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Ezreal Build Guide by jagori

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League of Legends Build Guide Author jagori

The Wizard of Ez - A Pro Speed Demon ADC/Bot/Profit

jagori Last updated on January 14, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

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So this is not your typical EZ. This one has been tried, and tested, and it works far better for my play style than the other builds out there. The focus is on speed and AD. It is designed for cautiously aggressive players who want to push but not be suicidal.

By end game with this spec you have 85% Crit Chance, 2.2 Attacks per second, 40%+5 Armor Penetration, 250% Crit Damage, and more. Aggressive, but not stupid play style is what you need here. Don't build this way if you're going to hang back and turret camp, you'll get no where quickly.

The typical argument is you just cannot have a carry build without defensive stats. ********, I say. It works, if you work it. My frustration is that many builds end up becoming the same, trying to balance output with defense. To those I say enough! A strong offensive character, spec'd entirely offense is much more effective than one who is just trying to be like everyone else.

Yes, you're ultra squishy. Yes, you'll be focused a lot. But there are very few opponents at any same level you could meet in a lane that you can't solo. The key is to know your surroundings, and stay with your team especially in mid-late game.

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OMG! You didn't build a Trinity Force? You're such a noob!


Instead of focusing on what you get with a TF, I'd rather focus on what you're giving up by wasting a slot with an overpriced item that gives you little return for a speed/damage/penetration build that this is. Yes the sheen buff that carries over to the TF is nice, but just not all that useful unless you're only constantly spamming Mystic Shot. Do the math. 4200 gold for 30 AD, 30 Attack Speed, 10 Crit Chance, 8 movement or 2800 for 50 Attack Speed, 30 Crit Chance, 5 movement. Is it worth spending an extra 1400 gold for 250 Health, 200 Mana, and the Spellblade passive? I think not.

So instead I've created this build to focus again on speed and damage. Given that you're starting already with over 20% Attack Speed bonus, I first build an IE to get that damage and crit bonus of 250%. Next going straight to the Phantom Dancer gives you that increased attack speed and crit chance to carry you about the next 10 levels while you build armor pen and other things. At this point and by about level 8 - 10, you're more than halfway there with just these 2 items and the build above: 55% Crit Chance, 250% Crit Damage, and about 190 AD with 1.6 attacks per second.

Somtimes I reverse the order of the next two, depending on if I'm up against tanky opponents or not. If there's more AD tanks, i'll build the Last Whisper for that 35% armor pen buff. If it's casters or adc type melee, I build the Bloodthirster. I've seen other build that stack blood thirsters, but again if you're primarily using it for the lifesteal, if you have insanely high attack speed you don't need the second one at all. Focus on the speed and your health will stay high with the blood thirster.

Alternatively if you don't want the Last Whisper, Youmuu's Ghostblade can also make a nice addition, again depending on your circumstances.

Lastly stacking the final Phantom Dancer is just the nail in the coffin to the enemies. So long as you don't get caught up in the middle of a fight, you can tear through anything like it were butter. 85% Crit, 45% Armor Pen, 250% Crit Dmg, 2.2 attacks per second and 320 AD. Your Max crit is about 900 dmg but with 2.2 attacks/sec and the 85% chance to crit, you can tear through 5k hp in about 2 seconds.

Step 3, Profit

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I also take a lot of flack for the spells. I get it, most people go with Ignite and Flash. But with this spec, being able to slow someone with Exhaust while making them less resistant to AD and AP Damage - because and remember your primary focus is attack speed - makes much more sense. By level 3 you're at almost 1 attack per second and over 90 AD depending. In the 3 seconds Exhaust pretty much lasts, you can do 270 damage without even using an ability. So i've chosen these spells on purpose. They provide a good escape path, or allow you to catch up to a running enemy quicker and better than flash can with Ghost.

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Team Work

Early game is key for EZ. Getting those first 2 - 3 kills, whether you have good support or not are critical to set the tone for the rest of the game. Mostly because EZ is very money dependant. And with this build, you have basically no defense, you're all offense. But you can tear through any tank with the above stats like a tin can. Spawning in and going straight for the dorans then rush bottom into the bushes is the way to go. You'll have 75 AD and 0.87 Attacks per second to start. Even against other EZ's in the lane or tanks, your damage is high with good armor penetration on the spec.

Within 5 seconds of the game starting, you should be well on your way to the bushes bot, and right on the edge facing the enemy turret. Wait until an enemy comes solo and walks all the way into the bush before attacking. Get 2 shots on him, use your only ability at level one, exhaust, and ghost if they have flash, let your auto attack to the rest of the work. Almost every game I play I get the first kill using this method. If it's 2v1 then you're better off just retreating until your support comes.

This build will work both with and without good support. The key is to know your surroundings and keep your dodge ability up and only use when necessary to escape or chase after. I've solo'd bot with this to very good ends. My favorite enemy to match up against is either a Teemo or another EZ on bot. No one sees this build coming and are usually left shaking their head trying to figure out why I'm able to kill them so much quicker than they can kill me.

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Unique Skills

The most important thing I see most people forget about EZ is the way he stacks attack speed based on his abilities. Everytime you use an ability and it lands on any type of enemy (minion or otherwise) you get a stack buff, up to a maximum of 5 stacks, attack speed buff. With this build you don't have to be overly conservative with Mana, so keep a stack or two going at all times or as much as possible for best results.

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Here's an Ok game with a bad team that results in a loss. Either way it shows off what you can do with this build pretty easily. (if you want to see the whole match in HD on Twitch go Here: )


A down and dirty first kill out of the gate
Solo bot vs Panth and Lux
Straight up solo of Panth from full health