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Rammus Build Guide by xXXBIGDadxXX

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author xXXBIGDadxXX

The OP Tank Rammus

xXXBIGDadxXX Last updated on March 19, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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This guide is my way of playing Rammus. I'm in no way telling you exactly the best was of playing Rammus. Several sections of this guide will explain the different uses of items in different situations. This is all personal preference.If there is sth. you dont like make a Comment.

-hard Tank who can make a lot of Damage
-easy to play
-can be played as an Solo Top Champ,Jungler or Bot with Friends
-easy to play ( the enemies will knew what you buy )
-Need Items to be good
- Very, very often banned in rankeds. At least in the lower ELOs for sure. Probably the most banned champion?
-hard to Master

Why to choose him?

Rammus is probably one of the best tanks in game. He has a great taunt that lasts for up to three seconds.He is really easy to play, and you should start getting the holds of him after just a few games. Rammus also has an awesome speed boost. You can catch up with escapers, roll away from enemies chasing you, or use it to interrupt channeling spells.

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In this chapter i will explain you the Runes.Yeah defense Armor Runes are the best i think. The Carry make not much damage in Early Game and with your Passive you get some Atack Damage. Magic penetration vs Magic Damage^^.

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That are my Masteries who i choose and thats its. Choose the Masteries as you would.

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[b]Starting Item:[/b]

General: Regrowth Pendant, Health Potion
Physical: Cloth Armor, 5x Health Potion or 3x Health Potion and 2x Mana Potion
Magical: Null-Magic Mantle, 2x Health Potion

General + Explaniation

- Regrowth Pendant
This item will give you extreme sustainability in the lane, aswell as later on build into Philosopher's Stone. It's amazing to have, and can let you stay in lane basically forever, as long as you don't risk too much. With your Defensive Ball Curl, this will make you never ever need to go back. I'm not telling you to NOT go back. No.

- Philosopher's Stone
Built from your starting item, this item is to be got early on. It'll reward you with 5 gold per 10 seconds, which will reward you in getting 30/1min, 300 gold each 10 minutes you have it. Keep it for 30 minutes and it'll give you more than it costed - and that's when you sell it. You only need the hp regen and mana regen on your way in the early game phase.

- Heart of Gold
Another gold per 5 item, which also gives you a small HP boost in the laning phase - sweet! Another sustainability item, great to have! With both this and your Philosopher's Stone, the amount of gold you gain per second is almost doubled! Wow. This item, however, won't be sold. It should build into Randuin's Omen later on.

-Ninja Tabi it give you Armro and Speed you can also choose Mercury's Treads

-Sunfire Cape
Nice item, both armor and HP! A sweet passive, and doesn't cost way too much. I'd say its a nice item to get.
Note: If you need to sell an item, this is the one I'd go for. E.g. if you face a very heavy AD team and want to buy another Thornmail or so. This is the one I'd sell.

- Warmog's Armor
Crazy HP boost. With the kind of ""minor"" stats you've gotten so far (not really HUGE boost - items), it will help great together with your Defensive Ball Curl. This is where you get at the point that HP items is worth more of your money than getting Armor/MR.
Note: This item can be extended and bought later instead.
At this point, your Philosopher's Stone should be sold a bit ago.

- Thornmail
This item will give you a sick Armor boost. It's quite cheap also, so it can be an alternative to stacking, if you need LOADS of Armor.

-- Frozen Heart
This item gives you an awesome armor boost, and mana. It has a 20% CD Reduction, along with screwing up the enemies' AD carries by lowering their AS by 20%!! That means that their AS will drop from 2.000 > 1.600! *Insert-Trollface-Here*. So basically, this item combined with Thornmail is just magnificent if you fight against a heavy AD team.

A list of situational items

- Aegis of the Legion
Really cheap cost for the bonuses it actually gives, and can really help your team. A good item when your team is squishier than usual, or you need a nice boost early on.

- Spirit Visage
Another pretty cheap item, gives a nice little MR along with some CD Reduction and a 15% increase to your regenerations. Combined with items like Force of Nature, you can get really strong.

- Warmog's Armor
Stacking? If really needed, then yes. This would be only when the enemy has like two really fed AD carries, and you already got yourself 400 armor with your Defensive Ball Curl. However, I think any tank should get this. This item might be considered pretty nooby, but I deny it. It gives really great health, and when it gets stacked up it gives you incredibly much health. Not to mention that it doesn't cost way too much either. Imo, this is a must.

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The new Rammus Jungler

I dont play him as a Jungler but i knew that he is good in the Jungle. Here is a link to a good Rammus Jungle Guide:

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Early Game

With a Lanemate:

Early Game just try to keep on last-hitting, and leave the harassing part to your lanemate. You might want to be sure that your lanemate gets a bunch of lasthits to get farmed for sure. Also when you see an opportunity, don't be afraid to try to roll in, taunt and activate your shield to grab a kill for your team. Make sure to mark the target and tell your lanemate first though. If you're going for the kill, make sure the target don't have flash. If it don't, pop your ulti; Tremors. It has really low cooldown and decent damage.
If you're pushing a tower, don't be afraid to pop your ulti either. It can help taking down the tower's health a lot faster, but make sure there aren't any enemy champions in range to get hit by your ultimate. If your tower gets pushed, taunt them with Puncturing Taunt, make sure you're in tower range, make them hit you once and run towards the tower to make the tower hit your target as long as possible. This is a great harass.


If you're solotop, play defensive and wait for the creeps to come to you. Rammus doesn't have a lot of damage output, but due to his passive it's a little early on; Spiked Shell.

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Mid Game

Around mid game you will look for opportunities to gank, or help a lane if needed. If mid needs help, go there. You also have Teleport for emergencies, e.g. a tower is about to be destroyed. Duo to your taunt they probably won't stay anymore when you teleport there.

If you see a situation where there's like 4v4 mid, just pushing eachothers up and down without really doing anything but putting a small harass every now and then, look for opportunities, or create them yourself, to taunt one enemy (prefer melee) and drag them into the middle of your team. They should be done in a few seconds. Now the battle is 4v3 and you have a huge adventage. If you can manage to pull their carries, it would be awesome! You make those battles easy wins.

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Late Game

Late game is basically sticking with your team. Baron if possible, dragon... If there's a "pause" go to a lane and don't lose time. Time is exp, and exp is money. Money is items, items are necessary. But yes, sticking with your team and doing what you do.

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Chapter 9

That was my Guide Thank you for reading i hope you enoy and make some Kills^^