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Ekko Build Guide by Taziooo

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Taziooo

The wonders of Ekko jungle - Guide by Taziooo [5.17]

Taziooo Last updated on September 10, 2015
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Summary (tl;dr)

Ekko's kit has been thought to be a high mobility/bursty AP assassin. His only hard crowd control spell is Parallel Convergence (his W) which is an area stun and very powerful if used correctly.

Played in the jungle, Ekko can take the role of an AP offtank, simply a full-tank or even a full burst AP assassin.

Phase Dive and Chronobreak provide to Ekko a very high mobility, helping him to move fast around the map and have a high presence as an active ganking-focused-jungler.

Pre-level 6:
As soon as Ekko reaches level 3, and has all his abilities available, he becomes a treat to every lane. Invading the ennemy jungle is still not advised, as he's a really squishy target on which the enemy team can collapse on.

Clearing the jungle in the early game isn't so easy, that's why a Ranger's Trailblazer is core, at least in the early stages of a match.

Post-level 6:
Chronobreak will make Ekko a very hard target, unless perma-CCed. His ultimate also makes him the perfect turret-diver, as well as a jungler which can gank and even take a lot of damage, and still get out of the fight alive.

    - Group the monsters in the jungler, to minimize your clear time and maximze the damage output of your Q.

    - Landing your W will make you a fearsome enemy, as the stun that this spell provides lasts 2.25 secods

    - Using your Zhonya correctly will result in surviving easly any situation and make the ennemy team completly screw his focus.

    - Your ulti deals *tons of damage* and allows you to full #YOLO on the ennemy team and still survive.

    - Going full-tank is real option, as your passive will still deal a lot of damage and you'll offer your team great utility.

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Hi there, my name is Tazio, and I play in the EUW Servers under the name of Taziooo since end season 1.

I decided to write a guide focused on Ekko jungler, as I think it's a really good pick to provide to your team a situational jungler.

What's cool about Ekko jungle, is that you can either go full #YOLO-Cannonglass-DPS, you can go full tank or a mix of the two, still be usefull, and carry your team to victory.

Ekko brings a really intresting kit.
If used correctly his W can be devastating, stunning a really big area for 2.25 seconds and providing him a powerful shield to absorb the damage while being in the middle of the teamfight.
His E provides a lot of mobility, making him a flashy champion with a lot of following/escaping potential.
His ultimate brings the Towerdives to a whole new level, and matched with a good Zhonya it can change a whole teamfight.

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The Basics - Farming In The Jungle

The first clear is going to be the hardest, try to start where your duo lane goes, so you'll have a better pull.

Always try to group the camps you're fighting, in order to land your Q on all the monsters, your Q applies one stack of passive on the way out and also in the way back. If a monster has two stacks of passive, don't wait to hit it, or the stacks will vanish (the stacks last up to 4 seconds).

When starting at Krugs, stand on the right side of the camp in order to land the Q on both, maximize your damage output by blowing your passive stacks on both the Krugs!
Fear those Threshes starting E and using it on your Krugs, as they'll slightly move the little Krug and slow your first clear of about 1.5 seconds *ermahgerd*

Your W is a really great jungling tool:

    - In the early game place your W so that it stuns the whole camp, your shield will be useless as it disappears as soon as the stun is over, but you'll take less damage this way.

    - Later, when having finished the Ranger's Trailblazer - Runglaive your clear time will be pretty fast, you won't really need you W anymore, but you can still use it on the camps.

If you place your W on max range, the area will activate exactly in the time you use to walk from where you shot it to where you placed your cursor, meaning you can use your W on a camp, then simply walk there to minimize the time your W is on cooldown

Your E isn't really usefull to farm, but remember it will still deal tons of damage and also apply a stack of passive.
You should mainly use your E in order to kite the jungle monsters and group them in a straight line ready to be hit by your fabulous Q.

I don't recommend doing both Blue Buff and Red Buff on the same first clear. It's risky, and frankly useless.
A typical first clear Route could be:
    - Gromp (helped by the bottom Laners)

    - Blue Buff (kite it correctly, the two little guys should die with your second Q, if you applied the stacks of passive correctly, like this you'll take a lot less damage. Normally only one W is/can be used on the Blue Buff: meaning if you have the cooldown of your W back up while still fighting the Blue Sentinel, you're doing something wrong).

    - Wolves (you shouldn't have to use your smite even if it's back up)

    - Razorbeaks (/chickens) (hit each little chicken once, then use your Q so that it goes through the little chickens twice, they'll die. Smite the big chicken).

    - Top River - Rift Scuttler (river vision is very important, especially in the top side, as the enemy jungler might be going for a gank after his first clear in the top lane) + with your Chickens' Buff you might find a ward on your way through the river: *le easy gold*.

    - Krugs or gank the top lane (depending on how much HP you have after killing the mighty river monster, you can decide to go for a cheecky early gank top, remember to be carefull, you are level 3, which means you have all 3 the spells you need to gank, but still Ekko is a squishy early jungler).

After your first clear, your Red Buff will still be up, kill it fast (with the help of the Ranger's Trailblazer you won't need to use any pots).

It's time to gank.

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The real fun of Jungle Ekko is his ganking potential.

What's important to keep in mind while ganking:

    - If an enemy flashes, keep the timer and return to his lane before it's back up (normally it's 5 minutes).

    - Ganking enemies with low mobility is really easy, as it's more likely that you're going to land your W.

    - Standing in an unwarded bush (*praise the Chicken Buff*) will result in good things for you: as you see someone coming for *le epic facecheck* place your W into your bush and let the fun begin.

    - Counterganking a warded lane is one of Ekko's specialities because the enemy jungler will stand still in the bush waiting the good moment to gank, but little does he know you're coming with your 2.25 seconds stun to ruin his day.

You have to get used to Ekko in order to land his stun, always remember that the ennemies do not see the area where you placed your W, until 2 seconds after you've shot it.

Little psycological-advices to land your W:
    - If an enemy is standing in the middle of the lane, place your W about 3/4 of the distance between him and his tower, as you will enter his lane, he'll think he can make it to his tower without having to waste flash, and just start walking back towards his base, use your E in his direction and then blink on him, as soon as he enters the area of your W.

    - If an enemy has pushed a lot and sees no potential in killing your teammate in order to trade the kills, place your W considering that he will probably flash immediately. It's always satisfying to land your stun on someone who just flashed.

    - If an ennemy has pushed a lot and sees the potential to kill his laning opponent (this means that when you arrive you see for example: the ennemy being 3/4 HP and your teammate 1/4), try to immagine where the fight is going to be, normally around the area where your teammate is standing, and place your W over there.

99% of the times, you're going to use your E to get closer to your ennemy and then blink on him when he walks on your W in order to stun. But what's really strong is to hold your E (for example, if the ennemy gets pulled or stunned) and using it directly after he flashed (or used his dashes) to move towards his tower.

After level 6:
Your ultimate brings a whole new mechanic (Ekko_mehanix.exe) to your ganking potential, you'll now be able to push your ganks to the extreme, even tower diving while being ignited, #YOLO, because hey, you can go 4 seconds back in time, so why not ?

Use your R when seeing the fatal tower shot about to kill you. But remember that CC is your worse ennemy, as you can't use your ultimate while being CCed (smash dat keyboard).

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Ekko Mehanix

Ekko's ultimate - Chronobreak:

Ekko's ultimate can be used in many different ways. Basically it's your tool to go full #YOLO on someone and then deciding that maybe it wasn't so smart to crush your head into a 18-2 Ahri, and still be able to survive by pressing your R and just going back to where you were before that awful decision. Who know maybe you even made the enemy use a summoner spell: #WURF.

But seriously, your ultimate also deals a lot of damage, the basic mechanic behind actually damaging the enemy team with your R is to use your Zhonya, or survive in the teamfight for 4 seconds:

    - Use your W on the position you think the carries are going to be in 4 seconds.

    - Use your E to enter the fight, blink on your target and make your passive stacks pop with your Q and a fast basic attack.

    - Active your Zhonya's.

    - It's time to smash your keyboard in order to use your ultimate as soon as you exit your Zhonya's stasis.

Consider that the Zhonya's Hourglass' active provides a stasis of 2.5 seconds, your ultimate needs 4 second to reach your location when you activate the Zhonya. This means you should optimally fight for 1.5 seconds in the middle of the enemy team before activating the mighty Hourglass.

Stealing Drakes and Barons:

Ekko is really good at stealing a Drake or a Nash which is about to being secured by the enemy team (*insert racial joke here*).

Enter the pit with your E and try to outsmite the enemy jungler. Mission accomplished ? Yes ? click R, get outta there. No ? Click R, get outta there.

But yeah seriously speaking, it's very easy to steal, even the enemy camps or buffs, also because your E deals a lot of damage, so just appear with your E and then blink on the monster.

Flash to Stun:

The main reason while you should play jungle Ekko with flash, is because you can perform the very critical Flash to Stun.

By using this awesome champion you'll be able to land more and more W's. You'll come to understand that sometimes you can take the ennemies by surprise by flashing into your W area in order to stun them. This won't be easly expected by the ennemies and will often result in kills for your team.

By flashing into your W area, you'll also be able to gank through the lane very easly, as you can place your W at max range, get closer with your E and then flash into the area.