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Not Updated For Current Season

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Udyr Build Guide by AirChubbs

The New Udyr

The New Udyr

Updated on February 1, 2013
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League of Legends Build Guide Author AirChubbs Build Guide By AirChubbs 11 4 32,708 Views 7 Comments
11 4 32,708 Views 7 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author AirChubbs Udyr Build Guide By AirChubbs Updated on February 1, 2013
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Chapter 1



Udyr is a complex and difficult to use champion. Once you begin to learn him and get better you will not be disappointed. He can be built as a Tank, AP, DPS, AD, AS, and can lane or jungle. Udyr has 4 abilities each which change his stance and provde you with a passive and active ability. That means that you have the choice of 8 thing working for you at one time.

Tiger Stance - gives increased attack speed as a passive and burst damage as an active.
The burst is magic damage which gives a nice little change output for an oppenents armor.

Turtle Stance - gives a health and mana regeneration per hit as a passive and you gain a shield that gets stronger with Magic Resist and Armor items as an active.

Bear Stance - gives you the constant ability to stun as a passive and he gains movement speed as the active.

Phoenix Stance - gives you a critical hit every set amount of hits as a passive and deals magic damage to everyone around as an active.

At each level you are able to work on any of the four. You do not have to wait until level 6 to start upgrading a certain move. In my opinion the best way to do it is to upgrade bear stance and then alternate Tiger and Turtle until they are level 5 then finish bear. Tiger and Phoenix are the two a summoner has to choose for their main damage move. Tiger gives good burst damage and increases attack speed so I tend to prefer it over Phoenix. There are many who would argue and say that Phoenix gives Area of Effect damage and that it is better. I just find that it is hard to make sure you get enough hits in with Phoenix Stance to get the Critical Hit and burst magic damage. In the end, it is a matter of opinion and you will have to see for yourself which works better for you.

I use exhaust and ignite for summoner spells. Exhaust keeps high end DPS from killing you quickly and with Udyr's stances alternating between stun, shield, and tiger/phoenix and a well timed exhaust, you should have no problem defeating any enemy DPS 1v1. Ignite is always a good summoner spell for finishing those enemies that think they are escaping by the skin of their teeth. It is also effective against lifesteal or life restoring champs like Dr. Mundo, Vladimir, and others.

Doran's Shield + Health Potion: Helps for survival early game and allows you to stay in the lane and kill minions.
Mercury Treads: Udyr is easily stunned, slowed, taunted, feared, blinded, etc. so the Mercury Treads will decrease the effectiveness and give some much needed magic resist.
Phage: It will give you health and attack damage as well as the ability to slow the enemy so you can get more hits in. It also will later stack into a Frozen Mallet.
Atma's Impaler: This is one of the most important items in the build. It gives you armor, critical chance, and attack damage based on a percentage of your health.
Banshee's Veil: This item further increases your health, mana, and magic resistance. It also further prevents you from becoming stunned, slowed, taunted, blinded, etc.
Frozen Mallet: Upgrading the Phage to Frozen Mallet will give you more health which because of Atma's Impaler means more Attack Damage and it is not just a chance of slowing it now always slows.
Madred's Bloodrazor: This item is useful because it gives you armor and adds more magic damage to your attacks which helps in killing heavily armored enemy champions.
Warmog's Armor: Warmog's gives a huge amount of Health and Health Regeneration which greatly increases your survivability while again working off Atma's Impaler also gives you more Attack Damage.
**Note** Instead of Warmog's Armor some games I find it useful to buy Infinity Edge if I need a huge damage boost or Guardian Angel if I am having trouble with survivability.

Early Game
This will be a laning Udyr build. I prefer to lane and find that despite common belief, Udyr is exceptional at laning and 1st kill ganking. To start I prefer Doran's Shield for survivability and a Health/Mana Potion depending on what you prefer. Change to Bear Stance before you leave spawn so that you leave with full Mana and have Bear Stances passive ability to stun. Coordinate a plan with your lane partner for an early gank and stun both enemies with Bear Stance and then exhaust and ignite the weaker one. If they choose to fight you can continue stunning them. Upgrade your shield and begin taking as many minion kills as you can without taking too much harrassment from the opponents. If you find they are harrassing too much then upgrade the Turtle Stance a few times early game and you will find you can pop it almost constantly by level 6. If you and your partner are doing well just continue to upgrade your three main stances proportionately.

Middle Game
During middle game which is around level 8 for Udyr you can begin taking the Red and/or Blue buffs in the jungle. It will help with extra damage and the ability to change stances faster.

Late Game
Team fights should have begun and you should enter the fight right after the tank with the Turtle shield on you, stun their carry, and judging on how much health you have and the carry has you have options.
1. If their carry is low in health you can stay and kill.
2. If their carry is high in health you can move on and continue to stun other members of the the enemy team.
3. If you health is low pop the Turtle shield again and Bear stance out of the fight.
Remember: Udyr takes time to become good with and judging what you should do in the team fight is what will take the most time to learn.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author AirChubbs
AirChubbs Udyr Guide
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