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League of Legends Build Guide Author angrepskongen

the power of "suports"

angrepskongen Last updated on June 22, 2011
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suport - heavy AD team


suport - heavy AP team

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Way i made this

Did play a game short time ago as AD sion. And the suport team i did have was ready good, so did se a bit more on the suport role.
This isnt the ultimate suport teams, and sure you can try to make it bether, and change champs.
But this is a realy good teamcombo. BUT NEEDS TEAMPLAY!!!!!!!

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the suport boost from AD team

You like to play AD? do you think you was going to pown if you as ww get 115% attackspeed from sivir and nunu, and a cc-imune shild from morgana, that can take amlost 1000 magic damage?
or as AD sion, get 155% attacks speed, (with ulti you got 205% wihtout items), 20% lifesteal, and the cc imune shild

This give the champs new possebilitys, sion dont have to think attack damage, he get over 2.0 attackspeed WITHOUT items, with black clevor you got almoust 2.5.
Also you got 25%(not playd sivir alot, not sure if its 1/2 of the moovmentspeed to that go allied champs) moovmentspeed from sivir and 15% from nunu (40% moovmentspeed is ALOT) also you got ghost, impossible that the enemies get away

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the suport boost from AP team

Here we got sonia, lux and morgana as suports (shild/heal), and a heavy CC team together with them.
Amumu got 400 armor and 300 magic ressist, thats a tank that can hold the enemies away.
Need a tank like that on this team, becouse its 3 range champs, that maby needs to w8 for cooldown, and this tank can survive for a while, also able to tanke tower

sona is a afther my opinion the best "true" suport champ, the auras are greate, a healer that got nice range, and heal for a nice amout, one of the best cc ulties on the team (only amumu that got bether), and together with morgana this is a team that got a realy good suport combo

Guide Top

the reason for:

- 3x black clevor on AD team:
Becouse any good team you play agains are going to buy armor, also you got some sick attack speed, so you realy fast get the 3 stacks, and then you can pick upp kill afther kill

- all the magic pen, and abyssial cepters on the AP team, thats becouse the enemies ALWAYS are going to buy magic ressist vs you, in every fight you need a abyssial scepter, so just to be sure, i use abbysial scepter on more of the champs, also its a greate AP and magic ressist item, to give you a bether survival ability

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Pros / Cons (AD team)

the 3 AD champs dont have to get AS items
a realy good late game team
not werry item based, becouse of the grate AoE boost of attackspeed from the abilitys
farming team
need to play passive on lain
the AD damage is SICK
the AoE magic damage is SICK (morgana + nunu)
all can take alot of damage
REALY good in any fight, 1vs1-1vs5, also morgana, sion and nunu can easy fight an "average" ranked/normal team
rare champs, when was last time you didnt get sivir on ranked game?, or last time sion was baned?

bad team between 5 min, and intil teamfights start
normaly dont get feeded top or bot (nunu + sivir bot, and sion top)
If ranked, you may not get champs like amumu and eve

Guide Top

Pros / Cons (AP team)

realy good laining team
HELL of AP damage
good tower divers, with amumu, and the liches bane`s
all can take alot of damage
easy to get feeded earygame
9 difrent cc efects (4x AoE)

bit more item based then the AD team
magic ressist can make it realy hard

Guide Top

the damage output - survival balance

i recomend the build on this camp`s becouse it with a team like this make you realy good balance.
Im sure you can get more damage if you want to, take sion, switch banshis weel with bloodthirster, and you get a crit close to 2500, but whats the point?
+/- 300 crit is not werry important, if you dont got enouf defence items to get close to the enemies, you need 100-150 armor and magic ressist, you need the litle bonus hp.
Amumu is the only un-balanced here, he dont got damage, pure tank, with 70-80% redused magic and physical damage, and close to 4k hp

Guide Top

want to test one of the teams?

At my opinion the AD team is bether then the AP team if you want to test. becouse the AD team got nunu and morgana as suports that at the same time deal some sick magic damage. The best suport team, and sion`s ulti is bether healing then sona in teamfight, if your team stay close to you in teamfight, also it is easyest to play as a team, just spam the suport abilitys in teamfight, and deal as much damage as possible

Guide Top

Not perfect

Im sure this isnt the best build for every single champ, feel free to take some changes, but you NEED the litches banes for the AP team, becouse you got almosut 0 damage vs towers
also i reccomend armor/magic pen, this is teams that are to focused of one damage output, so enemies are going to buy armor/magic ressist

btw, got no expirient on playing eve, ww, anivia or nunu, so dont spam in the comment box, that the builds for that 4 champs are wrong

The champs i have chousen is champs with a massive damage output, that at the same time got suportive abilitys.

Guide Top

think before voting xD

cant tell you to test before voting, its a full team guide, but try to get arranged with some of this champs, to feel the power of suport, my last full team guide was without suport, and now i dont know what i was thinking when i made it xD

btw, sorry for the bad english


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