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Wukong Build Guide by omega4125

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author omega4125

the smack down on wukong

omega4125 Last updated on July 28, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Thanks to Searz for the awesome guide format! You can find it here.

I will not go through what the abilities do. It can easily be learned by reading the ability tooltips and simply using the spell.

Mouse-over any items or abilities to see their tooltip.


(for any abbreviations you don't understand)

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i go with 1/21/8 masteries for mobility early game mana, cooldowns, damage reduction, and high mobility. the mobility masteries may seem to be pointless but on a champion like wukong after you use your clone you will have to be quick on your escape, these masteries will help you to get away and avoid getting poked when using wukong's burst damage combo.

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Greater Mark of desolation Greater Mark of desolation
I get armor pen. because it works well with his Q and always goes great when put with the black cleaver.

Greater Seal of resilience
I get flat armor runes to help when fighting dps champs and to keep him from taking too much damage after using his E. health per level runes are also a good option if you want better base health early.

Greater Glyph of warding
MR is used for pretty much the same thing as my armor runes except for caster type champs.

Greater Quintessence of desolation Greater Quintessence of desolation
I go for more armor pen. with my quints for when i am vs. teams stacking armor, or when fighting a tankier type champs. health quints or movement speed runes are also a good option.

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Summoner Spells

I use this over flash because if you escape with w I feel that ghost will put more distance between you and your opponent, if you feel flash is better then use it i just am more comfortable with ghost.

i use exhaust to gain the edge over dps characters like yi or to slow down a laning partner to easily target a weaker opponent. it can also be used to escape a weak opponent or used to single out one champ in a team fight.

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Skill Sequence

Q > W > Q > E > E > R > E > E > E > Q > R > Q > Q > W > W > R > W > W

i take points in before until lv. 4 because early game it can end up dealing more damage to you then your enemy. the combo you use is simply use to close the gap, to deal good quick damage and lower armor, if possible put in a couple auto attacks (but don't risk your safety over this), and then run out while distracts them. this entire combo takes about 2 seconds and normally is easy to do mid-late game without taking any or little damage. I max first because of its great attack speed boost, great damage, and a good way to farm easier. maxing out at around 20-30 minutes into the game which will deal alot of damage with trinity force(((full build) 337+150)X150%=990 damage(not including armor))) the best way to work your combo in a team fight is either to single out one enemy and use your combo to deal damage and (assuming you have a good team and communicate) finish off any weak enemies with . don't be afraid to use your ult you may think it leaves you vulnerable but if you initiate and disable the enemies your team will easily destroy them.

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Possible builds(will create other varitaions on a later date)

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Starting Items

boots of speed
i go for boots first because i feel wu kong's speed is key, also when using your you want to be able to put as much distance between you and your enemy in the 1.5s duration you're invisible

health potions
i also get the 3 health potions early game to keep me in the lane longer and keep myself from losing too much health when jumping in with your E,Q,W combo.

glacial shroud
i replaced manamune for this because i thought the cooldowns reductions, armor, and the mana make it very useful and makes your spells much more spammable. and once uprgraded to the frozen heart most dps champs won't be able easily hurt you through your armor or run from its passive.

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Core Items

trinity force
this item has got a little bit of everything, i would build the sheen first over the other 2 items because it makes very powerful but if you feel more comfortable building zeal or phage first that's your opinion.

the black cleaver
the armor penetration stacks you get from this are beautiful when running up against tanks and others stacking armor, i think this is a must for most if not all games.

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Preferred Items

the bloodthirster
I love this item because it has so much raw damage it gives you and because wu kong can escape most if not all fights you probably won't have to worry about losing the stacks on it.

frozen heart
I get this for games vs. an ad heavy team so that if you start to lose some turrets or you find yourself getting pushed or your unable to beat another ad champ this can help you be more durable late game, however if the team is more AP heavy it won't be very helpful except for the slow.

madred's bloodrazor
i love the amount of attack speed you get from this and combined with you will be at around 2.0 attack speed with trinity force so you'll be hitting fast and hard.

ionian boots of lucidity
I like the cooldown reductions these give you, however if the situation calls for it i'll switch out these boots for more speed or tenacity but i like to have lesser cooldowns best.

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Other Viable Items

banshee's veil
use this for games where you fight an AP heavy team and replace with this and buy catalyst instead of glacial shroud.

another good item against an AP heavy team and the damage it gives you is a nice bonus but the shield is why you really want it.

quicksilver sash
the active can save you against stuns from enemies like annie, sion, or taric. probably only really useful vs. a team with spells that slow or stun.

boots of mobility
good for a game vs. really quick chasers like WW or when initiating a team fight to move in fast with your ultimate.

yes this item gives Too much mana too wu kong but the offensive abilities alone make it a very nice item for him to have(end game gives around 60-70 atk damage along with the 20 damage included in the item, so a ****load of extra atk damage). i use this for those games when i got to spam my moves much more then i'd want and when i wanna deal more early game damage. if you do buy this replace crystal heart with it and buy tear in place of the shroud. realize you're not gonna have as much armor/ magic resist so be sure you are more used to wu before using this item.

i'll add more items later I need to do some more testing.

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Laning Phase

Early Game

(one note you should not mid hopefully you didn't get that idea -.-). I like to stay kinda safe early game. i like to lane with champs such as , , and . basically I lane with any character who can slow or stun and its better if they're a tanky kind of character. any character with heal is also good I've done very well with and also, a great laning partner is . i normally stay in the brush in the lane unless the other team is more aggressive because normally until about lv. 4-5 you're gonna wanna be a little bit more defensive and play touch-n-go with your enemies hitting them with your E,Q,W combo then if possible you can get first blood by stunning the enemy with your partner once you've cut down their health with your combo and finish them while their stunned. if they're still alive after the stun ends use exhaust or ghost (kinda depends on their distance from the turret) to finish them. continue with similar teamwork patterns to get fed or just push the enemies away from the minions for easy gold. also, when available use your ult. to either get your laning partner kills or finish weakened enemies

Mid Game

by now, assuming your fed, you should be on your way to getting trinity force through sheen or zeal. be aware of MIAs and make sure to be aware of how hard you're pushing, i've played alot of games where the mid will gank you bot/top to shut you down(assuming you're doing well) so make sure to be very cautious when pushing turrets or when your laning partner goes back to base. make sure to unload your on the turrets when you can push it because like the Q of your damage vs. the turret is increased just like vs. champs. once you've broken the enemy's turret in your lane, you'll want to help mid or top depending on how the other lanes are doing. i'd say to go top/bot if they are getting pushed and pressured at their turret.

Late Game

late game you'll normally be ganking with your ult as a starting move to create chaos in the enemy team or using your ult to chase down and kill those weakened running champs. always make sure that when running you can use the s button to stop if an enemy is right behind you and the can run right by thinking you've just put it as a distraction. when you do this you have 2 options; 1. run in another way so you lose your enemy completely; 2. if you're both at around half health and feel you can win jump your enemy from the brush with your E and hit them with your hightened attack speed from your E, then once its over finish it with your Q, which should be dealing almost 1k damage assuming you've finished the build. i recommend the first option unless you know the enemy is completely alone and you'll be able to 1v.1 him easily. now to explain teamfights.

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in teamfights you can choose to play as more of an assassin from the jungle to take on the weaker support/ap or ad champs who you can kill quickly to cripple the enemy team, or as said early initiate fights with your ultimate to deal serious damage, but be careful how and when you do it because your ult only hits them in the air for about 1 second of the 4 so you'll be focused on easily unless your team comes in after you initiate only do this strategy if your team knows what your doing never do this in a team fight without backup, or you'll probably end up dead. other then that i i recommend to always weaken tanks and other champs stacking armor with the combo for your team to easily kill them.

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Tips and Tricks

Wu Kong is best at out smarting the enemy but you have to react swiftly.

is a great way to face check bushes without worrying about coming face to face with the entire enemy team. you can also use decoy as a shield from painful ults like cait. as i mentioned above you can also use to get the jump on an enemy chasing you into your side of the field. also when ganked run for the brush if you can and use when they corner you, use ghost and run for your turret. decoy is possibly one of my favorite spells of any champ because of how fun it is, and when running you can spam your w onto the enemies running after you to deal damage, it doesn't seem like much but it can easily whittle the enemy health down by the time you make it to safety(i've gotten so many easy kills vs. weakened enemies with this its like a lesser version of singed's poison trail).

is a great nuking spell for a enemy who has become cocky enough to 1v.1 you(if he has alot of lifesteal and crits like then you might not want to 1v.1 him unless you can poke around him with your skills and then kill him. as i metioned earlier it can also do serious damage to turrets even if you just poke it once.

is a great spell but is pretty straight forward, the only trick is if a champ is by 1-2 minions you can just aim for the minion and hit the champ to and easily stay out of their range(if they're melee), also if you get ganked past the minions you can use your e to dash to the minions and get a head start on your enemy if you need to run.

is a great move and other then being used in teamfights as i mentioned earlier, and while it seems like a waste it can also be used as an escape tactic. if you get ganked and you are gonna get chased by an extremely quick champ or one that can slow you, you'll want to use it to bounce them into the air and then run like hell with ghost if you want or exhaust to slow them. either way it is a great escape and offensive move. well thats about it.

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Closing Statements

i thanks you for reading this guide, sorry that it took so long to finish but i'm not the greatest typist. anyway thanks for reading this gigantic amount of text and i hoped it helped and gave you some good ideas on the monkey king. please note any things you found in the build that may not make sense or any ideas you have i missed. well thanks again and have fun out there. :)