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Teemo Build Guide by Zihark

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Zihark

The Yordle of Poisonous Death

Zihark Last updated on May 8, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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First of all, this is my very first build so I'm sorry if anything is weird or different.
This is not a dead-set only way to play Teemo. This is how I play Teemo when I'm top laning. If you find or feel that something else would work for your play style with Teemo, then by all means GO FOR IT!!! :) I'm not saying that I'm a Teemo Master. This is just my two cents thrown in! Any Positive Feedback would be lovely! Now without further ado, lets get down to it!

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Lets Start of with My Quints. I get Movement Speed Quints because mobility on Teemo is very important. If you can move around fast then you can harass so well and avoid enemy abilities.

Next, My Marks. Attack Speed is something very important to Teemo if you're going to harass early game. Therefore Attack Speed Marks are nice to have.

Glyphs. I haven't found what works best overall yet with Teemo Glyph wise. You could take flat AP, AP per level, Magic Pen, Or even another set of Attack Speed. (If you get both Attack Speed Marks & Glyphs, then you'll have an extra 21% Attack Speed Boost.)

Finally my Seals. Being in the top lane you will probably face some sort of an AD weather it be a bruiser or a AD Caster. Armor Seals are just nice to have for that little survivability

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These are your typical AP Caster Masteries. All of the AP and Magic Pen. etc. I go 9 Points in Defense because it Gives you that little survivability early game which is critical for Teemo Players. I take the Armor because you'll most likely face an AD top. That along with the extra health, you should be okay if you play smart early game.

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Here is where i cannot stress enough, THESE ITEMS ARE NOT EXACTLY WHAT YOU MUST HAVE TO BE GOOD WITH TEEMO!!!! These are just guideline ideas for items that work well with your play style. If you disagree with something i have put up there that is fine. :) We all play a little differentally which is okay :) Now to my thought behind these items.

Try to rush Haunting Guise as quickly as possible. The health in lane is nice along with the AP and magic Pen. After you pick up Liandry's, you should get Ruaan's Hurricane right away. This item is one of the core items in your build. It helps you Harass the enemy while picking up minions at the same time. plus triple poison is pretty great in my opinion!

Nashor's Tooth is a great item on Teemo with its AP and Attack Speed. The CDR also helps you place shrooms down faster.

From here on out you want to build up your ap to deal even more damage. Rabadon's, and Zhonya's are great big ap items! If the enemy has a lot of Magic Resist, then pick up a Void Staff. Will of the Ancients is an okay item if you find you need to heal up, then the spell vamp would be best! Its all up to personal Preference, There is no right or wrong build. Its all how you wanna play it. :)

I put Frozen Mallet up on the item list for two reason. 1) It gives Teemo a fair chunk of survivability. Its not anything super great, but it does give you a fair amount of health and a small bit of armor. You might find that you aren't bursted down if you ever happen to get caught. The second reason I pick up a Frozen Mallet is because It slows down you opponent. IF they can't get away then you can keep refreshing your poison stacks on them. It also work great with Ruaan's Hurricane because it then starts slowing three people at one time allowing your team to help you clean up kills.

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Skill Sequence

Here is where my build is different from a lot of other builds. Most Teemo players will max their Blinding Dart ability second and max their Move Quick last. I however like to max my Move Quick second because it gives you SO MUCH maneuverability which in turn gives you a lot more harass.

Let me explain. When you are Farming top lane and your enemy comes close to last hit their creep, that is when you pop your move quick giving you a burst of speed, which allows you to get one maybe two auto attack off to harass the enemy. It might not seem like much, but the DOT Harass over time is amazing in my opinion.

Leveling up Move Quick also allows you to escape from fights/ganks without too much trouble. You can be halfway back to your tower before the jungler gets into your lane. :)

So there is the theory behind getting Move Quick maxed out before Blinding Dart.

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I think these two are pretty obvious.

Flash- Must have! its a great gap closer and escape tool. Flash + Move Quick. They wont get you.

Ignite- I take ignite for the burst DPS DOT Teemo has to offer. If you Flash in, throw down a Blinding Dart and a Noxious Trap, Start Auto-Attacking them while you throw down your ignite, there should be no way they can get away from you.

Ghost- If you don't Max out Move Quick then this is a possibility, Flash is a better escape tool IMO

Teleport- Ah.. The Tele Teemo. :P Honestly if you wanted to take Teleport you could. However with Move Quick you should be getting back to your lane with plenty of time. I would rather have a Flash and Ignite in a fight then just one of them and a Teleport. That's me though.

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Early Game

Your Main focus in early game is to farm up like crazy and to make sure your enemy in lane cannot farm up. Your Purpose here is to harass them so they have to go back to base a lot and miss out on CS while you keep picking up the Creeps. Remember to buy wards so you can see when enemies are coming to gank so you can Move Quick out of a sticky Situation with no problems. Always remember to harass with your Toxic Shot more then your blinding dart. Stay behind your minion wave and when an enemy creep gets low, go in and take the kill. Always remember to get an Auto Attack or two off on your opponent when you can. Just make sure not to be over aggressive and wind up losing more health then your enemy does. Once you hit level 6, you should start placing shrooms in the river and key point an enemy jungler would walk by so you can see where they are if they come to close. All in all just play smart and harass when you can! :D

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Mid Game

Now you are getting into your build a lot more. If early game went well for you then you should start focusing on playing a little more aggressive and try taking kills more often. Try to set up ganks so your teammates can get some help if they need it. If Late Game Did not go so well, then focus on catching up so you aren't a hinderence to your team. Keep Farming no matter if you did good or bad early game. You should also start placing your shrooms all over the map now not just your top lane. Try placing them around Dragon and Baron, maybe even venture off into the enemy jungle to get some sight there. Just don't overextend or go in when their whole team is MIA.

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End Game

IF your game ever gets into the End Game part of a match, then your main roll is to be placing shrooms everywhere. Weakening the enemy team so that your team has an easier job to get kills and win the game. Start giving your AD and AP carries some kills so they can do their job. If you work together with your team then you should do fine Late game. :D

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Team Fights

You're roll in team fights is just to secure kills. You yourself do not necessarily need to get the kills as long as your team gets the kills and you don't die in the process! :) I would recommend staying in the back of the team fight at all times. If the enemy is focused on other players, then that makes your job a lot easier. Keep applying poison onto the enemy team as much as possible. Find the enemy's ADC and throw a Blinding Dart on him so he is basically useless for a while. Plant Shrooms at key exit points so if either team tries to run, the enemy team will have a hard time catching up or running away.

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Pros / Cons


Great Harass
Maneuverability is Amazing!
Shrooms Provide Extra Sight
Great 1v1


Very Squishy Early/Mid Game
Doesn't do well if Ganked
Not Top Tier Champion
People will all focus you in team fights

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Teemo is a SUPER FUN Champion to play! He is incredibly Annoying to other players and so much fun for the Summoner Playing Him. He might not be a Top Tier Champ, but is Incredible once you get really good with him! I hope this guide has helped you find a play style/ Build that you find good for your Temmo Playing. Please leave Comments Below and Like this guide! :) Thanks Guys!!!