with the attack with Crushing Blow and basic attacks.)

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Summoner Spells

The summoner spells Flash and Ignite are the best to Wukong. You can flash after your enemies, jump on them with Nimbus Strike and if you need then you can do Ignite if you can´t reach them or if you don´t have any mana to do Nimbus Strike.

You can use Flash to escape too.

Another spell you can use is Ghost. You can run fast to fights or you can escape with it together with Decoy.

Go Flash, Ignite.

Or go Ghost, Ignite.

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The best combination of Wukong´s abilities is this: Jump on you enemies with Nimbus Strike, do Cyclone, Crushing Blow and then if you need to escape you can do Decoy.

If you will attack your enemy when you stand in the grass you can do Decoy so they dont see you comming. Jump on them with Nimbus Strike and do Crushing Blow.

A nice way to escape: Stay with "S". The enemies will think that you use your Decoy and they will keep running forward, then use Decoy in another direction.

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Enemies & Lane enemies

Wukong almost always go solo top so here is a list about his enemies and his lane enemies.


Morgana: A challenge for Wukong, he gets hard disabled of snares and stuns like Morgana´s Dark Binding and Soul Shackles.
Tips: Go for her when she miss Dark Binding and has
Soul Shackles on cooldown.

Ryze: Not too hard for Wukong to face but Ryze has his Rune Prison and can follow up a combo with it.
Tips: Ryze is a low HP champ so he´s easy to gank. He has no escape abilities ( Rune Prison but nothing else). Go for him when or if he gets low on mana or take help of team(good if Ryze snare you with Rune Prison cause he can just snare 1 at once).

Master Yi: Not too hard to face but Master Yi can heal himself with Meditate and can escape pretty easy with his Ulti Highlander.
Tips: Be more aggresive if Master Yi goes AP than AD.

Katarina: No problem for Wukong but she can escape easy with Shunpo.
Tips: Use Cyclone to stop her Death Lotus in teamfights. Use Decoy to escape from it when it´s 1 v 1.

Lane enemies

Nasus: This can be a problem for Wukong. A very high HP champ. He can slow you and reduce your armor.
Tips: The only thing that can help Nasus escape is his Wither, he can only slow one at once so take help of your jungler to focus him down.
It´s harder to kill Nasus when he uses Fury of the Sands but it still doesn´t help him to escape.

Garen: He has no mana, high HP, disables Wukong with his silence Decisive Strike(not hard but he does) and he has nice HP regeneration. This is a pretty hard guy to face for Wukong.
Tips: Play aggresive against him to push him back and take help of your jungler to focus him down. But find a balance of how far to push cause you need to be careful with the other teams jungler too.

Trundle: A very nice challenge for Wukong. Trundle is good as tank, awesome as AD and he can escape pretty easy with his Pillar of Filth and Contaminate. He can steal AD from you with his Rabid Bite and Disable your Stone Skin with his ulti Agony. His passive Decompose gives him HP when your minions die close to him.
Tips: Try not to fight him on his Contaminate and dont play too aggresive.

Olaf: This guy can be hard to face. His Reckless Swing does true damage so your Stone Skin doesnt help you. Olaf gets more attack speed the lower HP he has. He can escape with Ragnarok.
Tips: Olaf is more dangerous if he has low HP so dont try get him solo, you will need help from your jungler. Defend your turret and dont play too aggresive cause its not worth to feed this guy. Dodge his Undertow as much as you can too.

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A good way to get a good farm is to first get harrasment on your enemies.
Jump on the enemies with Nimbus Strike, hit them with Crushing Blow and then get back with Decoy and farm minions.
Do this and you will see that your enemies starts to get low on HP after a while, force them back so they can´t farm. Now you go for the farm and start kill minions..

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Wukong as AP??

Don´t go AP with Wukong just because the only ability that do AP damage of Wukong`s abilities is Decoy, and you can`t go far with just that.

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Thank you for looking at my guide

Thank you! Hope you enjoyed it and hope you found something new in it. Something as can help you when you play Wukong. I put some work to do this guide and like I said, its my first guide here at Moba.

If you have some questions or anything you want to say about my guide please send a comment.
It would be nice if you vote this guide up too if you liked it =).