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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Florielora

The World Will End in Fire

Florielora Last updated on April 18, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Brand the Burning Vengance

Brand is in my own experience the king of burst damage. When using the right skill sequence you can take down any opponent within mere seconds. I'm going to give a full description of how to know your place and when to do what. Let's get started

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Pros / Cons


  • Great Burst Damage
  • Very helpful in team fights
  • Scary to 1v1
  • DOT Dmg passive

  • Squishy
  • Targeted in team fights

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1..2..3.. You're Dead.

For one on one combat I suggest leading with Conflgurate seeing as it's only 1v1 there's no real reason to use the secondary spell on conflag.

Right after you cast your conflag quickly shoot off a Sear at the enemy. The enemy will be on fire from your conflag so the secondary spell will kick in stunning for 2 seconds

After the sear cast a quick and precise Pillar of Fire under the opponent. Sear will have re-lit them on fire causing Pillar of fire to do a bonus 25% damage!

Chances are they will still be alive by this point and running their owned butts back to a tower. To finish them off cast your ultimate Pyroclasm if they are still on fire from your pillar of fire the giant firebolt should quickly leap towards them and deliver and nice finishing blow.

Now in the cases of team battles I like to play it a little bit differently. Instead of leading with Conflagurate, I cast a Pillar of Fire under as many opponents as I can.

Quickly pop a Conflagurate on an enemy who is lit on fire from your pillar so that it jumps to everyone else.

Next and finally blow off a Pyroclasm and watch it quickly jump from champion to champion dealing massive amounts of damage.

If your teammates did their jobs right, by the time you cast Pyroclasm the enemy champions should either be running like toddlers or be completely destroyed from your ultimate.

Make sure to use your Sear in cases where enemy champions are running away from a team fight, same thing with your two summoner spells. Use them as deemed appropriate.

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Summoner Spells and Why.

Best Summoner Spells for Brand

-- Why? At the beggining of the game and throughout the middle you're going to find that you run out of mana FAST until you get Archaengels staff. Clarity is a great little boost of mana to catch the running away enemy champion.

-- Why? Flash is pretty self explanatory, but it's just an overall great spell for catching running away champions or getting out of a tight spot by hopping a wall.

Could be used

-- Ghost is a good spell for running away or catching enemies, I find having flash is more useful but If you choose to switch it out remember to switch out the Mastery point.

-- Teleport is a great spell for jumping back to your turret or quickly getting into team fights. I use this often.

-- Clairvoyance is mainly for spot checking for enemies. But it is useful when you want to aim your skillshots like Pillar of Fire or Sear through a bush or wall.

NEVER Get these Spells

-- Really... -.-

-- For a 9 minute cooldown, it's deffenitly not worth the free easy revive.

-- It may help you get away from a stun but there are way better options in summoner spells.

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The items I listed above are just the same build that I use when I play brand. I find it a great combo because it maximizes my AP and gives a great amount of Spell Penetration to boot. If you the enemy team has a lot of magic resistance you can switch out the

Zhonya's Hourglass

for an

Abyssal Scepter

Also make sure to throw in an Elixir of Brilliance every once and a while. If the enemy team has a character like Shaco, Evelyn, Teemo, etc. pick up an Oracle's Elixir so that you can pick off those pesky mushrooms or see a gank before it happens.

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Game Start

Try to take middle with brand, or take a single lane if you have a jungler.

Brand is very good at harrasing early in the game. Every once in a while to keep your enemy lane partner in check cast a pillar of fire under them. That mixed with an occasional Sear and the Blaze passive they will have to recall all the time whilst you continue to find last hits on minons.

Try to look for opportunities to get a stun with your sear and just destroy a champion that has over extended.

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Mid Game

You should be around level 8 or 9 if you took middle or a single lane by now.

What you want to keep looking out for is enemy champions in friends lanes to set up ganks. Watch for them to over extend or when their lane partner just recalled. Brand can hide in the bushes and pop a conflag and sear to stun and quickly take down an enemy.

Save up your gold and try and keep your kill count high to stack up your Mejais's Soulstealer. This build isn't the cheapest.

Remember to go grab the Blue Golem buff whenever you can, the mana regen and cooldown reduction are extremely useful for Brand.

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Late Game

By now enemy champions should be running away from the sight of you in the jungle or 1v1 in a lane.

You're capable of taking almost anyone out but don't get to cocky or you're going to get ganked. Once you reach your 20 stacks on the book you will be terrifying. Keep assembling your team and push, push, push the enemy. You'll have a win in no time.

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Brand has the unique skill of being able to farm minions like no tomorrow. Casting a good pillar of fire underneath a group of minions and a Conflagurate on a minion in the middle will have the whole group dead or close to death within seconds.

But be careful when trying to farm big groups of minions alone, enemies can set up ganks easily near them.

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Overall, Brand is an extremely fun champion to play and I expect that with practice you will be having a whole load of fun with him to.

Remember to wear fireproof armor or you might just catch on fire...

...The World will End in Flame... and you will be standing amongst it.