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Thresh Build Guide by Anti Forme

Support The snapping of minds (A guide to support Thresh)

Support The snapping of minds (A guide to support Thresh)

Updated on January 25, 2013
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Anti Forme Build Guide By Anti Forme 1,391 Views 0 Comments
1,391 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Anti Forme Thresh Build Guide By Anti Forme Updated on January 25, 2013
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Hello, I have been a support main since I started LoL, however never been inclined to make a guide, since thresh is new, and I LOVE him, I thought id start here(If the guide is bad im sorry, any tips would be helpful) Thresh is a support champion who supports through cc, he has a pull (smaller range than blitzcrank, and cant pull through walls) This spell can also be used to pull Thresh TO the enemy.

He has a knock up, with aoe centered around thresh in a rectangular shape, this knockup can be cast forwards, backwards or side to side, ANY way possible, what it does is knockes the enemy in the direction YOU want, and slows them, it is amazing for securing kills, I max this first for how useful it is.

He has a shield that when placed, can save an ally from impending doom(and collect souls you cant reach by walking :3)! (needs abit of coordination, ive had plenty of times where someone has not pressed the lantern, and proceeded to die.) What it does, It can provide a nice way to save an ally, or even grab an ally a kill, its great for initiating ganks, as you can pull your jungler Out of the jungle and straight to the enemy, (Pull enemy with q, knock them behind you and slow, then pull your ally, jungler to you for an easy kill) This spell also synergies with his Q quite well, you pull your self to an enemy, knock them behind you and slow, then pull your ally to or close to the enemy for a kill.

Now threshes ult is a short range, aimed around him self veigar ult, it does high damage and slows by 99%, a good way of making use of this is to either pull the enemy to you, or pull yourself to the enemy and cage them in, making them waste a flash, or taking alot of damage, and risk dieing.

The summoner spells Exhaust and flash help to secure kills, exhaust goes nicely with his pull, if for whatever reason your knockups on cd, you can pull, and proceed to exhaust the enemy thus slowing them down, and making them unable to counter attack. Flash goes well with thresh, as it can help save allies as well as you, if you are running from an enemy whos faster than your carry/who you are supporting, you can flash away or into the jungle, and throw your lantern to them, thus saving them a flash/or saving them if flash is down.
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Thresh in team fights.

Thresh can be very useful in a team fight, from pulling the carry away, or knocking up and slowing all or most of the enemy team, now if your team or happens to be losing or you see your ad carry dieing FLASH away, into the jungle, and throw a lantern to your ad carry to save them OR into your team, to shield them. Threshs ult is good for team fights, or disabling the enemy carry, a nice way of doing that, is by pulling there carry away, and trapping them inside the box. Another use for the ult, is for a weakened enemy team, if the enemy happen to all run away in a big mass, you can pull yourself to one of them. use your ult, or your knockup, and procced to slowthem for your team to pick them off.
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Thresh matchups.

I have not had enough time, to work out matchups yet, im sorry :(
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Pros / Cons

Pros: Lots of cc, Shield, Save allies with a friendly pull, help carries/suportees secure kills via pulls

Cons: Walls...Threshs pull cannot pull through walls, if an enemy flashes over a wall, your not going to be able to pull them back through like blitz can, armour does not scale, this makes thresh without a good farm rather easy to kill, and basically provides the enemy with an easy source of exp(this can be countered with a good farm, if you get a good farm, you can collect souls dropped by all minions (100% chance for siege, 20% chance for normal) and 100% drop from enemy champs, that provide you with an infinate scaling of defence, AND ad (which is a nice bonus)
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Thank you

Thank you for reading my guide, again its my first guide, sorry if it happens to be bad, thank you for reading it, and hope it helps at least SOMEONE :)
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Anti Forme
Anti Forme Thresh Guide
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The snapping of minds (A guide to support Thresh)

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