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Urgot Build Guide by ItsScroll

AD Carry The Urgod Carry [Season 7]

By ItsScroll | Updated on March 7, 2017

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As an Urgot you are basically a tanky ADC in the sense that if an assassin jumps on you, you can survive him with ease unlike other ADC's. Also you have insane poke range with your E W Q combo. E for the lock-on Q's, W for the slow and Q for the damage.
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Skill Sequence

MAX Q then W then E and R whenever you can.
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In Lane

In lane, just farm until you have 750 Gold and go Back to buy a Tear of the Goddess. Then you start to poke. Keep in mind you can't all in cause you don't have any damage items, but you can poke. Your poke combo is E W Q.
E for the lock-on Q's, W for the slow and Q for the damage. In lane you can only get 2 Q's off with 1 E so keep that in mind. Once you have gotten a damage item, you can poke them down and possibly even all in. When your jungler comes to gank you, use your Ult to catch out your laners and to not let them have time to react to your jungler's gank, thus forcing them to burn summoners or even killing them.
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Your ULT

Many people do not understand the true potential with Urgot's Ult. While many people believe that it is useless they are wrong. You mainly use your Ult either when an assassin jumps on you or when you are about to take a lot of damage. You do this since your Ult makes you receive 30% to 50% less damage after cast therefore you can survive in teamfights longer. Except from that you can also use your Ult to catch out people since it suppresses whoever you target for 1 second and then slows them by 40% for 3 seconds.
League of Legends Build Guide Author ItsScroll
ItsScroll Urgot Guide

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The Urgod Carry [Season 7]