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League of Legends Build Guide Author oheyitsadam


oheyitsadam Last updated on November 18, 2010
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''There's little time to study musty tomes when you're busy crawling around where the musty tomes originally came from.''

I will update this build with community suggestions, better grammar and explanation, strategies, item explanation, and more sections as time goes on. I just got Ezreal a couple days ago, so I need some more experience with him.

*This build focuses on Attack Damage and Armor Penetration.

Summoner Spells

The only "escape" mechanism Ez has is Arcane Shift, and that doesn't have much range. I think that Ghost is perfect because if you need to gtfo, just Shift + Ghost out of there.
For the early laning phase. Ez has some real mana problems, so before you can get golem buff you need some way to keep up your mana.
He can get in and out of battles fairly easily, but he's real squishy. Any crowd control and he's done. I don't really like cleanse. If you seriously need something like it, just sacrifice speed for Merc's. And maybe even a Quicksilver or Banshee's.
Some may argue that Ez already has a built-in Flash, but if you need to get over a wall, or get out of a battle and your Shift is on cooldown, just flash out of there and then when Shift is available you can use that, too.


Greater Mark of Desolation To increase armor penetration.
Ez has a low HP pool. You can replace these with mana regen.
To help Ez's mana deficiency.
Greater Quintessence of Desolation More armor penetration. Can be replaced by flat health if you didn't get it for the seals.


Went with a basic 21/0/9 build for the attack damage and armor pen, and some utilities for Haste and mana.


230 health, 11 damage, and it only costs 300. It may only last 4 minutes, but by then you wouldn't need it anymore.
Gives you much needed mana. And it procs with your Mystic Shot, increasing your base damage by 100%, and then increasing that damage by 110% while adding the bonus damage.
Speed. Ez is squishy so he needs to be able to get out of a fight if it's turning bad. Replace these for Merc's if there's CC and you didn't get Cleanse.
Get this early so you can get stacks while working on Cleaver.
Gives great damage. Also adds armor reduction; max 60.
Helps reach the Cleaver's armor reduction faster. First hit = 24 armor reduction. Max is still 60.
Added damage and armor penetration. Cooldown reduction isn't too bad, either.
Why TriForce so late? It's passive may slow and deal another 50% of your base damage on cast, but it's only a 1 in 4 chance that will happen. I prefer having a 100% chance to increase my damage, even if it is less.

Early Game

I usually go mid with Ezreal. More experience, faster leveling, and much easier to gank (and also get ganked, so be careful). First grab your Elixir of Fortitude, Health Potion, and Mana Potion. I don't use the Elixir until I take some damage, because I want to lane for as long as possible, and using it when you don't really need to just wastes it. Hold your lane until you have enough money for Sheen, but even then you should only b if your opponent recalls for health, or if you need to recall for health (although you should be able to still hold your lane by hanging back and last hitting with Mystic Shot). By the time you get Sheen you should be around level 6, so it's a good time to get Golem buff or Lizard buff if no lanes need your help. Remember to try and have Arcane Shift available in case you need to GTFO or chase down someone with 10hp.

If you're laning it's pretty much the same thing, except you can maybe switch out the Elixir for a Doran's Blade or something. You level slower when you're with a partner, but it is much easier to land skill shots because you have two targets.

Mid Game

By now you should have the Boots of Swiftness, or Merc's if the opposing team has heavy crowd control. Ezreal has great burst damage, especially with Sheen and Mystic Shot, so if you have a partner, getting those stacks on Sword of the Occult should be no problem. Next, start working on a Best Friend Sword, and build that into a Black Cleaver for the attack damage and armor reduction. And after that, start working on another one. Why? Because they're cheap(-ish), give you 150 damage, and the passive isn't UNIQUE, so they stack. With the full build, on your first shot you should have 73.37 armor pen, increasing by 24 for each subsequent shot; maxing at 109.37 armor pen.

Late Game

By late game, you should be completely owning. With your Sheen, Mystic Shot, attack damage, and armor penetration you will have crazy burst damage. Get Youmuu's for the extra armor pen and attack damage, as well as cooldown reduction. And then if the game goes on long enough, upgrade your Sheen to a TriForce. Why TriForce so late? It's passive may slow and deal another 50% of your base damage on cast, but it's only a 1 in 4 chance that will happen. I prefer having a 100% chance to increase my damage, even if it is less. And instead of spending money on TriForce, you can spend it on more of the attack damage you want.

Thank you for reading. Any criticism or suggestions are appreciated!