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Sona Build Guide by Hazanshu

The Silent Killer

By Hazanshu | Updated on July 9, 2011

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6/10/11 - Edited some text and some spelling errors. Added more sections and took out the mastery chapter. Added some pictures thanks to Trophycase and cleaned up some more stuff.

6/28/11 - Edited some posts and added general shift in playstyle when your are losing. I will update it later when I have more information and thoughts to contribute later. Put changelog at the beginning. Added skill sequence section for some sort of explanation as to why you are maxing what you are. And put it your goals or your intent while using this build.

7/8/11 - Deleted and/or edited some chapters. Put in Early Game , Mid Game and Late Game Descriptions.
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Hi everyone at Mobafire :) Hazanshu is my name in League of Legends. This is going to be my very first guide ever and I want to give you guys a new way to play may not agree with anything I say here as I my build takes dangers to the extreme but through practice and good can make Sona a very powerful nuker and have a very solid and if not one of the best, zoning/poke games. If you do in fact disagree and hate my guide please tell me why you don't like it..This build is not the standard support/aura/tank thing most people play her as but this build is far more fun for me and I wanted to share it with you all ^_^.

You should not use this build if...
A) Starting Out
B) Just bought/played Sona
C) If you are not able to handle games while being squishy.
D) Cannot maximize this build's effectiveness.
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Your Goal.

You want to accomplish a couple things during the game..
[*] Push other people out of farming and experience range
[*] Harass enough so that your laning partner or you can easily turret dive someone or just kill them and you want to do this a lot.
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How to Play

Note : Laning Phase is when at least 1 turret has been destroyed and people are starting to move freely from their ORIGINAL lanes.
- You want to get in and out of PROBABLE situations to be a successful poker. So getting out of range of enemies skills and turret range just after you hit them with your Hymn of Valor is so incredibly crucial its a necessary player skill.

As I stated before, Sona has amazing poking game her ability to move while she is casting an ability makes her very unique compared to other champions and allows Sona to be a very great poker. Sure she isn't a long shot like or a volleying but with AP your hurts very badly. Once you bought your items and go up your lane the general idea how to play her is mainly using to HIT THE CHAMPIONS. You want to do this repeatedly to harass and drive them back to the turret while you and your laning partner is farming. Once you build your don't waste it on minions..unless there is no one around, but what you would want to do is Hymn of Valor the enemy like normal and if you hit one, dump your for additional damage, if you hit two target the squishy or whoever gets in your way. Some people here argue don't target the tank but in laning phase if your drive them off to a low hp with your great harass you can make sure he is not a problem. If their is a jungler on the opposing team you can still harass just don't overextend too much and watch carefully in their champions movement's as it can show if there is going to be a gank.

After laning phase is over you want to farm INBETWEEN teamfights to get some money for your rabadons, as your not likely to have it. The quickest I think I've gotten Lich Bane was within 8 minutes and the second shortest was 15 minutes into the game. So generally you should get your Lich Bane at around the 18-20 minute mark. Ok now that is over..when your team is pushing tower you want to do the same in laning phase except be more cautious as there are multiple cc champs guarding the tower your trying to push. When you go in for a harass don't ever move directly foward. You want to move in a circular motion to and from the turret because it allows you to dodge skill shots. Though you don't always have to move in a circular motion it is best in most situations as lets say amumu's bandage toss will most likely miss you if your quick enough.
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How to use your ultimate, Crescendo.

Note : Always predict where the enemy is going to go and how far it will take for either crescendo or the enemy to transverse the set distance from your ultimate.

is such a powerful, powerful skill with lots of uses. If you choose you want to play my Sona the key is to being aggressive and take action decisively but smartly. If your not in team-fights and you don't think there will be one for a while, and there is an enemy champ low and can flash ultimate underneath their tower and do Q,Power-chord and run. If they are low enough they probably died. And this is a good tactic to snag some kills for anyone.

Another style you should try do with Sona is when your playing defensively while trying to maintain a good flow of pokes. If you or your laning partner is being chased at low HP , lead them into your crescendo and make sure they are just outside the range and about to walk in. If you successfully the enemy, then you can go in and possibly kill him/her by following with and . This work VERY VERY well under allied towers for greedy people

Preferable positioning in team-fights : Depends if they are really squishy go in the front if not MID range is best, and long range is good to if someone is injured and your healing them. Use walls to your advantage because ALL your skills go through walls so if your injured hide behind a wall and Aura of Perseverance them through the team-fights, this will provide cover for you and make you more effective during combat situations.

In team-fights, if your team is ready and punctual you can into the mass of enemies and instantly all of them..if your team IS ready this should be successful and prevent any casualties on your team and you will win that team fight if your team has some cc packed too. Also if you decide not to , the entire team first you can wait when the enemy is together or IF YOU SEE THE SLIGHTEST movement of retreating you pop your . This makes it so they waste their time not casting their skills and they will likely die if your team has already gained the upper advantage.

Lastly, if you see that there are channeling spells like , , or 's don't be afraid just to ultimate them and few others. As their effects are very powerful its good to cut that sort of power off.
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All runes are generally up to you. Sometime I have a full AP per level rune page to complement my Lich Bane and Rabadons. My main runes I use are Marks MPen, Mp5 Seals, and Ap per Lv Glpyhs and Mpen Quints.
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Summoner Spells.

Well its obvious ur going to get Flash let's get on with the other contenders..

- Sona is a mana hog, having low CD abilities give her a pain sometimes unless you build Mana items..but it just gets in the way of this build..anyways giving your partners mana before a big team-fight or when you really need it helps ALOT. Also I had lots of times where I was pressed for mana and clarity was there for me and it is a good bait if they notice your low on mana and the opponent starts being aggressive.

- Not necessary your have and if you go with my build you have ms mastery and quints alongside your for movement speed.

- If you feel the need to defend your towers and such THAT badly then go for it otherwise I wouldn't recommend it. The main use of this is to backdoor, protect towers, or farm. shouldn't backdoor...two..people can protect towers better than you anyways..three..carries NEED THE FARM.

- Unless you wanna snag kills faster you don't need this in my build. Most of the time I can nuke them down without ignite..and there's really no point of having this..i mean really how many times do you see a Sona with ignite?

- This is a good summoner spell if you want to be more supporty and careful, I completely think its a great choice if you don't like clarity and you have good mana management skills.
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Skill Sequence

> > >

I have a section for this skill specifically..but you must learn how to use it, whether you wanna ensure a kill and win team fights LEARN TO USE IT.

Your main harass and although it has been nerfed for no apparent reason when compared to Zilean and his rewind..its a great skill overall and since all of skills have no casting animation its a very good harass skill and has decent AP ratio.

What a petty heal from levels 1-3 I really don't understand the logic..behind the nerfs. Sure it can heal 2x people but most of the time as support your not getting hit so 1/2 of the heal is always wasted. But it has terrific range and goes through walls. It's passive allows your team to be less squishier and tank more hits. It's like having a Aegis on your team.

Sort of underrated skill..but it IS A GOOD SKILL. Being able to keep up with the Chase or Run is significant and with 40% slow that you can do is just great..if your losing a game but manage to single out a champion use this on them and they will never outrun you and your team mates. This skill is a 1 point wonder so getting it at levels 5,8,or 10 is just enough.

Since your harassing besides maxing your ultimate want to prioritize Hymn of Aria and at lv 8/10 or 12 get 1 point into Song of Celerity.
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Core Items

Sheen OR Very important to this build because it adds to your harass and once you get lots of AP from rabadons, you can build this into Lich Bane to start doing real damage to enemy champions.

Rabadon's Deathcap This item is meant for mages and it gives you so much AP by itself that just Lich Bane and Rabadon's you will probably have 400 AP ontop of this it adds to your heals and skill damage.

[Mejai Soul Stealer If you think your doing a good job in helping your team mates and your getting kills here and there this is a must get item. Although I'm not a fan of snowballing items you are probably always getting assists with this build.
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Laning Against Certain Champions

These champions when played fairly well can easily disrupt your bush hide tactic and probably cut your harass effectiveness by a fairly large margin. I'll explain on what to do against these champions if they are any with my own personal experiences.

1) - Uggh I hate her so much it infuriates me, her long spear shot combined with her heals and a great running/chasing kit is sort of too much for our poor Sona to handle. Never fear though you can still harass but becareful where you sit as you could get a spear to your face. Also tone down on how frequently you harass her, you don't want her to be healing her health when she usually sits around half (where maybe you and your laning partner can kill her). Just play a little safer and your good to go.

2) - His snare, knock-back, sights can give you trouble but if he snares or does his knockback punish with a full power-chord (Hymn) and your Hymn of Valor . If Maokai is laning with someone be-careful when trying to punish and if you get snared your likely to die so try not to do anything risky ;D.

3) - Zilean's bombs are hella annoying and just continually hit him even if he plants bombs on your because you can heal urself. And this will shut him down if you manage to kill him. Otherwise not much to say here, just use your judgment if you should harass or not.
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Preferable Laning Partners.

1) Pick a bruiser because they usually can capitalize on your damage immediately and helps you harass better as they generally have a stun and/dash. A good example would be
]2) You can pick a mage but have it somewhat similar to (with cc and some good burst/nuke dmg)
3) Don't play with a tank unless you really have to, the exceptions are , , .

Some champions like ( or other champions that hit hard) Can allow you to dominate your lane completely, especially in a 2v1 lane. This will likely be in your favor and probably ends up feeding you or your laning partner.
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Early Game

So when you start off your first 2 items should be Amplfying Tome and a . Next you should ideally pick any side lanes, although you can take mid if the need arises. Your laning partner should be someone that is a bruiser or can deals lots of damage at once like Jax so that they can get fed from your harassment. Your first point should be into Hymn of Valor which is your main priority other than Crescendo. You should switch between Hymn of Valor and Aria of Perseverance per level until level 5 in which you can put a point into Song of Celerity. Your goal during laning phase is again push champions out of exp and farming range by being playing aggressively, with clarity your mana problems should be taken care of. Once you farmed for a bit, go buy Sheen and stick with it till mid game or after you have completed your boots and rabadon's deathcap. If you have enough money you can go buy boots or just continue farming.
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Mid Game

By now you should have completed Sheen and Level 2 boots. If laning phase is still on, and you have enough money buy needlessly large rod first before blasting wand for extra damage and power. As usual you want to keep harassing with Sheen procs, your passive and Hymn of Valor. By now you should becareful of incoming jungler ganks or missing lane members. If laning phase is over and your starting team fights, you want to harass in between fights or farm up for you rabadon's deathcap. In teamfights target the squishiest person or dump everything you have onto an enemy tanky dps that is attacking your team mates so that they can survive or kill them before he/she kills your partners.
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Late Game

*Coming Soon*
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*Coming Soon* Lich Bane Sona is very fun to play and you can support your team while snagging some kills here and there.
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