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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Janna Build Guide by Kingspade27

Support The Tradewind's Herald (still in progress)

Support The Tradewind's Herald (still in progress)

Updated on August 16, 2013
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Kingspade27 Build Guide By Kingspade27 1,910 Views 2 Comments
1,910 Views 2 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Kingspade27 Janna Build Guide By Kingspade27 Updated on August 16, 2013
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Getting To Know Janna

Janna is a very versatile support that has kinda fallen out of the public eye. If you are new to Janna, or you would just like to learn more about her, this guide is for you. In this guide we will cover many aspects about Janna such as: Masteries, Items, Summoner Spells, Synergistic Characters, and Tips and Tricks.
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These are the runes I usually run as they provide quite abit of early game armor and the magic resist can help you withstand those pesky AP supports. As for the quints and "Why don't you run 3 GP10 quints? Janna is fast enough already?". My response to that is Janna doesn't necessarily require so much GP10. She is hardly reliant on items save for wards which should come in plenty amount due to the . Now, yes, Janna's movement speed is already crazy high with and the passive on , but with these quints, and makes Janna nearly uncatchable. This movement speed (roughly around 500 mid game) Supplies not only Janna, but Janna's team with greats amount of utility as she can ward all over the place or assist in surprise teamfights or jungle encounters in a matter of seconds. The crazy amount of movespeed allows her to help her teammates in a great deal of ways and often makes up for the lack of GP10 quints in assist gold.
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These masteries may seem a bit odd, but allow me to explain the 6/0/24 layout. Janna thrives early game off of the bonus CDR on both exhaust Summoner's Wrath and her abilities Sorcery in the offense tree as well as the bonus damage to turrets. Past that point on offense, there is nothing of value for a support, so why not load the rest of your points into fortifying your utility page? There are tons of things in the utility section which are often overlooked, such as the bonus movespeed out of combat. Wanderer allows Janna to quickly return to her ADC when the need arises as well as make quick warding runs to baron.
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Starting the allows you to stay in lane longer and prevents the necessity of having to buy pots to deal with enemy poke. The flask is a great alternative to philosopher's stone as its cheaper an allows you to more quickly acquire a . "But Spade, don't supports need a GP10?" you are right random summoner, however what many people fail to realize is that the is a GP10. "wut?" yeah, the potential money you would spend on wards without it makes it a massive gold preserver. The are a great bonus to Jannas movespeed and allow her to quickly return to lane or go to assist another lane should the need arise. The are a really neat item. I primarily get them for the movespeed, but the bonus AP is pretty nice as well as a kick *** Active which is great for checking bushes.
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Skill Sequence

Your primary goal in maxing jannas abilities is to max her Shield as fast as possible. is a great ability which not only shields, but also provides a rather hefty AD boost (50 when maxed). As for starting it really depends on your situation on if you should start or . you almost never start zephyr . As for janna's beautiful ulti pick it up at 6 but dont level it till 17&18 as it just increases the mana cost.
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Ahhh finally, the thing that makes or breaks a Janna, or any champion really, their kit. Janna has 4 very unique and individualistic skills at her disposal as well as the best passive NA. this thing will make everyone on your team instantly love you. It provides to everyone on your team a bonus 3% movementspeed, however, you must be alive for this to be the case.
a tornado which can be charged up fully or released prematurely
[*] can be used to poke
[*] can disrupt channels
[*] a great disruption during teamfights
I recommend going into a brush to begin charging it up, then walking around out of the brush in an attempt to either distract the enemy or bait them into its path
when being chased, aim the tornado in the direction you are running as to knock them up if they continue
please, please dont aim through the minions if they are low health as you will take them from the ADC and if you know anything about support, you know you shouldnt
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Pros / Cons

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Team Work

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Unique Skills

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Kingspade27
Kingspade27 Janna Guide
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The Tradewind's Herald (still in progress)

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